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Money And Ascension - The 9D Niburian Council

Money And Ascension - The 9D Niburian Council

During the time that has been the New Age movement, there has been financial deprivation among those who walk the spiritual path. Many even chose to leave well paid to follow the call of his soul and the promise of great rewards, now impoverished and unable to fulfill the destiny of his soul are jobs. Why is this and what can be done to resolve this situation? These answers lie in the words of this letter.

Perspective  - The 9d Niburian Council

During the time that has been the New Age movement, there has been financial deprivation among those who walk the spiritual path. Many even chose to leave well paid to follow the call of his soul and the promise of great rewards, now impoverished and unable to fulfill the destiny of his soul are jobs. Why is this and what can be done to resolve this situation? These answers lie in the words of this letter.

To remedy this monetary imbalance, we must first understand the belief systems that keep them in place. But before we begin, I must inform you that I share the knowledge that will direct and sincere. I will not mix words or recubriré truth sweetly. If they think they are not ready to open this knowledge, then I ask you to follow your next task with love and blessings. For those of you who are ready to embrace this higher dimensional wisdom, let's continue.

We'll talk about these belief systems in the context of the course of study on money provided by your planetary school, Earth. This course or class is known as Service to Self / Service to Others. To complete this course should learn how to serve others to the same degree served themselves and vice versa. This course is also being provided to other planetary schools and those of you who have been in contact with space brothers who are currently involved in this class, you will find them at different levels of understanding regarding these belief systems.

All civilizations who have returned to the 9th dimension, the dimension of integration, have experienced many lifetimes on different planetary schools in pursuit of this lesson. For one to return to the level of the Creator God, one must be able to manifest anything you want and accept full responsibility for such creations (more on this later).

I and many others Nibiruan Council of the Ninth Dimension, in compliance with our service to you, we want to share how we learned this lesson and we graduated from this particular course in the hope that what we share accelerate their learning so that they can achieve the desire of your heart in all things.

Service to Self / Service to Others 

Finding the balance between serving self and serving others is one of the hardest lessons that a soul must learn in order to complete our current Universal Game for Soul Evolution, The Polarity Integration Game.

In this Game the polarity of Service to Self is known as the dark and polarity of Service to Others is known as the Light. In your planetary school, Earth, has been taught to value only Service to Others, dodging all aspects of Service to Self. Religions teach that serve yourself is selfish and therefore is inherently wrong. Only it permitted provided the basic needs. Being rich automatically places the negative stigma of selfishness on those who wish to support the load in order to obtain financial gain. However, some of its most buoyant institutions are your religious institutions.

From the higher perspective this is as it should be because having this dichotomy in your reality provides a powerful clue about the error of this belief system. As an alarm, the warning to the idea that something about this way of thinking is unbalanced. No planetary course is given without these helpful hints to teach the pitfalls and by process of elimination, help them find balance, learn the lesson and graduate the course.

"If it is spiritual, should be free"  

In this course of Service to Self / Service to Others, there is a prevailing belief system. This belief system is "if it is spiritual, it should be free." In this class one must learn the error of this belief system by experiencing the near total disempowerment it creates in one's life. To graduate from this class and the reality it creates, one must reach the following conclusions:

A.  The only thing that is free is nothing, "nothing". Nothing is something that does not exist. If it's something (and in the context of this missive, spiritual knowledge) then has a value. And nothing that has a is always offered as part of an energy exchange or barter (using a terrestrial term) value. A something in the higher realms is never given for free because that would relegate it to a level of nothing and therefore destroy its right to exist in its current form. Return to the Universal Fund (more later in this missive) as raw energy.

B. When we adhere to the imbalance in this belief system and believe that spiritual knowledge or any knowledge if any, should be free, then the universe has no choice but to stay in this belief system by blocking the arrival to us power exchange (money) thus remaining in alignment with our current belief system. The universe is governed by a law stipulating that only we can give those things we think we need. And since we have specified that we do not believe we need money to obtain spiritual knowledge of the universe, the universe complies with our belief and closes our ability to manifest money for those things we say should not require money.

Within a short time after embracing this belief system, we find that our ability to manifest money dries because we believe we do not need to acquire spiritual things. That is why many on the spiritual path are experiencing a decreased ability to manifest money; still they have to adhere to this belief system. 

This is another aspect of the belief system "if it is spiritual, should be free", in which we learn to find balance.

In this part of the course one learns to apply the previous lesson on how and why we chose to change for things we want, whether food, shelter, a book or a class on any particular form of spiritual training, etc. If we are a supplier of articles that provide basic needs such as an owner, is expected to form of barter is the money to rent our residence.

