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Archangel Raziel: Listening Exercise Through The Body

Archangel Raziel: Listening Exercise Through The Body

My body is the contact with the Divine.

Dear souls, I am Raziel. Many times, I have intervened in the development of Humanity, because we are these little voices, from time to time, who give advice, impulses, who give a little more energy to move forward in certain projects.

Master Philippe has just told you that soon there will be a common work, but that before this common work, each of you, each of us perhaps also, have an individual work, a development of consciousness prepared, to put forward.

There are many courses on your Earth, many trainings in which we even sometimes participate, which help with this, but I also invite you to hear our voice, our little voice, our little advice.

Well, for this part of the "how to do it," let me first tell you that it's necessary to believe in ourselves, really, to stop imagining that this is just a nebulous wave, or something that would be reserved for an elite.

When I talk about hearing us, some of you will not hear words, of course, and they will even be very numerous, if not the majority. But does believing in ourselves necessarily depend on a verbal, auditory response? I don't think so.

We can help you by, of course, games of coincidences, but also and mainly by communicating with your own body, by becoming aware that your body is the first receptacle of the messages of the Universe. He knows, even before it intervenes in your consciousness, in your thought, the body knows what is good or not good for you. The body feels what is right and what is not, because it hears our messages, because it is receptive, because this vehicle that is yours is smarter than you.

Sorry to say it that way but it's true. Your body is smarter than embodied consciousness, because your body is made up of molecules that have always existed since the beginning of the Universe. None of the molecules in your body ever go away. They are always transformed, recycled, adapted.

Your consciousness may be new and young, but the molecules of your body, the very constituents of your living space that is your body, these have the intelligence of the Universe. They were born at the same time as him, and there is a real intelligence in the body, there is a real ability to hear, to perceive, so not necessarily hear the senses, but hear by energy.

So, when you ask us questions, maybe you're already in the call of one of us you believe in, as much as possible, and then, to listen to your body, listen to your senses. So, turn off the other senses a little, don't try to see, don't try to hear, don't try to taste, don't try to touch, don't look for anything. Let go of the desire, the will that it goes through a path that you master.

Rest, and pose yourself in the mental attitude as if it were your body that was going to answer you with words, with sentences, not us but your body, your own body that responds, in an energetic form , in a form of heat, in a form of cold.

You will begin to understand his language when he tells you: "yes, I feel what you are proposing", or "no, I do not feel it", or "yes, it can help you". You will know. It's subtle, it's fine, it's not rude, but you'll know .

Many of you have already had strong symbols of this communication with the body. Some of you, when something is right, get chills that make you say, " Oh! There, there is something. The body itself is reacting, as if each cell were saying, "Yes! Yes! »

So, to ask yourself, to hear us, to hear the body, some of you can do it from anywhere, and for many of you, you need a space that is energy-free.

Very difficult to find a space on Earth today that is entirely unpolluted, energetically, that receives no waves, no frequency, it is very difficult. But at the same time, I would like you to know that Nature absorbs a large part of these energies, these waves, these things.

Thus, if you place yourself at the foot of a tree, if you place yourself on the edge of a river, a river, if you place yourself on lava stones, these places enormously absorb the disturbing energies, those that could prevent or parasitize your receipt of the body's response.

Then, you can first place yourself in these places to learn to understand your body and your energy, to learn to understand the mode of response that is proposed to you. And if you hear a voice, don't short-circuit it, let it speak.

Let go of your idea of, " I don't know if it's true – if it's not true – Is this my mind – isn't this my mind? How can I tell the difference? Pffff. Let go of that.

Just do it. Let these words pass. Let them pass. Let them live in you. You don't have to do something about it systematically but let these messages pass. Let these frequencies pass.

The questioning part is actually outside the message. This is why I ask you to let go of what is natural in you.

Let's do an exercise now, if you don't mind.

Put your hands flat, in the direction you want, on a table, on a bed or on your knees; lay your hands flat.

Breathe calmly.

Ask this question inside of you:

Am I a child of God? Am I a child of God?


Watch how your body reacts.

