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Becoming Transparent


What does it mean to become transparent?  While people may have different definitions, in this instance the Goddess speaks of it as becoming even clearer within you.  It also goes hand in hand with becoming your authentic self. 

One of the transformations of this year is that these teleconferences are shifting into a higher dimension.  I can feel the difference and the Goddess gave us the opportunity to experience our energies when our focus is on our divinity vs our focus on what is bothering us.  To me, when we’re in this space it’s like having a breath of fresh air with greater expansion around us.

This higher dimension is lighter or less dense. Therefore, if we’re going to live in the higher dimensions, it happens when we are more transparent.  If you consider transparency in your life it’s about letting go old energy, old beliefs and truly becoming aware of what makes you happy or what supports you.

Lastly, as people are letting go of the old beliefs and becoming aware of their authentic self; it’s also about the focus coming from our divinity instead of our ego.  We will always need our ego as a part of being human, but a life based on divinity has a different focus.  

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out opening my arms to all who are here and to all who may be listening at another time, because each time that someone tunes into this, be it you yourself in this now moment or you yourself at a later time; it is always that now moment in which you may focus. 

There is a great deal of transparency that is taking place upon the earth.  What I mean by that is that every person, every organization, every situation is shifting in such a way that more and more individuals are becoming aware of situations, of people, of experiences. 

In some cases it is so that you may move in a new direction.  In some cases it may be so that the light of the world can create a transformation.  Still other times it may be that some of this transformation or this transperancy is so that you, so that you yourself know who you are, where you are, what you are doing and all that is taking place not only in your own life, but as you relate to the people around you.

Think back we could go 5 years, 10 years 15, but think back at some point in the past when listening in to a channeled message was something that seemed so different or so out there, and perhaps for some people it still is, but for a much larger number of people it is becoming the norm. 

The use of the word channeling is shifting also.  You channel your focus.  You channel energy.  You channel your attention to complete a task.  You are doing other energy work or other things in your life and you are channeling the information that you need as you are working on a project. 

These are some of the ways in which the more that people become accustomed to that that may seem different, or unique, or unusual the more that it becomes a part of your everyday reality.  Think back to the time when energy workers were something that you thought: what is that, what does that mean, what is reiki, what are hands of light?  Now when people talk of energy healing much more of the collective consciousness or society has at least heard about it if not participated in it. 

This year as you move through it become aware of how you yourself can be, whether it is more open or transparent in your consciousness, or how that may reflect in your job, in your relationships, in your life.

I invite you to take a moment and breathe though and breathe down into your heart center sending that energy down into the earth.  As you connect into the earth send out as if your energy goes down to a certain place and then moves in other directions.  Feel the essence of the earth. 

From there all of that energy comes back up.  It moves up through you and send it out through the top of your head.  As this energy moves through you, as it reaches towards your higher self, allow your focus, your perception, your attention to link within that space. 

Your higher self is one of the first links that you have to your divinity, to the universal light, to the angels and it is your place to integrate your own divinity.  It is as if it steps down the higher vibration and it pulls up your own vibration so that it may work for you assisting you in your everyday life. 

Your higher self can become cluttered.  It can have all those potentials that you were working on and then you said no I don’t want that or maybe it didn’t manifest.  So we are going to take a moment and as if we just swirl through the energy ~whew~ clear out this space of your higher self.  For some of you I can feel your energy rising up any higher then.  Feel this awareness. 

Allow your energy or your consciousness to stream further.  That beam of light that cord that links your human self to your divinity you can just follow that streaming out until you find yourself connecting with your I AM presence.  This is you as your divinity.  Look around. 

Your divinity or your God source energy is immense.  It has been created through the many lifetimes you have had; some upon the earth, some out in the universe.  When you arrive within this space you are aligning with that that you perceive within your consciousness.  I would therefore invite you to open up as if you were opening a curtain open up and have that intention to link even more fully with who you are. 

Moving forward as we come into the space of first your divinity and then the All That Is everything is shifting upwards into a higher vibration within each of those spaces. 

