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Clear Quartz

The Meditation And Attunement Stone

Quartz crystal has an organizing and harmonizing effect on all parts of the body with which it comes into contact. It can be especially calming, and will quickly restore a more balanced energy. It also helps to dissipate all areas of imbalance and negativity, and establishes calmness and clarity in the mind, making it a useful stone for meditation and healing techniques.

Quartz crystal tends to amplify the quality of stones nearby, it will also amplify positive frequencies of energy, making coherent, life-enhancing energies more effective, while reducing or neutralizing chaotic or inharmonious ones.

Energy: clear, transparent, coherent

Star sign: all
Planet: all
Element: all
Chakra: all

Tips For Clear Quartz

Hold quartz to any sore areas of your body to ease pain – it is the ultimate healing crystal

Put quartz crystals on your desk to focus energy and inspiration towards your work

Place a quartz crystal cluster in your living room to bring light and happiness into your home

Leave a quartz crystal cluster next to your bed to re-energize you while you sleep

Wear quartz to surround yourself with healing energy

Meditate with quartz to focus your mind

Bring light into your life with quartz crystal

quartz Cluster

Clear Quartz

Quartz is a power stone that harmonizes and balances. It enhances energy and thoughts, and purifies the spiritual, mental, and physical bodies. It is a powerfully protective stone, bringing purified energy inward. Historically, this crystal has been used to counter black magic, to perform diagnostic healing, and to communicate with spirits. Clear quartz, as opposed to coloured quartz, is associated with the crown chakra, but also works well on all chakras.


Snow Quartz  The Lesson Learning Stone

Synonyms: Milk Quartz. Quartzite.

Snow quartz is a stone that brings good fortune.  This calming and soothing stone is helpful for meditation, and looking within. Snow quartz assists you while learning lessons and helps you let go of overwhelming responsibilities and limitation, especially when they are self-imposed. It can overcome martyrdom and victimhood. Mentally this stone enhances tact and cooperation – it helps you to think before you speak. When used in meditation it links to deep inner wisdom that is inaccessible when you are caught up with day-to-day activities. Snow quartz is often used for purification. Physically, it is beneficial for the immune system. Snow quartz possesses all the properties of clear quartz, but the effect is slower and gentler.


Tourmalinated Quartz  The Clarity And Grounding Stone

Tourmalinated quartz brings together the properties of both Quartz and Tourmaline. This is a very effective grounding and protective stone that brings balance and inner strength.  It strengthens the body’s energy field against external invasion and deflects detrimental environmental influences.  This stone harmonizes opposing elements and polarities, turning negative thoughts into positive ones.  An effective problem-solver, tourmalinated quartz helps to integrate and heal the shadow energies, alleviating self-sabotage. Tourmalinated quartz deflects and grounds negativity, and reduces anxiety and depression.


Red Orange River Quartz

Red Orange River Quartz is found in the Orange River of South Africa; red hematite gives this quartz its deep orangey-red. The combination of the quartz and the hematite energize and at the same time ground you; it aligns the lower chakras. It is helpful for clear thinking and decision making.

Red Orange River Quartz is good for helping accept one's life path, and is excellent for self-realization and acceptance

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