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Lady Master Nada: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Sixth Round

Lady Master Nada: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Sixth Round

Dear Brothers from Planet Earth! I AM MASTER NADA!

We are almost at the end of this journey with great joy. It seemed so long, didn't it? The ending seemed so far away.

But nevertheless, we are so close to it. Each of you following this journey, with Love in your heart, is gaining the freedom of your soul; the freedom to have no more connections that bring you memories, beliefs, or any other kind of influence. To be free is to be able to decide without worrying about anything and choose without hurting anyone. Because when the energetic connections end, only Love remains, only the feeling remains. But the high feeling, the powerful feeling that is Unconditional Love.

Be assured that inside you, the Love you feel seems to increase. Strangely enough, it appears lighter, calmer, more measured, and purer. That intense, desperate, distrustful, possessive, and demanding love appears to be a thing of the past.

Of course, who also commands these feelings, is your mind. So at this moment, to have the consciousness of no longer letting these feelings surface, to no longer allow your egos to command these feelings, is also a learning process. It is also part of this journey. What is the point of a soul freeing itself if the mind continues to feel and live the feelings that your soul once lived but is no longer living?

Then it will be difficult for the soul to understand how your mind still emanates such tiny, dangerous, negative energies. So let your souls speak, let your souls radiate this love to you; quiet, pure, and completely unconditional.Begin living this love.This Love is what you will experience in the Fifth Dimension.

So the time has come for you to experience this love; it is not tomorrow, next year, or when you travel to the 5th Dimension.This Love will have to be implanted in your hearts before you transform into the 5th Dimension.

So it is up to you to already walk this path. We are provoking you with all of this so that you begin to feel it, not only to live it but mainly to feel it. So let your souls speak, feel your souls, surrender to them. And be sure, life will become lighter. It will evolve with less suffering, in fact, totally unnecessary suffering that you are experiencing.

Live the freedom of your souls. Do not confuse this freedom with the liberty of the lack of rules. Never forget that for every action, there is always a reaction. So it is not freedom: "I am free, I can do what I want!" This is not the freedom we are talking about. It is the freedom not to be connected energetically with anyone. But relationships remain, and within them, Love and Respect. It is not because your souls are free. You are free to do whatever you want and hurt those who love you.

You know how to discern things. Freedom is for your soul; consequently, you will feel lighter without so many burdens to carry. However, now your earthly agreements and contracts remain. So, in the name of this freedom, as you understand, every wrong step you take will have a reaction, which may not be the one you are imagining.

You know how to understand what we say. Do not use our words to be an excuse for any wrong actions that you may take. Love and respect continue to exist; they are feelings that must always go together. Love and Respect. So free your souls. If you want to free yourselves from the human beings who live there, that is your problem on earth. So free the people and yourselves, but don't hurt them. Learn how to do it and how to make the right decisions.

If there is no love, let go. This is the moment. And the one who stays behind has to learn to let go, to understand the other, and not to want someone by his side who doesn't love him anymore. So let him go if he wants it that way, and you will be fine. What's the use of having someone by your side who doesn't love and respect you just because of a convention or accommodation?

So learn to be free in earthly life, respect yourself, remember to be you first, and don't live for anyone else. Don't live for anyone else. Don't be happy begging for someone's Love. Learn to find happiness, even if it means losing someone. We only lose what belongs to us, and nobody belongs to anybody. So you are not losing anything. You are only respecting the free will of the other person.

At first, it may hurt you. At first, it may make you suffer, but you will understand in time that Love cannot live on crumbs. Love cannot live on pleas, requests, or begging for attention. Love has to be spontaneous on both sides. So walk towards your own happiness too. Don't be afraid. This is the time to find your own happiness.

If any of you knew how excellent it is to be happy with yourself, relying only on yourself, you would have made up your mind long ago. Look for happiness in yourself, not in others. Nobody can be responsible for making someone happy. The one who has to make himself happy is you. So you need to find happiness for yourself. This is real happiness when you are happy for yourselves.

If you can have someone by your side who adds to that happiness, excellent, perfect. Now, if you have someone who diminishes or annuls your joy, you don't deserve to have them by your side. You need to always be happy with yourself first. So learn to understand what we say.

Freedom is not acting without respect. We talk about freedom of souls, not of human beings. But despite everything, never forget that a relationship must be a two-way street, not a one-way street. Don't beg, don't plead, and even less, enslave and diminish the one next to you. There must be Love and Respect between two people who love each other, or rather, who supposedly say they love each other. Because those who beg, implore, feel inferior, enslave, do not love the other nor themselves. That's why he throws onto the other what he doesn't have, which is Self-love.

Take advantage of this moment, analyze your lives, and find happiness in yourself. Don't put up obstacles because there will always be obstacles. Now, if you decide to be happy, the universe will conspire for you to find the path to it.

Meditation 6

You can do this meditation while sitting or laying down, whatever is most comfortable for you. However, remember that if you sleep, you must repeat this meditation.

Stay peaceful in the position chosen.

I am beside you and put my right hand on your chest and my left hand on your Crown Chakra.

My right hand activates the crystal in your heart to emanate the Red Ray.

Your entire body is filled up with Red Light, and externally I involve you in a giant bubble of Red Light.

Breathe deeply in this Red Light and remember to mentalize everything you want to leave your body and life when exhaling, so you can find equilibrium and happiness.

Inhale and exhale as above three times.

Now that you are fully balanced and completely filled up by my Red Light, repeat with me:

I ask my Higher Self to rupture all energetic links between my soul and ancestors who are in the generation previous to mine and the same generation as I. I am grateful for everything we have lived through to this point. Still, from now on, we will follow our individual paths to the Fifth Dimension with much love and gratitude.

You will stay inside the Red Ray for 10 minutes.

Breathe deeply once more and gradually return to your consciousness.

Breathe softly several times.

Return to your consciousness little by little until you feel you are conscious again.

The Red Ray will stay with you until the next ray to give you strength and energy. Remember that this round does not have a prayer.

Translation by

Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

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