On the other hand, if you happen to be a product or service with spiritual base, the prevailing belief is that those items should not be exchanged for money. Therefore, those who have chosen to provide spiritual knowledge by creating a company to do, they are criticized for charging money for their products and services. If one applies the above findings, one realizes that the products and services based spiritual fall under the category of "something" and therefore should be subject to an exchange of energy in order to sustain their existence. Otherwise their business will return to pure energy from the Universal Fund. In terrestrial terms, the company will go out of business because they can not keep up financially.

In Earth school the primary form of power and energy exchange is known as money. With money one can acquire all products and services necessary for survival and beyond, for pleasure. Therefore all "somethings" must inherently be available for exchange through this form of energy regardless of whether they are spiritual or not spiritual in origin. Otherwise, as he settled before any "something" that is not exchanged for another "something" becomes "nothing" and therefore returns to the Universal Fund raw energy. For those of you who are engaged in spiritually based occupations, you will find that once you can fully embrace this concept, its ability to flow the money will substantially increase because it will not be allowing your creations to return to the Universal Fund as raw energy. There is no such thing as a free lunch; someone always pays.

In this aspect of the belief system "if it is spiritual, should be free", we learn that, once again, the only thing that is free is nothing a "nothing". When we find a product or service that claims to be free, we intuitively understand that somewhere someone is still paying the bill. Since your planetary school was established to provide lessons on how to use their powers of manifestation, you should have a primary form of exchange (money) as an integral part of their systems. Therefore, all products and services with any value will be subject to an energy exchange, money being the preferred form of exchange.

Once this course students understand this concept, it will automatically look for who is paying the bill in any situation where an item is offered free of charge and doing it without judging. They know that in some way those providing the free item have done so with the idea that compensation will come in another form that will support them and their efforts. All souls incarnated in your planetary school wish to do so in order to learn this lesson along with others provided in school. Just like they would go looking for a university to provide them with courses that align with their educational goals, you as a soul chose Earth as the planetary school that offers courses with which they feel more aligned with their developmental goals in this moment.

Manifesting money to remove the universal Fund

Once the above lessons of Service to Self / Service to Others Course of studies have been learned, and have embraced the higher dimensional ways of thinking about money, they are now ready to move to the next step, the learning to express their needs third dimension (3D) and desires through the Universal Fund. The Universal Fund is simply a name for unlimited ministration of energy available for everyone in our universe. This energy is used to manifest all forms of creation of galaxies and planets to the electronic numbers and paper money using on your planet to acquire goods and services.

To use the Universal Fund will need to be aware of how it works and also how individuals make withdrawals. I will provide them the most important elements in this article but there are many more. A book to share everything would be required. I give you here will allow them to start and successfully integrate this multidimensional monetary system in its 3D system.

The bases

1.  To successfully use this fund, we must be willing to let go of our current system of belief that having a large sum of money in an account 3D is the only way to create financial security, and instead, shall see the universal Fund as our universal savings account. This can be very difficult due to the fact that we have been trained to believe that only by having extra funds in our 3D bank accounts can manifest what we want. Furthermore, it is the key to changing a 3rd dimension monetary system one step multidimensional or universal system.

Our inner children are really frightened by the idea of ​​discarding what they have been programmed to believe that is the only way to feel financially safe. With this step we are saying by our actions that we are ready to begin learning to manifest in the moment from the Universal Fund. In addition, we are saying we are willing to release the need to hoard money, taking it into circulation because we fear that somehow lose our ability to manifest. It shows that we are beginning to have faith in our emerging ability to manifest our desires through the use of a universal source. Spiritually speaking, we are beginning to do what we think.

When I was uncertain of my earthly incarnations type of 3D where systems were similar to yours, I found this very difficult to do. For a long time I rationalized why it was okay for me to keep certain additional saved funds. But after many laps with deprivation of money for failed businesses, I finally gave in to these rationalizations and began to follow the teachings that my guides gave me to access the Universal Fund.

2.  Your Soul / Higher Self acts as your personal banker and determines when your requests will be accepted and how they manifest themselves. These determinations are based on the life pattern of which your Soul acts as the manager. This is of course your application (see the Soul / Ego / Self-Society, the third Key of Compassion for more information).

Since your main reason for being on Mother Earth is the growth of the soul, all requests for withdrawals are checked against your Life Blueprint to see if they are in alignment with what will best serve your evolving needs. The life pattern is a pattern that you created during your time in entrevida (life between lives) and contains all the lessons, contracts, major events and people you meet during your present incarnation.

