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The Feminine Balancing Stone

For thousands of years chrysocolla has been a stone of conciliation and reassurance throughout the world. For Egyptians, chrysocolla was the softer brother of turquoise. Chrysocolla is only rarely found today, which is why it is fairly expensive.

Colours: blue and green

Uses: Chrysocolla is used for tapping into your inner voice, sacred communication, digestion, ulcers, arthritis, hypertension, stress. Chrysocolla is beneficial for self-confidence and musical ability.

Star Sign: Taurus
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Chakra: Heart

Chrysocolla Cluster

Tips for Chrysocolla

Keep chrysocolla with you when you are pregnant; its soothing energy is good for both you and your unborn child

Put chrysocolla in your garden to help balance the earth`s natural energy

Give yourself a boost of sexuality and revitalize your relationship by placing chrysocolla around your bedroom

Wear or carry chrysocolla to ease the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

Give chrysocolla to friends whenever you feel discretion is needed

“Feel better” chrysocolla helps to release the tension

Rough Chrysocolla

For In-Depth information on Chrysocolla:

Chrysocolla: The Peace Crystal 


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