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An Introduction to Light Beings


What an amazing channel this has been! I’ve felt for a while that change was coming and that we’d be working in new way with the light beings.  Tonight we met three who will be working with us during this next year.  There are many, many light beings who work with the humans and the energies of the earth all the time; this is different because they are manifesting so as to take things to a new level of awareness.

When we arrived in the All That Is; it was a new place.  The Goddess and Universal light beings created a place within a higher vibration for this next level of our creation.  We were then introduced to a group of three beings; 1 from Pleiades, 1 from Arcturus and 1 from the Omniverse.  They each had a distinctive look and energy.  They were positioned with the Arcturian on the top, the Pleiadian to his bottom right and the Omniversal energy the bottom left. 

They spoke with us about this next level of awakening consciousness, then walked through the group until all had met with them, creating an alignment.  They have been coming into the earth for quite some time, but this is a greater level of integration. They spoke of how the Great White Brotherhood and more are supporting and protecting the earth.

This is going to strengthen our alignment to the lightbody energy and will assist people in flowing from between their earthly and universal light existences which will help with expanding consciousness.  

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out welcoming you to this new year of 2016, to this new year upon your earth, a new beginning, a saying goodbye to the old, allowing in new potentials and opportunities so that the ever flowing movement that is always within and around you continues moving through all that is taking place not only upon your earth but out in the universe.

The flow of energy between the universal light beings and the earth is closer and in easier flow than it has ever been before. The potential to communicate with your own higher self, with your own angels, with I the Goddess and the other beings of light is even easier than its being before.

There is a marked difference in the levels of consciousness within and around the earth and these differences shown to you and to all of us through that shift in consciousness.

You’ve arrived.

You have arrived right here, right now in this now moment. So allow yourself to celebrate. Allow yourself to feel the joy and excitement of accomplishment. You are here, it’s a new beginning and the time is now.

What would it be if you lived your day waking up in the morning and saying to myself, “I’ve arrived I’m here in this now moment and I’m choosing this moment to really bring in my divinity so that I may remain in a conscious awareness as I move through my day”.

At this point in the evolution there are very few humans that have the ability to wake up, remain in that consciousness 24/7 and consciously be open at all times. Therefore the key that I would invite for each one of you to be open to receive, is that key to your consciousness that allows you to move in and out of it with much greater ease.

That is but one of the gifts for this new year that I would like for you to have and indeed I’m not giving you anything that you don’t already have. I’m simply inviting you to become aware of how much you have done, of how far along your spiritual path you have come and therefore what you have to receive from the universe and your divinity and what you have to give forward or give to others or give to yourself as you’re moving through your day.

I invite you to take a moment. This time take another breath in where you breathe all the way down into your physical body letting it go all the way down into the earth. Allow yourself to open up your energy fields so that as you send that energy down into the earth you may become aware of your alignment with those crystalline energies that are already implanted within the earth.

Feel what that is. You may have a sense of the various parts of the earth that are more dormant or more active. Be not concerned of what is happening, simply have that intention that you align with that which is in your highest and best interest so that it may anchor you and this is also what you will use more consciously as you’re moving through your day.

Let that stream up into you in your human self and then send upward, send it out from the top of your head and allow your consciousness to stream up into your higher self.

As you expand into the space of your higher self, become even more aware of how much of your divinity it’s within this space and just how much more you have the ability to interact.

If you sense old energy, old debris, old problems lets clear it all out. ~ Whew ~ Send it out. As you do so, recognize how you now have an even greater flow of your divinity coming within this space.

Allow your consciousness to continue to stream upward. It follows that cord of light. It follows that beam of energy that takes you back into your divinity.

As your consciousness arrives within your divinity, allow yourself to feel what that is. Have a sense of letting go any boundaries, letting go anything that keeps you restricted or separated from your divine essence.

As you feel that unconditional love of your divinity of your God source energy, let it just fill you up enriching you in every way. Know that there is so much more to who you are and it’s here, it’s available for you.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all who are here. I reach out and merge my energies with yours so that we may all shift into the All That Is. As you arrive take a look around.

