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Lady Rowena - Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Fourth Round

Lady Rowena - Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Fourth Round

Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth! I AM ROWENA!

I am joyfully coming here for another round of the Journey of Forgiveness. I want to give a brief explanation of the process in this round. Even today, pacts are made.

There are still some sects and rituals made to imprison one soul to another. Many of you don’t understand what it means. Many think that a signature on a paper is enough to tie one soul to another. This is not the type of contract we refer to here. Usually, pacts, contracts, and agreements are made during high magic involving rituals.

There are many forms to imprison one soul; vengeance, pure cruelty, to prevent that soul from evolving, dependence, supposed feeling called love. There are many reasons, and all are powerful. We have always told you to be careful what you say. The words said in a moment of pure ecstasy and interiorization are more potent than the words tossed to the wind.

Be careful what you affirm. At that moment, your heart is commanding, no matter if the feeling is positive or negative. What is said becomes valid for the entire walk of your soul. Some souls chase other souls along time because of these agreements and contracts. Some sects require this, and the souls never get free from non-light.

Today, magic is still used, although less intensively than in ancient times. At those times, people lived magic 100% of the day. Everybody was a wizard at different levels, but all knew magic. So, don’t try to understand. Don’t attempt to research what is being ruptured. The rupture of these pacts is complicated; it is not simple. It involves many Beings of Light because, in most cases, these are pacts made under non-light. They are not genuine love pacts, which are easier to rupture.

The pacts with non-light require much time for treatment and several processes to eliminate them. Each of us maintains you for 24 hours under our ray and the element created to destroy these connections since they are not ruptured at the moment of meditation. They are brought to us and stay under our domain all the time. Sometimes, only one connection is treated because of its high power.

It is as if you were involved by entangled threads. So, the more external line must be removed for the most internal thread to appear. Everything is accumulated with time, and we rupture each connection one by one. No bond is more potent than Light, and all are eliminated. However, you must do your part. You may see feelings and destructive processes that you don’t understand at first.

Don’t connect to this or anything you might see or feel during meditation or the next 24 hours. Forget anything you may perceive. It is energy difficult to rupture and will torment you until its complete dissolution. But, if you focus on this, it absorbs your energy and becomes stronger again. So, don’t comment or remember. Just ignore anything that comes to you.

Ask for our help to eliminate any interference by these energies on you. The respective Master of the ray should be called, and we will help you be free from that energy influence. All will be ruptured, no matter their force. Only you can help us by abstaining from fuelling that energy. We arrived at the most challenging part of this journey, where the deepest and more complex layers are. Removing them is difficult, but we guarantee you will be cleansed.


You can do this meditation lying or sitting down. You cannot sleep. If you do, repeat the meditation.

I am involving you in a bubble of Pink Light of pure Unconditional Love.

Feel this energy running through your body.

Breath deeply this Pink Light.

Breath deeply once more.

Breath deeply again.

Now I position my hands on your Crown Chakra.

I emanate all the energy of my Pink Ray. All the Souls you have made contracts, agreements, pacts, or any eternal connection are brought to me for the bonds to be released.

Both you and those souls are released.

Stay in this energy of my Pink Ray for five minutes.

After that period, repeat with me:

“May my Higher Sel connect to the Higher Self of each Soul present here. May all connections made at any time of my soul’s walk be eliminated, releasing my soul and each other soul that was bound to me.”

Now, align your arms along the body if you are lying down or put your hands on your legs.

Keep the palm of your hands upwards.

I put my hands on yours and emanate all my Pink Ray.

That crystal in your chest receives this ray. It emanates both internally and externally all the energy in your body and soul.

See in front of you, with your mind’s eyes, a bouquet of pink roses.

This bouquet is the symbol of Unconditional Love. It is so powerful that it eliminates all the connections made by your soul with the Souls brought here.

The roses will wither with time until the next ray.

You don’t have to see the roses.

You don’t need to see or feel anything. You just must do this process with faith and confidence that you are releasing yourself and releasing other Souls.

Stay under this energy of the Pink Ray for five minutes.

Now I remove my hands from yours.

Your body is involved in the energy of the Pink Ray. It will remain as such until the next ray.

Emanate lots of Unconditional Love. This is how you help with the process. Trust that your release and the release of the other Souls is happening. To return to your consciousness, take some deep breaths until you feel your full consciousness at where you began the meditation.

Stay with my energy of the Pink Ray until the next ray.

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