Take the time to observe simple reactions, a movement of energy in you and around you which is different.

Some will feel tingling, others waves of energy, others a little cold, but observe, gently, slowly, how the body continues to respond while we asked the question some time ago. The body continues to respond.

Listen with me, my friends, to your body's response.

Am I a child of God?


Some of you may feel opposition to the answer that is yes.

But look at where these oppositions come from. They come from a small desire to control, to master.

So, tell yourself this dear friends:

"I let the answer be what it is. I do not control. I do not master.

I let the answer pass through my body and my mind. »

Am I a child of God?

It feels good to ask this question because as your body says yes, it is connecting to its true divine identity tags. And connecting to your Higher Self, your Higher Consciousness, or to any divine entity, allows you to receive a simple, quiet energy, not an insurmountable flow of energy, but something that comes to pacify, relax, relax.

The answer to "Am I a child of God?" is always yes.

If you heard no, you heard your taste for control.

No, and most of the time it will be substantiated: No, because this, because that, because I don't deserve it, because it's not possible, because it's not that simple.

All these streams that pass through your mind, trying to reduce you, are old patterns, old stories, old behaviors.

You are trying to defend yourself from your responsibility in some way.

For those who heard no – most of you heard it because you're afraid of the yes. Because when you know, when you feel that the answer is " yes, I am a child of God ", then you awaken your consciousness again to the knowledge that you are responsible for what is, for what happens tags. And as the moments are rather painful planetarily, you are going to return to guilt as one returns to religion, but you are not guilty, you are innocent.

You didn't mean to be in this situation. Your mind, your consciousness, apart from human identity, does not seek the destruction of the world, the destruction of the Earth, or the destruction of a relationship. He is an unhappy childish character who seeks to defend himself, who finds himself in this positioning.

So, when you ask yourself this question "am I a child of God? and if the answer is yes, then also understand that God accepts everything and God forgives everything.

So, for those who heard the answer yes, go to this second step:

I am a child of God and I forgive myself, because I am a child of God


Listen again here to your body's response, take the time to receive it, to perceive it.

I am a child of God, and because I am a child of God, I forgive myself, I free myself


Your body at these words will initiate a process of liberation. Let him be.

Whatever happens, let the body do it.


Believe in him, believe in his intelligence.


To continue our exercise, place both hands on your heart, in the order you desire, as you feel, and repeat these words:

I am God and I love myself

I am God and God loves me


I am God and I love myself

I am God and God loves me


Let your body fill with the energy of these words.


Now ask in your mind a question that is important to you, and listen now to the body's response,


a simple answer, a quiet answer, but a present, living answer.


See here, most of you have already started receiving responses from the body.

When you get used to this process of body response, do the same thing by calling on a Guide or a Spirit, and watch how your body reacts. He will react in the same way, he can act as your intermediary. He can serve as your translator.

This body is the perfect vehicle of Consciousness. He is the perfect translator of energies. So take care of it.

If Master Philippe asked you for more neutrality, less judgement, it is because the more you are at peace, the more neutral you are and the more your bodily instrument will be reliable, will be stable.

The vibrations of judgment are in an excess which does not allow you to hear well the subtlety, the real subtlety of the answers which you will perceive. It's very subtle, it's very fine, it's very soft.

Dear friends, this moment was pleasant. Reproduce it.

I repeat, do not hesitate to go to some natural places, near a tree, near water, on very old stones, to avoid being disturbed by a whole lot of energies around you, because the body reacts a little too much to these energies sometimes, we hear it.

Avoid positioning too many chemicals also in your body, it disturbs your state of reception.

Come back to your true nature, to your divine Essence.

Become aware of your real power in matter. It is not an illusion. Each of your thoughts is strong. Each of your thoughts comes to aggregate with other thoughts in the Universe, each of your words too .

You may have an opinion that goes against what you want in this world but try to have more thoughts for a better world than words that mean it isn't. In other words, keep a fair aim, without denying reality but keeping another aim. It sounds difficult, but I know that is changing.