We have shifted into a higher level of consciousness within the All That Is. The All That Is, is the blending of the Angels, the light beings, humanity, what you call the ET’s. It’s a place of community where all may meet to connect with one another, where you come to create potentials for yourself and this is a place that may feel similar to you but yet we’ve lifted it into a higher space, a higher dimension, whatsoever you wish to call it.

I invite each one of you to take a moment. Allow yourself to flow it is as if you think of something and you will find yourself there. Allow yourself to consider the various energies around you.

For many there is a higher vibration of your own divinity that is coming in here to work with you. Take a breath in and feel that energy as it moves through you.

As you become acclimated with the higher vibration you may find that some of those old issues or old problems that you’ve wanted to let go off are no longer present within this vibration. Will they be there when you return to yourself? If you want them to be.

My intention with shifting this vibration and bringing this consciousness into this higher level is that this will give you that time space reality to experience the higher vibrations and to experience yourself without all that stuff you’ve been dragging around for years.

So many times you have let things go and then they came back around. This is a place that is incompatible with some of those issues or problems. Therefore it may feel a little awkward or a little different to you, but you breathe deeply and you allow yourself to relax and what you are doing is integrating and balancing your own self within this higher dimension or this new perspective.

I invite you to take a moment and have a sense of looking out in the universe as if you see some of the constellations from within this perspective. You may have that sense of looking at them laid out in front of you or you may have a sense of just knowing that they are there around you representing planets, representing stars, representing levels of consciousness. This next level of awareness is to assist you with where you are going.

Be aware that if you find that this is uncomfortable for you or you want to go pick up your burdens that you have had and continue to carry them around it will shift you somewhat out of this space, that is completely fine too. It is whatever you choose for yourself. You need only be open to receive.

A part of this newer energy is that you need not analyze, think about, worry about it; you need only allow yourself to be within this space, there we go. I could feel so many more of you just relaxing into this moment.

Surrender into this moment.

I spoke the last time that we were together about some of the light beings who will be working with us and with humanity in the year to come. They vibrate more at this level and they’ve worked with me to create this space so that there will be an easy flow. It easily expands to hold millions or billions. It easily can give one the perception of being cozy and intimate.

If you will, have a sense of looking to the side and you will see walking in and amongst you, there are three energies who wish to communicate with you at this time. Now, as they acclimate, allow me to explain how this is going to be.

We have said in the past, that as we talk about the universal light beings, that is what they are; sometimes humanity though may refer to them as ET’s, extraterrestrials. There is no one right or wrong way in which to name them. We simply feel that as everyone else has evolved; their name or their reference should also evolve.

As these three beings come in you see that there’s been an opening within all that are here and they are standing at the forefront. There is one at the top who is from Arcturus, there is one in the front to your left, his right, that represents the Pleiadians and then there is one on the bottom left or your right. As you look at them you see this triangle of energy and light and this energy is not from a specific planet, but actually represents some of the omniverse, meaning other universes and other galaxies that are beyond that of the earth plane.

These three come in as a triangle of light energy and they wish to speak about what is coming forth. Now, it may come out that at one point or another they identify themselves but they have worked specifically with one another to create a cohesiveness that will assist you. Therefore we will simply allow the flow of the three to move through.

The Light Beings speak


Our beloved family, our beloved people of the earth, we three come as an emissary from the various parts of the universe to be in support of earth, of humanity and of these changes that are taking place.

We know not where to begin in our speech with you today but we do know that this is an introduction and we represent energies that have been associated with the earth from the time in which the first star seeds came to the earth.

The Pleiadians have always been the guardians of the earth. They assist you with healing; they assist you through love, compassion, they assist you with the biology and the DNA that creates you as your foundation.

The Arcturians are filled with compassion. Their planet knows nothing of warfare, of the violence and it has been a very much of a struggle for them to come forward at this time so as to be able to work with humanity as it moves forward into the next level, but we have an emissary here to assist us.

The representation of the omniverse I am here because there needs to be stability within the universe. I represent other worlds or light beings, some of which have gravity, some of which have physical reality, very few of which are like what you as humanity consider yourself.

We three chose to come together, we support one another and we support humanity. The Pleiadians in particular, have the ability to walk upon the earth because their physicality is similar to the humanities.