If your application is in alignment with your Life Blueprint at the present time, your soul will enter a higher level to bring your 3D application. He literally flow into your life.

3. They will know when a withdrawal has been done successfully for three things: people, money and opportunity come together at the same time. Have little or nothing to do for these three things happen. It is magical. If not all three, then it is not the time for the desired item or project to manifest.

If you are not sure whether a request has been granted, just ask your Soul confirmation one way or another. Ask Him confirmation is given them in 24 hours or less and in a way that you can not misunderstand. His Alma fulfill them. He has every reason to give them an answer and usually the answer comes immediately even before you finish asking the question. Tip: Ask for either a yes or no confirmation. Be specific. (N E): If we do not clean our trash first, we can not receive clear guidance.

Four. There are times when your application is granted them but the energy withdrawal is blocked by your Ego / inner child because he fears the changes they are seeking to bring. In this case, go in and negotiate an agreement with your Ego (see The Key of the Open Door, 4th. Key of Compassion for more information). The parameters for a retreat Universal Energy Fund are:

a)  they must be grounded to receive your request from the Universal Fund. Being grounded is the same as a letter reaches you but you have no address or mailbox. People who spend much of their time being elsewhere (out on the mental, astral or other dimensional planes) will find their ability to manifest greatly impeded. Those who do not resist being on Earth at all, also find their ability to manifest blocked. To manifest really well, they must be connected to the heart with Mother Earth and its people.

b) Should verbally express what they want to settle the energy drawn from the Universal Fund. This can be like writing a check or using a card. Both are 3D. Establish their desire to verbally create the items in 3D through sound. Without this stay in a mental plain as thoughts. Many of you already know this detail for their studies visualization techniques.

c)  they should be aligned with your soul 's purpose as determined in your Life Blueprint before the energy is withdrawn. Anything requested that is not in alignment with this purpose will not be given to them as it is considered unnecessary to your soul growth and mission. If you have questions about anything you request, just ask your Soul for confirmation.

d) All withdrawals must be for goods or services, not for extra money to stay sitting in a bank account to provide the feeling of financial security. This is considered an accumulation of energy caused by fear and causes the power is inaccessible to others.

e)  Be open to allow the desired items to manifest without the use of money. For example, a household may be packaged as an opportunity to live in a beautiful residence in exchange for looking after her.

f)  Only the energy needed to purchase the requested item will be given them. They will not provide any excess.

g) Withdrawals many times require some preparatory work on your part. A terrestrial analogy would be: if you want to win the lottery, you must buy a ticket. If the withdrawal is "appropriate", your Soul hasten messages / impulses to do the tasks required to prepare for the requested items.

h) Requests are granted based on time supporting their Alma purposes. For example, they can request a home and want it now but his soul has determined that the best time for that to manifest is after a certain type of experiences that have to happen. Again, if you are in doubt, ask your soul. By learning to release their ties to the 3D banking system and begin using the Universal Fund, they will begin to experience prosperity acrecentados levels. You see they are able to express all their basic needs with non-essential items with the only difference that do not have large amounts of extra money in a bank account and all items manifest in the moment based on the time it will support them in their continued spiritual growth.

In addition, when they start to feel comfortable with this new process, their faith in the power to manifest increases along with their feelings of inner peace and self - love. No longer feel fear, whether the income is paid or not, etc. simply because they know they will. It's like learning to ride a bicycle, once you know how to lose fear.

I hope this has helped you understand why they can experience financial limitations and ways to resolve the situation. It simply requires moving toward a new monetary system, which guides their souls and those have been moving for some time.

When they decide to walk the spiritual path, ascend and return to their natural state multidimensional, also they make the decision to learn how to use the systems that are inherent in that reality.

Unfortunately, many of you do not realize what this "package" is, when making its decision. As a result, they have been confused and frightened by the high - speed ride your finances have taken since I started this path.

I hope that with this missive your concern about your finances cease because they now know that learning to use the multidimensional monetary system in conjunction with your current 3D system is part of the training for ascension. The fact that they have experienced monetary changes is proof that your Soul and Guides are working hard to prepare to move toward multidimensionality.

All who walk the path of ascension will find these lessons at one time or another because you are not alone. I know from experience how challenging this course and its lessons can be. As one who did not get it the first time, I can empathize with their struggles. From experience we find that sharing your feelings, fears and experiences with those who walk the path with you, will succeed through these lessons more quickly. Please let them stretch. Together we will succeed.

Service and appreciation,
Evin, The 9D Niburian Council
Galactic Federation "Elders".


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