"Such is my desire. My body is contact with the Divine tags. Very well. »

So ask your body to contact the Divine. Talk to it, to your body:

"Transmit this message to the Universe my dear body, ..." and speak.

You see, I have taken you back to the instrument of the body. If you knew how your body can repair your heart, your mental, your emotional, your spiritual! It is a perfect interface in integrating this world. But it's not more or less than this interface, it's not who you are. It is a part of what you are, but a very useful part to better understand and integrate the manifested world.

Dear friends, we understand that you are being pushed around in your choices, that attitudes are changing all the time, that people seem to be changing their behavior, that a lot of circumstances are changing. Know that this is also due to what we call here a temporal storm. In other words, it is as if a multitude of space-times came to collide, intersect and intersect, with realities of perceptions completely different from each other.

Your body knows how to adapt to this but not your mind, since your memories may no longer correspond to a reality experienced by someone else. It's as if you keep coming across beings who are new, different, who have changed in one way or another, and then seem to return to normal later, to your normal.

Don't worry about these temporary effects. They are part of this storm, and they will calm down nicely this month. I say this month, so this month of July 2022 friends. It is a period of stabilization of the energy adaptation plans.

It matters what you are thinking now, because it almost determines your next year tags. What you think about in those few weeks will almost determine next year. I say "almost" because there are a few subtleties there. Be careful what you think during these holidays, or be innovative or joyful, it doesn't matter, but know that you are determining the reflection of the future, of your future. This happens regularly in these periods of temporal crossovers.

We know for certain that Light, Love, Peace will win this era, win your heart, win your mind. And we also know that a lot of this path is up to you. We can only take a few steps, advise you on a few directions, invite you to reflect on your ways of thinking, on your modes of action, because it is by transforming the character, the identity a little, that you can transform your world, not by simple prayers, not by simple requests at our side. When you pray to us, we try to put you in the state of mind necessary to make your change, to make your evolution. Then, thanks to these messages of the body, thanks to these terrestrial movements, you will know what to do.

So, we don't. We assist. We help. We amplify your energies, but we don't because you are on an Earth of exercises, you are on an Earth of manifestations of your divinity, of your desire to extend Love on Earth. It is your first desire; it is the key to everything.

You can only have action on what you put your love on tags. You will have no action where you place your hatred, your anger, your jealousy, you will have no possible action by thought, by action, by gesture even.

Lay down benevolence, lay down courtesy, and you can have action tags. You will be heard, or your thoughts will aggregate with others already existing, which will cause changes.

You are truly the power of this Earth, the greatest power.

The planetary movement is positive friends. Don't worry about it, in any case, we know, I repeat, that everything will be fine. We also know, we will repeat it constantly, that your action will be able to speed things up.

Your galactic brethren will attend at some point, but they will attend, they will not. You are the victors of your own conquest. You are sometimes also your own executioner tags. So, stop, if you will, self-flagellating yourself like that, finding yourself bad or having the impression that you have to evolve all the time. It's normal that you have this impression, you came for this. It's as if a student in class told himself that he would never get to the end. No, his studies continue, he is there to learn.

You are there to learn, and to learn is sometimes to make mistakes, to realize that everything you have finally done in love and in peace, will always have been done faster than in war, in hatred. or in jealousy. But everything is used by God to move forward. Don't worry about it. Even war, even your Earth wars are sometimes used to advance human consciousness.

They are not wished by God, they are wished by the Man these wars, let us be clear. But if it is a means of awakening you, then of course it will be used.

Everything is a way to awaken true Love, to awaken the possibility of loving rather than hating. Hate is simple. Deciding to be against someone or resent them is simple. But deciding to love it anyway, to move forward anyway, or at least to put aside what bothers you rather than fight against it, this is a real change of consciousness, this is an evolution that is necessary and important in each of you.

I left you today some tools, some sentences, to help you to move forward. We have to do it slowly and you have to practice. You CAN practice, there is no "must" because we know that your evolution, whether in this time or another, will take place.

Be blessed my friends. Be blessed with the strength of God for it is yours, for you are the children of God.

Channeled by Sylvain Didelot, transcribed by Marie-Claire.

Translation by

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.
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