The Arcturians have walked upon the earth. Their technology is what has founded the computers and the laser work. At various times throughout the millenniums upon the earth, the earth itself was open to all of the universe.

There were many planets, many stars that wanted to experiment with earth itself and with humanity. It was almost what one might call a free-for-all. It created some deep-seated experiences that are only now coming to fruition and being released.

The Anunnaki have been one that so many speak of, but they were by no means the only ET’s that came to control and manipulate and as you see they were removed.

We love and support the earth as the free will planet that it is. We make available to you all that we are and all that we have, that it may be integrated. We work directly with many of the humans upon the earth. And when we say the earth will not be blown up by nuclear war this is what we mean. We work directly with humanity that is in the place that can keep that from happening.

We represent these energies but we are by no means the only ones. People have asked for years to see us, to see our spaceships as we come in close to you. With the history and with the energies that have taken place over the thousands and millions of years upon the earth there have been various times in which we’ve come in to walk amongst you or we have remain apart.

Through this most recent ascension of the earth there’s been a clearing out of many of the old energies. There have been more and more of the Universal Light Beings coming into the earth. In some cases we no longer need a ship to bring us in. In other cases there may be ships that convey people and energies back and forth. You yourself have ridden upon them, many, many times.

To say we come in peace is a given from our perspective. To say we come in support of humanity is a given from our perspective. Those old and trained memories and that cellular response of fear when it comes to speaking from us is being released from your DNA and has been in that process of release for quite some time.

This ascension process upon the earth has been possible because of the many, many, many ascended masters upon the earth. They are the ones who have moved beyond the DNA that is just that fight or flight or that basic intrinsic human reality. There are more and more coming in all the time. These new children that are being born, many of them come without the shields and many of them come with that intrinsic knowledge of living out here in the universe, on these other planets and they do so with that intention of integrating love, integrating balance, integrating a cohesiveness within your reality.

We will shift this back to the Goddess and she will continue to speak our thoughts for us, but we wish to walk amongst you as she is speaking so that we may each specifically meet each one of you, so that we may each make ourselves known to you in such a way that you may feel our energies in your everyday life.

If there is anything at all that resembles even a nuance of fear, breathe into your heart center ~ Whew ~ and breathe it out. Let it go.

Most especially here within this vibration it is easy to know our love, our support and our balance with you or our alignment with you. But when you get into that space of your everyday life, when you feel the fear around you from others it may amplify a false sense of fear within you. Recognize it as it is, false sense of fear.

There is such an energy or a band of energy that surrounds the earth. This has been created 30 - 40,000 years ago by the great White Brotherhood and some of us as a part of it too that have that very distinct filter that will keep the lower vibrations from being able to come through and be upon your earth.

So too, as your earth is in that ascended higher vibration they are incompatible with life upon your earth. We speak of those that people will tap into the fear about. So if you ask yourself, well why is it different this time? These are two of the main reasons.

Life upon the earth is a gift.  Life upon the earth is about potential. When you consider free will it is exactly that, the opportunity for you to make choices again and again and again and again. You also have the opportunity to repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat. So as many times as you need to do something, so be it.

Recognize that that uniqueness of every individual is part of the uniqueness of the earth. It’s wonderful. We feel great joy for that ability.

Alright, you’ll get to know us better in the future through this channel, but also in your own dreams and meditations if you so choose. We will therefore take a step away from this communication with you, allowing the Goddess to pick up where we are leaving off and we will each connect with all who are present, introducing ourselves and creating a new alignment.


The Goddess speaks

Isn’t that just a beautiful energy? It is as if we took the best of all of you and condense it into those three because that is what they represent. They are now moving between all of you. They may sit with you, they may connect through your third eye, they may simply embrace you with love.

I’ve spoken for such a long time about your divinity and about integrating more of your divinity. As you know coming into the All That Is, your platform for doing so is your own I AM Presence, therefore the greater your flow of energy between your I AM or your divinity and your human self, the greater ease with which you can allow your consciousness to expand and the greater amount of that that you take with you into your everyday life the greater potential you will have to remain in that expanded conscious state as you live your life.

As I’m looking at each one of you it is with great joy that I see you opening up to your true and authentic self. I see you allowing yourself to express who you are.

