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Archangel Sandalphon - Rise Up and Walk in Unity

Archangel Sandalphon - Rise Up and Walk in Unity

Good evening to each of you, I am the Archangel Sandalphon.

I am present by your side for this exchange, this exchange of energy that we have with you now.

In every contact we have together, through various channels in this world, we broadcast both a message, an intention, perhaps some advice sometimes.

But above all, we diffuse an energy, an energy which can be transported by words, by word, by voice.

An energy that is present so that everyone, each receives what is necessary for them, in this time and in this world.

The role of the Archangels is notably to help with global progress, to help for some of us, with the advance of certain regions of the world which do not correspond exactly to your continents : they are sometimes smaller regions, sometimes regions larger than a continent.

We are participating in the general awareness raising of this planet, following your request, following your plea, I should say.

Know that this is being done, know that your world is still in this troubled period, which will bring it to a new essence, to raise new consciousnesses, more and more enlightened by divine messages.

You will start again to realize who you are in this plan. To be taken back, not what some call a power, but a right.

That of being responsible for the energy of this world. And I did pronounce the word « responsible » for the energy of this world.

I know humans well, I myself carried my energy in physical bodies, I know how this illusion that is yours works.

And I also know that many of you ignore this notion of « responsibility » that I just mentioned.

So very often you will say or imagine that those who are responsible for the problems of this world are not your loved ones, not yourself: then you will talk about governments, hidden or official, you will sometimes talk about certain conspiracies and there are yes, but many forget their personal responsibility, that of continuing to grant power to all this, to all of them too.

None of us will preach the revolution, even if this event is scheduled in some peoples.

What we want is for the embodied consciences that you are, to rise again and understand how much, in gathering, together, you could change this world by accepting this share of responsibility.

You know, sometimes « letting » is more serious than « doing ».

You don't have to let it go; you don't have to imagine being a victim of a system.

So often you ask us this question: « How can I participate in accelerating the growth of planetary energy ? »

Stand up. Walk together. Show this world that you want freedom, joy, peace and love.

Do not think that these are obsolete values belonging to a utopian past, this is not true.

These are not outdated values: peace, joy, love, freedom, your brotherhood are not outdated values. But on the contrary, those who build this world, those who built it and who kept it very long.

Today, very large or very small movements aim to divide personalities, aim to suppress your history, aim to keep you from remembering that division has never produced anything other than fear and war.

Do not separate yourself from your brothers and sisters.

Everyone, sometimes, invents their own political party I was going to say, deciding that the other is not in their camp.

There is no camp. There is only one conscious humanity, which is awakening and rising.

So, to act for it, wear its values, display this word « Peace », carry it with you, carry it on a sign, it doesn't matter.

Would you be ashamed to carry the word « Love » on yourself ?

Many are proud to carry war, but peace must be brought today, we must carry the rally.

The world is preparing to change, to evolve. Each of you knows it, feels it.

No one really knows how it will happen or even when it will happen, but one thing is certain: it will happen.

You no longer have to hope to return to a wonderful past, you have to hope to create a different future with new wonders, with new knowledge, with even, you will see, new sciences and in particular a science which will have a little more confidence in Nature.

This Nature that protects you, remember.

You have gone through the fear, for many, of being condemned by a virus. But God only recalls those who are called. And Nature is strong, powerful, it contains all the remedies.

Nature contains all the remedies, already present for you. So if you are associated in love with Nature, you are not afraid to have, because near you will push a plant that will contain the enemy of your inner enemy, I was going to say.

I remember, by integrating this body, what it is to have a body, what it is to see this body suffer sometimes, weakly or in a less weak way than that, I remember.

I remember identifying with this body and I remember that this identification was part of the problem.

It was when I identified with a larger Nature, that is to say the fact that if my physical body has a problem, then I extended the definition of my body, to say that I am also an element of Nature.

And I understood that an element of Nature was already there for me. I was not even going to instinctively seek plants in these lives.

The plants that could heal me called me; I can't say otherwise.

I felt what I needed to be better, to feel better.

I felt it was not far away, I felt that I had little to look for, little to know in fact and that even greater knowledge than knowledge would come to me.

So when I had a body, I treated myself like that. I found Nature; I found these green spaces.

