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Ashtar: The Sacral Core And The Divine Spark

Ashtar: The Sacral Core And The Divine Spark

Full Moon: Activation Sacred Heart.

The full moon of September 29, 2023 opens the Sacral Energy. The Sacral Heart can now be activated. The Divine spark in your heart opens further and further and this spark turns into a great light.


This form of love is still somewhat unstable on earth, but soon man will embrace it. The touch of the Divine Spark is located in the Sacral Heart, but there is a light core in every chakra and physical cell.

The full moon plays a role in the activation of the Sacral Heart. The moon with its light power will reflect the sacred moment again, so that the darkness of the night turns into a sacred mystical experience. Many souls are going to become aware of the shadows they carry with them, but these no longer pull you down.


The question is what will you do when this shadow opens? Do you become angry and suspicious or step into the higher Sacral Light of the Angel Michael, for there is the protection that opens all wisdom. Everything is different now, the old no longer works.

The visible of the shadow fields, anywhere, can be seen as a therapy of growth. An advance of light and not as a dark blockade that you are working against. Your vision may be resettled so that negativity shifts to a positive wave of consciousness. The solution is near, there no longer has to be fear of destruction. The chaos is just one way to turn all this into light.


The cosmic current takes the earth to a higher level and this may be made accessible. Duality moves and shows itself in different forms: 'A ferocious earth, but at the same time a loving planet where its beauty touches your heart. Earth is trying to reach you to reassure you.'

Unfortunately, the old programming has been ingrained in such a way that only the negative side is perceived. It is a kind of mechanism, in which the growing consciousness is eliminated. Your thoughts determine who you are. Be honest and take a good look at what you carry with you, denying no longer makes sense. You are led to a special moment in which you open the Sacred Heart.

In the outside world you have seen many illusions disappear and that gives room to tackle your own world now. The beautiful energy that mother earth always reflects in your heart and in nature is 90% positively present in everything. Also in you. The calamity and chaos shown are only a small part of less than 5. What do you believe in?


In a Sacral revelation you can perceive the truth about your pain, feel the truth about your frustrations and see the truth about the illusions you keep feeding. It is your small universe that you create every day. This small world will be cleaned up in the near future and that can be just as difficult.


Focus on the Sacral energy now entering Earth and watch the waves of the ethereal fields that are softly present. It is the days with a golden edge that touch you deep in the soul. This form of beauty is present in a completely different way. Try to open up to it and dare to enter this dimension. Enjoy this relaxed atmosphere and absorb the energy over the air. Nourishes breathing in the lungs by breathing in and out consciously. You breathe in the new sacred energy and you breathe in the old days and it dissolves.

Breathe In and Breath Out

Everything communicates with each other and every breath is a beautiful way to connect yourself with this sacred atmosphere. The beginning has been made and now this can grow into a powerful form, but if you have a sensitive heart you could perceive this earlier. Some children are born with a sacred energy, which has often been closed. Now everything opens again. They perceive colors or stars or they hear the most beautiful sounds and play an instrument by themselves. Sounds in your ear or in your head? Listen carefully. They come from the Sacral Heart.


This is the sound of the ethereal and sacred layer in which I, Ashtar and many Starlight Beings and Angels travel. We often communicate via the many soft sound waves from a higher vibration. These waves can touch your thoughts and lift them to a beautiful, serene atmosphere.

Indicate your Limits in time, but also share your beautiful Experiences. Talk about the Ethereal World in which many Sacred Beings live peacefully together.


Anchor your energy so that you keep holding on to the earth plane. Do not fall apart into pieces, but move along in that new form of wholeness. Find a place that makes you strong, such as the forest or a sacred temple with a pure conviction, a group of like-minded can anchor your heart for safety. The best anchor is your own home, where you feel safe and at ease. Where you can be yourself and where loving people, animals or plants surround you.


Have you been temporarily displaced by a situation and are you on the run?

Many flee the country, away from all kinds of tricky situations and away from their base. Many refugees leave everything to find refuge in a different place. They are often completely misled because governments do not want to support their own people and accumulate a lot of wealth. All this can completely degenerate a person. Today living in a nice house is important, cherish and protect this place. Your safe basis gives you peace and now the conversions can take place.


Sometimes heaven seems to come down and many feel the urge to flee from this reality, but sometimes you better hold out where you sit and make the most of it, because in this time strange situations resolve themselves. Trust the universe and take the time to enter the renewed earth in this new flow of special experiences.


Politics are struggling because they know that the old no longer lasts. The people have shown this worldwide. At the same time, the new political leaders are allowed to show their new steps. All this is a major challenge, as it is a demanding role. The ego is under tribulation. For, is proclaiming a truth saving the face from destruction?

Many also flee in politics to avoid impending doom. Those who flee often have something to hide and avoid confrontation. They hide from uncertainty, but everything eventually emerges. The noisy politics are moving from hot to her and those who are stable are always attacked and undermined.


A dangerous situation can arise where a deadly shot will startle everyone. Let hatred not become a guide in world politics in which elections are now discussed again. Politics will drift all over the world until they reach a stable point. Send sacred thoughts of love to this layer so that a new birth can arise. New sounds end the old and herald the new. Not immediately everything can be perfectly put together, some puzzle pieces are still missing. Many changes are needed to oversee the whole and this takes time.

The conversions that arise as a result, energetic but also physically, can take you completely. It seems as if your entire head and system need to be rearranged. You will then lose count and your safe route is confused.

But it will be fine, this means that you are connected to another layer of consciousness. Everything is aligned and everything changes.

Together you can restore Trust again..

The Sacred Heart opens the layers of unity so that the way to redemption can come quickly. The cloudy water in which the lies float is purified time and time again.


From this full moon, the sacred healing energy starts to work. Do you suffer from a PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder )? These can be vibrated loose via the sacral energy and the high light activations. Certain situations can lead to a deep-seated trauma emerging. At that moment you can end up in a fuzzy mist. These conversions go very deep. Many are then invited into a higher sacred atmosphere where they receive a cure, through the dream time your psyche is healed and when that happens you wake up fresh and you know it is over.

If that does not work immediately and you will stick in an annoying layer, you will need earthy guidance and you can contact me.

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©Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


Ashtar is a consciousness with a very intelligent ability, contactees include George van Tassel, Tuella and many others.
Ashtar is an ethereal light being, a loving intelligence and he consists of pure Light and works with the healing Rainbow colors. From a wave of love I have to meet Ashtar. This revelation of the Light opened my cosmic consciousness. When this happens  then he opens the veils. The true memory who you really are comes to above. Once man was a beautiful being with a lot of Light power and special talents. The memory of an Earthly Paradise is no fantasy and is hidden deep in the heart of everyone. A very intense desire now arises to reunite all of this into wholeness again. ©Arthura

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