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Archangel Michael: The Evolution of Form

Archangel Michael: The Evolution of Form
Message from Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light

Divine Ones,

We greet you, in love. We are here now, to open up within you a new awareness of what is available to you, on your planet, Earth at this time.

The Earth has expanded and lifted; it is present in a higher dimensional expression and is in a new beginning of expanding into higher light expression. There is tremendous joy and enthusiasm in the experience of this shift! These frequencies are available to you! Feel into them, and use them as a doorway. Claim them, align with them — for doing so serves you, and can lift you, too, into resonance with this higher expression of Earth. And as you allow yourself to be lifted into this expansive field and rest there, feeling into the newness and joy, the exhilaration and expansion, you infuse yourself with these new frequencies, these delicious energies of higher light, love, Oneness, and infinite expansion. Magnificent!

These frequencies are emanating from the Earth, too. For as this new beginning unfolds, you and all Life on Earth are, already, now receiving infusions of new harmonic frequencies from the Earth, and being attuned to them, through your body and by your Oneness with, connection to your planet. The fatigue and need to sleep so deeply which some of you are noticing is one way you are learning how to integrate these frequencies into your human energy system and allow them, to inform you.

These new Earth harmonics are emanating upwards, flow into you via the soles of your feet. They are within the air you breathe, and everything that is part of the Earth realm is now affected by these expanded, enriched harmonic frequencies. Your body has great affinity with the planetary field and so is quite readily, quite easily assimilating these frequencies. You may feel differently, and as you do, allow yourself to recognize what is underway. You may feel less clear, more spacey, need more rest, and feel less confident of some of your inner connections, but that is because everything is changing — expanding, elevating, transforming, opening you up. And your body-mind is developing new abilities to translate vibration, to perceive what is available now. And? What is arising, and emerging is continually increasing, as Earth continues to expand into higher light.

You, meaning the consciousness that is you, that emanated into this body and combined with this body to be what you think of as your human experience, that awareness, is also quite naturally, in most cases, opening up and elevating as a result of these new, Earth harmonics.

Yes, some may resist this as one resists anything unknown, and this may interfere with your body’s ability to assimilate new frequencies, but if you cultivate openness and ease, relaxation, inner harmony, alignment, and joy, you will be fine. You will know what you need. Honor it. Trust your embodied intelligence and learn bit by bit, to orient to the vibrational field that you are, the energy you are, and the energetic reality — for this is the true reality and if you orient there, even amidst all this change there will be a steady state of connection and you will feel a sense of joyful expansion and connection to this flow. You will feel the ongoing expansion and the ongoing lifting of the energy; THE energy — for in this orientation what is happening is happening as the Oneness that is, draws inward and upward, all that it is…

What is evolving within you and your form, will eventually help you to not only translate these energies in new ways but to perceive in new ways in the physical. There is much present now in your world that is new and yet you are in and out of this higher dimensional plane which Earth has expanded into and you are learning to expand into this plane too. Think of this as the frequency menu of being on Earth, just got access to a whole higher octave of expression and experience. So, your choices in the upper bandwidths of frequency expression are significantly expanded and expanding.

This means, as you allow it, living in greater harmony and resonance with the Fullness of Your Being, more and more often, and then the Law of Attraction generating momentum for you, making this easier and easier, so that you feel this new frequency expression with more ease and continuity and it becomes a new, more normal state of being.

This continuity of consciousness with the 5D Earth realm has always existed within your own greater wholeness, and the Fullness of Your Being and the planetary field of Earth are lifting you into higher light, from within, as you allow it. You could imagine it as if the higher levels of you, are coming into the world of form and the world of form is evolving upward. And you allow all this, facilitate it with ease and grace, by being love. By being unconditionally loving and knowing who you truly are -- infinite light and focusing upon this. Orienting to this. Feeling into this.

More and more there is inner knowing within you about HOW to do this, the ascension thing. You do not need to figure it out. Your Light Body has a complete program for evolving and activating. It knows how to do this, so you don’t need to figure it out, but you do have a very important role to play in your ascension.

Your role is to align within, to learn how to feel your way into resonance with All That You Are and All That You’ve Become.

When you are in this state, you feel good. That is your indication. You feel joyful. You feel loving. You feel at ease. At peace. In harmony. You feel keenly aware of the beauty all around you, of how much is going your way, and of the incredible order and harmony of the moment.

When you are in resonance with All That You Are, you are clear, calm, centered, and connected. You’ve shifted out of the prior paradigm and energy experience of separation and beliefs and thus experiences that make you think you need to accomplish something to ascend, to have what you want, to get what you want, to feel at peace.