I looked around at the plant that seemed to call me, which seemed to shine in resonance with what I felt. I did say « with what I felt », not what « I was ».

You know, one of the big phrases of humans is « I'm sick ».

No, you are not sick. You cannot be sick. The very essence of our divine nature cannot be sick.

What is sick is in appearance, the physical body can be.

But do not identify with him, so « go through a disease » possibly, « I go through a disease » but do not say « I am of that ».

Take this step back.

Because helping humanity also means associating with this humanity and stop believing yourself to be separate.

Create unity, a new unity of strength and love.

Wear a T-shirt marked « peace », « joy » or « love ». Wear it in you or on you, whatever. See how it will affect others and yourself.

Understand that each of you resonates with this.

Your era of astral zones, mental zones and other things, produce fear. Again, fear is poison.

But you are not that mental body poisoned by fear either. This means that there are reasons for love, that there is love outside of you too, when you thought you had lost it a little inside.

Remember that you are also outside.

What do you like around you ? Not necessarily someone, it can be something. Spot an object you love: if you really like it, let me tell you this: this object loves you too.

Take it, take it, recharge.

Resume awareness of being connected to what you love and what loves you.

Nature loves you. Your house loves you. Your country loves you. Even if you have contrary impressions, don't listen to them.

Become aware again. Wanting to help your conscience is also about being aware. So, in contrast, stop being unconscious.

Become constantly aware of who you really are, of this unique force which crosses the world of humanity, of humans and which is changing all this, to reverse it all.

Sometimes you also ask us: « I can't keep my mind calm ».

Dear Souls, when you cannot keep your mind calm, it is because you are fighting against what is.

Stop fighting, stop for a moment before resuming this path of love, peace, joy.

Stop trying for a moment, whatever it is.

Don't want anything anymore. Do not want to be healed, do not want to be free, do not even want to be happy, do not even want to be understood, do not want to be accompanied, do not want anything.

Let go of this « I would like » or « I want », let go of it a bit, let go of it now.

Peace is there, it is already there, in you. When you let go of the idea of wanting, in favor of the idea of being.

What is happening right now is happening, for a moment of peace and before choosing joy again, stop wanting something other than what is.

Do you want a will ? Take this one: « I want what is there, now ».

Sit in this space, free your mind, feel how inside of you there are multiple resistances to what is.

All these « yes, but », all these « how », all these « why », let go, let them go.

You can hear them but don't hang on to these « why », to these « how », to these « when », to these « which », let them go.

This is where your fears are there, OK very well. Let them be there, don't fight them.

Let them be there. « Yes, but they hurt me ». No. They are there. « Yes but they hurt me », No. They are there.

They hurt you when you give them strength, when you oppose them.

Sandalphon, when you say that, I feel like I'm in denial.

« No, no, I'm not asking you to deny the effect it could have in your life, in your body, but maybe to understand that it has no effect on who you really are. »

Going back in peace is touching who you really are. You will return to appearance afterwards, you can then act towards peace, towards love and towards joy.

But first, actually put this « non-want » down now.

What I am is immortal. Nothing can happen to me because I am who I am, because what I believe to be true is just a micro-definition of who I am.

Feel great, touch your greatness, accept the divine presence in you, it is there. She does not judge, she does not condemn and yes, she does not seek to change what is, she just seeks to show it to you, as an exercise, like a passage to love, everything is a passage to love.

Each of your trials is a passage to love, to this infinite path that you have decided to take for so long.

Your souls are not tired, it is not true, it is never true.

You are brave, really.

I repeat, I knew what it was like to have a body, I know how much it can limit the possibilities of consciousness, to really reveal to you what you are, what we all are, from one kingdom to another.

But I also know how much, succeeding from this space of the body, accepting to be, just agreeing to conceive what the great that I am is.

It’s a great help. It is to obtain, whatever happens, this awareness that a greater force that directs your steps and your gestures, each of your steps, each of your gestures.

That this force, you are part of it, it is itself what would define you more fully.

This force wants you no harm, it can't, it knows who you really are.

Let things be what they are, don't resist for a while and give it a while. And then open your eyes and repeat: « I am pure joy, I am pure love, I am pure conscience. »

And to integrate this into this world, we will say: « We are pure joy, we are pure love, we are pure conscience, we are peace ».