What is it like to live your life without limitation? Take a moment and breathe that into you. If there was not a single limitation of any sort what would your life look like?

Recognize that there may be things in your physicality that are different, recognize that your thoughts or your beliefs may be different; recognize that your emotional body is different because the foundation for that is love.

When you are in this flow of universal love, you let go that criticism that you so often have about yourself. You let go the lack that you feel within your life. And can we talk about a victim? Hmm… There are no victims within the universal light. There are only those that bask in the energy of who they are as their divinity. There are only those that accept all of this. It’s a potential. It’s an opportunity, it can manifest in your life and that way which is unique unto you.

What would it be like to play if the foundation of your life was about playfulness, laughter, joy, what would your life look like?

If you began to consider your relationships from that perspective of “I accept myself as I am and I recognize that anything happening within my life I respond to it from that place of balance within me”.

It is not up to someone else to make you happy. It is not up to someone else to create fulfillment within your life. It is not up to someone else to fix things in your life. It is you who make those choices every day. It is you to respond to situations one way or another. As you do so you will find that the relationships will change, your work may change, your physicality may change.

Accept that change especially in this place is about representing you as your divinity. Look at yourself always from the eyes of love. Look at yourself always through compassion and acceptance.

You can feel the flow of energy and light as it’s moving through. As our new energy beings, our new friends have connected with everyone they have been tweaking everyone’s vibration.

Have a sense of looking towards your divinity, not just the piece of consciousness that came into this now moment but look back towards your divinity and see yourself as you truly are.

Perhaps now that you have integrated this next level of energy and awareness it will also help you to see more of who you are.

Take a moment and allow yourself to flow between the energies of your divinity and your consciousness of where it is now. I then invite you to let that flow back down through that cord of light or that beam of light that you may move from the All That Is through your divinity and down into you the human.

Feel how easily you move back into your human self. I know that in the past we’ve always worked with the hologram of the earth but with this transition or this movement into this energy the crystalline vibration is now shifting in such a way that you need not work with the hologram. This energy is already moving through the pathways that have already been established and then each one of you as you allow your focus and your awareness to move from the All That Is to the divinity through your higher self and into your human this is strengthening that perception for you so that you may flow with greater ease.

Send your focus and your awareness down into the earth. Become aware of how those crystalline energies of the earth are vibrating in a way that supports you and there is even more of it in alignment with you than when we first began.

We will connect more and more fully in the days and weeks to follow with that crystalline vibration and with your light body energy, so that that will be another way of helping you in your everyday life. Let yourself just feel these energies of the earth and let that come back up allowing yourself to really ground within your physical form and as this is happening we have that conscious intention and we see the other universal light beings and how they work with the collective consciousness clearing out old energy and raising the vibration even more fully. Feel it as the movement, feel it as it goes through.

There we go.

As you are here in your everyday life, take a moment and let yourself center within having the intention that you send out this higher light vibration so that it will fully support you in your everyday life.

Become aware of the ease in the flow as it moves. You can feel the earth, you can feel the universal light, but now it’s as if it’s out in the distance and you are even more fully back within your physical body.

It’s been such a pleasure to be able to speak with you this evening and to bring our new friends and our new counterparts to be able to speak with you this evening. Their energies were also a part of the question and answer and they were kind of integrating and even if people did not get a chance to ask their question they knew who needed those questions and they were sending their answers into those individuals.

A part of this new energy is telepathy. Be aware that thoughts and ideas may come to you seemingly from nowhere and you are actually receiving a telepathic communication from your higher self or maybe from one of these light beings.

This time upon the earth is not only a new beginning for this year, but it’s a new beginning for what is your life going to be like as you live it from a conscious perspective.

I invite you to take this time until we meet again and really be in that space of consideration and be in that flow of awareness so that you may know for yourself that which is going to be in your best interest and that which you seek so that as you manifest and grow in your life around you, you are doing so from that inner knowledge, that inner awareness.

Beloved family I have such great love for you and know that you are never alone.



3 January 2016

Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this channel, but we ask you not take any portion of it out of the body of the channel and to retain this copyright message. For further information please check out our website:

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