But in truth, spiritual growth is never about accomplishment, it is much more about letting go and aligning within. Feeling for inner harmony and resonance, and letting go.

We think of this as aligning within to allow the Divine Flow. The energies of All That You Are are flowing into this human energy system you think of as your Life, and that energy is infusing you with higher light.

And every time you meditate, every time you stop thinking and simply allow the flow, you are elevated. Your Divine Self, the Fullness of Your Being, is flowing into your embodied field of presence and infusing you with Higher Light. This Higher Light is intelligent and knowing. It knows how and when. It knows what and who. It knows.

And as it knows and you allow it, you know.

You are then, aware of what you need to be aware of when it serves you. You receive the inner guidance and knowing when it’s time when it is time to act, or when you need to know to be where you need to be, to play your part, to cooperate in this vast and dynamically evolving perfection of the Cosmic Dance.

There is so much happening all the time and it is perfectly orchestrated. Even though many human beings move in and out of alignment, still things are always unfolding with divine order and harmony, and there is so much well-being and so much stability within your experience even as the entire planetary field is up-leveling, shifting into a new and higher vibrational expression of Light and Form! Quite amazing and so very beautiful to know this. To feel into this. To let it reassure you and give you inner peace, comfort, a sense of confirmation, and a sense of joy.

Your Divine Self is guiding you every step of the way. It knows where you are always and is also aware of where you are going. And each and every moment it is aligning within you, offering to you that which serves you so that you might align too, and merge with All That You Are and benefit from this very plugged-in and in-sync aspect of your own Greater Wholeness that is present within you here.

It is here to guide you. It is here to give you, all that you need. It is the conduit by which everything comes to you. It is within you always, drawing to you, that which you’ve chosen, that which you’ve selected, and which you’ve made clear you prefer.

And when you allow yourself to know life in a state of alignment and resonance with your inner being -- the Fullness of Your Being within you, then, you feel joy. You feel happy. You feel peace and delight. You feel ease and comfort and well-being and joy. You feel so very much joy!

Joy is the hallmark of the elevated states of unity available to you now and always, with All That Is and All That You Are, and now? Now these states of inner harmony and Oneness, also make possible your elevated presence. They bring you into higher light and they bring you into resonance with the new, Earth frequencies and as this becomes more frequent and accumulates, every time you’re in higher light it adds up in your experience.

And as this adds up, you will begin to be aware of so much more than you’ve ever yet experienced in this life. Life on Earth is changing. And it is also opening up. And for those who are attuning themselves within, they are allowing the new Earth frequencies to integrate and inform them. Transforming their human energy system into one capable of being and expressing and translating and perceiving in new, and higher ways.

Your body is becoming an active Light Body; it is opening up and spreading out and this diamond field of Light that is your higher light presence is coming online for those of you actively aligning within and cultivating inner peace, joy, love, and doing any of this unconditionally is the greatest accelerator and liberator of the obsolete patterns, beliefs, orientations, and effects of the 3D world, which is gradually now, dissolving.

Earth has moved into higher light! We of course have always seen this version of Earth but what is happening when we say this is, that the future is converging with the past and the bridging time, is here.

Look forward. Look towards where you are headed. We know that as we say this you are aware that you don’t know exactly what this even means. Or looks like -- so how in fact, could you even “look toward it...?” 

Look to love, look to peace, look to beauty, look to Divine Order and inner harmony. Look towards well-being and abundance and balance and expansion and ease. Look towards joy. And fulfillment and feeling lighter and feeling a more and more consistent connection with All That You Are and with All That Is and look, to this world, being revealed to you, in new ways.

Look towards Life, opening up within you, within your perceptions and as this opens up the world of form, too, becomes more vivid, more radiant, and much more richly layered and present, than you’ve noticed before, or then was where you used to be.

Time is changing too, but more on that later. Ha ha.

Feel the truth of this within you. Trust your inner knowing. Begin to identify more with the world of inner light, vibration, consciousness, and knowing, and let the outer world evolve as you hold that inner connection of knowing and divine supply, steady. And enjoy the ride!

We love you very much.

We are complete.

We are the Angelic Ones. Archangel Michael, with Ailia, the Galactic Dragons, and the Council of Radiant Light. 

We wish you a wonderful day.



My name is Ailia Mira. I am a writer, artist, conscious channel* and solopreneur. I'm  exploring the ways of living that are in alignment with who I truly am. In addition to living this way myself, I am also an experienced coach, facilitator, teacher and guide. 
Message from Archangel Michael, Hermes & The Council of Radiant Light Channeled by Ailia Mira

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