The path to the world is underway. Your own road is now being traced.

For many of you, many, you don't even know where you will be in two years. You think you know where you will be in two years, but I know that in truth, it's just a belief.

You will not be where you believe. You will be elsewhere. Not necessarily in the afterlife, but elsewhere, for various reasons.

It is your moral values that will determine your location, not your financial values.

The world will align you with your conscience, in place, in due time.

You will be where your conscience is. If your consciousness is low, you will be in places of low vibration, the time to go up your energy.

If your consciousness is high, you will be in places of high vibration to light this world.

But do not imagine that all your trades, all your achievements will remain.

In a changing world, also agree to transform yourself, without fear.

Being afraid of losing something is illusory, you have nothing.

You have nothing but what you are, that's what you have.

Everything you thought you had or had - if you really like it - what you really like never separates from you. But your habits can be separated from you.

I can speak here in « enigmatic sentences » but I tell you again, the world is changing. The world will evolve, improve little by little, after a few more necessary and useful crises.

By increasing your consciousness, by directing your will towards peace, love and joy, together, you will build this new world.

He is ready, he is there, he manifests himself quietly, without fear, without hatred.

He stands before you, this new world. It is so before your eyes that some people do not even see it, they are still waiting for the higher authorities to show them. But you have only one higher authority: yourself, master and disciple of what you really are.

My speech can hover like a nebulous wave over each of you. But I repeat, my words, my words are also a care, a care of the soul would say some, of your energy, of your structure.

After explaining this to you, and in the appearance of this body, which I release a little so that it can read, I would like to answer some of your questions.

So let's read you, hear you and try to help you take a few steps with us now.

Sylvain :

« I'll let you ask a few questions, but I see he's there, he's not there.

It’s that difficult state they’re trying to put me in so I can read you and they’ll talk to me at the same time.

And you saw, as soon as they give my hand back to me, I find it hard to breathe but I will try to keep this state concentrated between two ».

We are here.

You ask us « How to de-identify from your body ? »

From your bodies, from your bodies, you have a lot of bodies.

For those who wish to de-identify themselves from the physical body, you can also discredit yourself from the mental body, the causative body, the astral body, the atmic body, the Buddhist body, the monadic body, there are so many.

Resident is not really my point here. My purpose is to tell you that you are not just that body or bodies.

And that's what it means to de-identify, it's to stop believing that you're just that body and you see, try to establish a proportion inside of you and ask yourself this question, there, now right away.

« How many percentage do I identify with my physical body ? 60%, 70%, 100%? »

Do not lie to yourself. Many will say « Oh, I know, I am a divine being and I identify 90% with a divine being ».

It's wrong. On this Earth and in this incarnation, you will really find it difficult to identify yourself more than 50% to anything other than your physical body.

It will be difficult.

But already lower the identification, that is to say, stop believing only that you are the vehicle that carries your consciousness.

Identify with consciousness.

The body is a vehicle, all your bodies, without exception, are vehicles. Temporary vehicles of consciousness.

You have this physical vehicle with an average time of 90 years.

But it's just a vehicle.

You see, when you buy a vehicle on your Earth, a car or something: you know you're not going to keep this car for 90 years. You know that after 15-20 years; the vehicle will probably have some concerns that will make you have to change it.

It’s the same with your bodies. It’s the same with each of your bodies. Each of them, apart from the bodies of pure information, has an expiration date, a deadline.

But it's just a body, it's just a vehicle. You've had so many, actually.

Some of you may have had a lot of motor vehicles, have even forgotten how many you have had, what model ? what were the characteristics of these vehicles ? How did you drive it ? How did he behave ?

It's the same with your physical body: you will end up forgetting how he behaved, how he was, to remember only the moments you spent with him. And this path, what you call here « de-identification » can be done now in love, quietly.

You ask me then « How to keep this state of joy constantly ? »

Joy, you see, is difficult to hear in my words, but joy is a choice, not the consequence of an act of possession, it would only give you temporary joy.

I choose now to be happy. I now choose to connect with what is joyful.

It is a concern for your physical body, especially for this body and others, but you have a very unfortunate tendency to connect to only what brings you constraints.

You love being complained, you love being found extenuating circumstances, but by doing so, you don't associate yourself with the best of yourself.

