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The Emotional Mastery Stone

An absorbing stone, malachite is excellent for drawing out imbalances from the body. It has also been used to reduce the pain of inflammation, and can soothe minor aches and pains. Placed on the brow, malachite stimulates psychic vision and concentration.

Energy: soothing, pain-relieving, calming

Colours: bright green to light green, variegated

Uses: for magic, willpower, communication with nature, visions, rapport with animal kingdom, shapeshifting, moving energy, sound sleep, divine communication, and balance. Used for tissue regeneration and healing. Malachite stimulates the optic nerve, balances dyslexia, and neutralizes radioactivity.

Star Sign: Scorpio
Planet: Pluto
Element: Water
Chakra: Heart


Tips For Malachite

Hold malachite before you go to bed then place it under your pillow for a peaceful night`s sleep

Keep malachite with you when you need endurance to finish a task

Place malachite around you to feel calm and serene

Put malachite next to your bed to give you intuition for interpreting your dreams when you wake

Hold malachite to your heart to heal emotional wounds   

Wear malachite to help lift depression

Healing malachite soothes the heart and brings peace

Malachite Close Up

Malachite is a powerful healer, especially when combined with azurite or chrysocolla.

Malachite should be used with extreme care because it can amplify negative qualities.


Malachite magnifies the positive - it is useful if your mood is definitely on the upswing.

It is useful for relaxation and neurological disorders as well as tissue regeneration.

Malachite releases and draws out pain, inflammation, depression and anger.

Place in the 4 corners of a room to cleanse area.


Malachite has a steady, pulsing electromagnetic energy and high copper content. Malachite and azurite are the same (chemically) both are essentially Copper Carbonate - the only difference is the ordering of the elements in the molecule.

Malachite protects well by powerfully cleaning the auric field, rapidly absorbing undesirable energies, including: computer, TV, and other radiation, etc.

Clean these stones very frequently.


Crystals and Minerals are the Crystal Earth's gifts to man. The awareness and popularity of crystals and minerals has resurged over the past few decades as more and more people are finding the energy of the earth's crystals resonate with their life essence and seem to emit a 'feel good' glow.

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