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Crystal Therapy: The Healing Properties of Quartz Crystals


Crystals are known to have special healing properties. Made from the earth, these special ‘rocks’ are not only stunning to display in your home, but are also electromagnetic healing devices that can bring peace and harmony into the environment. Belief in the mystical and healing properties of quartz crystals can be traced as far back as Aboriginal mythology, while modern day scientists use crystals for time measurement and frequency transmission. If you have a digital clock, laptop computer, microwave oven, CD player or any other device containing LCD technology – Liquid Crystal Display – then you are using a crystal.

Electromagnetic Crystals

Crystals emit electromagnetic waves into the environment and are thought to bring vibrations and resonance to the human body. They bring light and color into the physical aura and help to direct, balance, amplify, transform, absorb, reflect, transmute and clear energies. These sacred geometrical forms are made of quartz, which is the second most common mineral in the earth’s crust.


Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy is an alternative healing technique that is gaining popularity. Sometimes used in conjunction with aromatherapy, massage, Reiki or sound therapy, crystal therapy is a way to clear out emotions, balance the physical body and align oneself with one’s deepest spiritual intentions.

During crystal therapy, a therapist will usually ask questions about the patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual life, and then choose the appropriate crystals for healing. Most often, a crystal therapist will lay certain stones on the patient’s body to correspond to the chakras. This allows the patient to absorb the color, light, vibration and frequency of the healing stones into the exact places that she may need balancing. Crystal therapists often suggest jewelry pieces, such as rose quartz on a pendant or a tiger’s eye crystal ring, to help one bring a certain healing property into daily life. They may also suggest crystal rocks for the home, crystal bowls or wands.

There are many different species of crystals used in crystal therapy. From the purple amethyst and pink rose quartz, to the brown tiger’s eye and the reddish-orange carnelian, each quartz emits its own color, frequency and healing properties. Visit a crystal therapist near you to find out how you may benefit from the healing properties of crystals.

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