What do you want ? To be seen as a single being ? To be seen as a sick being ? To be seen as a powerless being ? To be seen as small ?

You are small before God, but you are great in front of your world because this world, of which I speak, is the one that you create for yourself, at every moment.

So join in what creates joy in you, as often as possible. And that’s what will keep you happy.

Do not listen to the spoilsports, do not let the news, the information will come to turn off your light. Don't even let your loved ones turn off your light.

Joy is still there. When you lose it, you don't watch it anymore.

« How can you not be wrong with pride ? »

Pride always brings you back. We left pride when we are in humility.

Humility is knowing your place with others. And if you see your place with others, if you stop seeing yourself bigger than the other, then you are not in pride.

If you give everyone the same power, then you are not in pride.

Not the same abilities, you are all different but the same possibility, the same potential for joint aid. You will not all have the same behaviors or the same facilities, but each of you has a place in this world, each of you.

And this place will push you out of pride, together. Together.

« How to follow your path, while being blind ? »

You are blind, and you say it yourself in a « expression, he is no worse blind than the one who does not want to see ».

Because you can see with your heart, because you can hear the source of light, you can feel the smells of this world, you can taste the energy of life.

Whether you are physically or mentally blind, you have the right to trust your other senses. You have the right to recognize this possibility in you. This possibility also of interior visualization, in one form or another. This possibility exists, it is very present. Don't ignore it. Never ignore it.

Very often, on your Earth, you will choose a path, without ever knowing if it is the right one. So there you are, asking us « Am I on the right track ? »

But we repeat it over and over again: « Do you have access to joy ? Do you have access to peace ? Do you have access to love ? Do you have access to it ? »

This does not mean that you have it but that you have « access to ». As long as you are not cut off from this, then you are on one of your roads, you are on one of your paths.

Regain confidence, regain faith. It is very difficult to leave the correct path for an incarnation. It would ignore the power and strength of your guides to put you back on your decisions before birth.

If you no longer trust yourself as a human being, still keep self-confidence as a conscience, having made decisions, even if you don't understand them in embodiment.

Believe me, you are tall, immensely tall in your energy.

Stay humble all the same, but you are tall.

« Can we be blocked in its evolution, in its realization, by a relationship with another person ? »

It is often you who have put this person on your way, this blockage as you say. It is often you, your pure conscience, your superior conscience and your personal conscience that would have laid on your way, this, this one, this obstacle, this test, this person, who knows ?

So that you are able to love in this situation, so that you are capable of peace in this situation, so that you are capable of joy in this situation, who seems to block you.

Stop thinking you are blocked, because when you understand that you have chosen, with the greatest love there is, this path, this test, you will begin to feel the release, you will start to feel the solution.

You may be afraid of the solution, but you will feel it.

I repeat, these trials are there for you to see, even in this situation, the best.

In all the enclosures, there is this gleam to go and seek, this quest for well-being that the other cannot take from you.

You are not taken your well-being; you have given it. Take it back. Choose this well-being. Resume activities that speak to you. Live your life and let life go because when joy and peace return to your experience, then this blockage will not be any more.

You ask us the future of the mineral, animal, plant worlds.

These worlds are already evolving. Many animal species have chosen to go through a transition in larger dimensions, many plants too. But new species, new trees, even new minerals, are emerging.

They will allow this planet to evolve in a different dimension and energy, which it is reaching, which it has already reached, on which it is in fact currently harmonizing, for a few years.

Harmonization that you will find strong, but harmonization all the same.

And for that, these mineral, plant and animal elements change, evolve.

If you knew how much they attract you to Love all these elements ! But they are of course evolving.

« Our responsibility, what is it really ? »

To understand that you have the power that you have given to others. This is your responsibility. Your responsibility is to take back the reins of your life, not to let yourself be alone and to act together.

This is your responsibility, that of entering this « us », to leave the « I » to go to the « us ».

We repeat it in these small groups, in these divisions, everything is done to say, « ah well as long as everything is fine for us », and this « us », you often define it very weakly as your family, friends, loved ones, caste.

But extend this « us » to larger than that, that is your responsibility.

Your responsibility, in other words, is: who do I put in the word « us » ? Who is « us » ?

