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The Hate Remedy Stone

Rhodonite symbolizes self-realization. It is known as the first-aid stone and is recognized as a beneficial travel companion, pink rhodonite with its dark or black inclusions protects against all kinds of anxieties.

Energy: practical, motivated, insecure

Colours: pink with dark inclusions

The color of rhodonite helps bring balance to the heart chakra, ensuring a realistic and practical approach to the emotions and to emotional responses. The darker colours within the pink hue bring a stabilizing and grounding energy that can be useful for alleviating negative states such as confusion and anxiety. The magenta tones boost confidence and motivation.

Star sign: Taurus
Planet: Venus
Element: earth
Chakra: Heart, Sacral

Tips for Rhodonite


Wear rhodonite to promote the flow of unconditional spiritual love towards those you care for

Carry rhodonite with you to ground the feeling of love in your physical world

Hold rhodonite to help you let go of anxiety and bring you peace of mind

Keep rhodonite and rhodochrosite around you to stimulate musical creativity

Put rhodonite in your work place to maintain your attention to detail


Peaceful rhodonite brings forth love

Rhodonite assists with using your skills to help others.

Carry rhodonite with you for protection when you travel.

Rhodonite helps with self-love and acceptance, self-healing.



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