Because you need to extend this definition, until there is no more « us » but « a »: this is your responsibility.

This is not written in your personal plan. But this work, this work, is done through you now, in search of unity.

So you have created a lot of circumstances allowing you to create this unit, but your responsibility is to create it.

You have created a lot of opportunities for this: seize them, now or later, but don't stay there, just watching this world.

Manifest the world you want, in the way that you think is most appropriate in your life.

« How can we no longer want, if we are co-creators of our lives ? »

If you listened to me dear friend, you would understand that I did not ask you to stop wanting forever, but to take a break from time to time, in this notion of will.

From time to time, stop you. And from time to time, stop wanting effectively.

Otherwise you are like someone running in the forest, afraid of an imaginary wolf and never stopping, to see if there would be a path allowing him to leave this very dense forest which seems dangerous to him.

You have to stop from time to time, so from time to time, you have to stop wanting, to reposition yourself in your being and in your ability to choose again.

Choose a new will, maybe a new desire no doubt, but choose again. Because that's what I suggest to you by ceasing to want.

It's to take a break, take a note, stop. To rechoose a destination again, to reposition yourself on a more favorable frame for you. But you will not be able to do it if you do not stop, if you continue to fight constantly against what is.

We must first stop, land, and then leave.

I know that on this Earth, the ideal state would be to never want anything and to live the present moment entirely, but I also know that in a dual world, this is not possible.

But taking breaks, stopping in your will, this is possible.

Try this path, don't listen to my speech, try this path.

You will find peace dear friend there and you will find very simple and wonderful joys there, that is my promise.

 « How can you feel your divine presence ? »

Let me ask you the opposite question, dear friend: « How not to feel his divine presence ? »

The answer is simple: you have to be afraid.

You no longer have to believe in a better world, you have to feel extremely weak, sometimes even arrogant, c ’ ’ is the opposite.

This is what would prevent you from feeling your divine presence. But apart from these states, when you leave fear, when you leave arrogance, pride, you will feel that divine presence.

Do not doubt it.

This is why I prefer to ask you the opposite question: « How can we not feel his divine presence of course ? »

You talk about a lot of subjects on which we could have a lot of speeches, but I would like to finish my speech of the day by talking to you about prayer, these calls that you make to us.

We help you and we assist you. We are here to, through your instincts, through your thoughts, give you other solutions, other ways, other avenues to what seems to be before you, be problems or difficulties.

So when you say a prayer, when you ask us to help you, of course we do.

But please don't wait for a logical answer, don't wait for the solution to be the one you hope for, but maybe another.

Do not wait until the means is the one you hope for, but maybe another.

Do not wait until the savior is the one you hope for, but maybe another, there too.

Give us the opportunity to answer your question differently, compared to what is in your hopes.

Because our vision is broader, our vision is enlarged compared to your experience.

Give us the opportunity to show you another way, another track.

There too, put down your will whether it happens like this or that.

Put that will there too.

And let us show you a stronger and fairer will, the one that will make you progress on your path of consciousness.

Prayer is an act of appeal for help, not an act to do for you, but an aid, a kind of clue, coming to your next step, at your next destination.

And we are present for that.

I am Sandalphon and I have confidence in the development of your planet Earth, I know its current changes, its adaptation to this new energy. Humanity will also have to adapt to this energy.

People with power will lose their power, trust that.

But people who believe in greater and fairer power, in the « us », in this « on », in this « unit », they will appear quietly and everything will be fine.

You are blessed with the Source, because you come from the Source.

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From : Background on Archangel Sandalphon. 
Who is Sandalphon?
Angel of Music: In Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah), Sandalphon is sometimes associated with the world of music. It is believed that he uses music to communicate divine messages and promote harmony in the universe. Archangel Sandalphon is believed to be one of the two archangels who were originally mortal and later ascended to the angelic realm. Sandalphon is often associated with music, prayer, and acts as an intermediary between Earth and Heaven. It is said that he collects and presents human prayers to the divine. The name Sandalphon is derived from the Greek "Sandalon," which means "brother" or "co-brother," and he is sometimes depicted as the twin brother of Archangel Metatron. People may call upon Archangel Sandalphon for support in finding their purpose, connecting with their higher selves, and seeking unity and harmony in their lives.

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.

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