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all who are here.  I reach out and embrace each one of you.  I feel such love for you.  As our energies merge we shift into the All That Is.  Look around at this space.  Feel how even your perception is moving into this higher dimension. 

The All That Is as it is right now is reflecting how the universal light energy has influenced humanity and this transformation.  If you have a sense, just because humans have that linear way of thinking, if you have a sense of just looking down you will become aware of the energy of All That Is with which we have worked for so very long.  For some your perception may be of looking out, but for many it is that sense of looking down because the vibration has risen to a higher dimension. 

Here within this level of the All That Is some might say there is less clutter, because it is a space that has not been utilized to the same degree with which we worked within the other.  The more that your energy resides within the higher lighter vibration the more transparent you are.  The more you allow your consciousness to come into this space, feeling the energies, experiencing these energies, the more things that are incompatible with this will just float away.

Many times when we come into the All That Is or into these teleconferences it is about clearing out and then opening to receive something that will assist you in your life.  I put forth a potential way of looking at your life.  What would it be like if you didn’t have to change anything?  What would it be like if your entire attention was focused on a vibration or an alignment of love, of balance, of new integration?  It makes me smile because here within this vibration everyone is like well sure absolutely, easy peasy and it is.  The higher that you shift your focus within this space there is only love, there is only light, there is only that which is the best particular you that you can be. 

We shall have a small experiment.  If there are things in your life that bother you or things that no longer suit you, let that come up into your consciousness or perhaps let your focus be upon whatever that may be.  As I am looking at you it is almost like for some an anchor came up and you are just sinking, sinking, sinking.  Of course the only thing that matters is your own perception of life.  So how does it feel for you? 

When you are in this space of those things that are not working with you, that causes you pain that are disconnected do you feel that same high light vibration that we were just within.  Allow yourself to really feel the difference and the focus.  As if you just kind of disconnect whatever that is whatever may be hooked into you. Unhook it let it go.  Feel yourself rise back up to that vibration that dimension that feels so much better to you.

I love humanity.  I love the way you think, because there are so many thoughts going through people’s minds at this time.  Analyzing what this level feels like, or what you perceive.  Analyzing that recognition, that when you focused on your problems you could literally hear yourself thinking, but how can I get rid of them so I can get back to that other vibration; thinking, thinking, thinking of everything that is going on.

Let’s take a moment and I am going to have a sense of infusing into everybody’s mind or everybody’s consciousness a simple light flow of love and energy.  I invite your mind to relax; letting go of analysis, infusing into it weaving together a calm, a soothing tone or vibration.  The mind always has some form of chatter.  Some people a lot, some people minimal.  So for that chatter or for that sense of need of something we weave in something for those energies.  Allow that to just feel soothed. 

For so many of you it is as if you just turned off the light or flicked a switch and gently, easily your consciousness is rising.  Let yourself experience how that is going to work for you.  As you allow that soothing light energy to move through you then automatically your emotions will fall into that vibration of balance that also weaves within your thoughts and your beliefs. 

If you consider, and now I know I say something like that and your mind wants to continue to work again, so I say these words as a vibration that just moves through you with the intention that it just works at a deep subconscious level.  If you consider consciousness or being transparent within your life what would that look like to you?  Is being transparent, being authentic?  If you are transparent within your life is that allowing your divinity to show through even more strongly within your life? 

As you become transparent in all levels of your consciousness let that assist you with letting go some of those things that are in your daily life or your physical reality because you can see the bigger picture.  You can recognize that some of those experiences were just that experiences and they prompted you to make choices or decisions.  Let yourself feel, be, and acknowledge all of what this is. 

More and more as the higher vibrations move into the earth plane they do so to create a more substantial framework that assists humanity, the animals, the consciousness; it assists everything with moving into the new and deeper stability.  If you become more transparent within your life, even with yourself, let yourself really be who you are.  As you integrate allowing it to wash through you all of those many levels of awareness; feel what that is.  Let it clear out anything that no longer serves you.

Here within this space you have the ability to look at your life, to even see those things that you may consider a problem, but you do so without that energetic hook.  You do so in a more objective way so that you can look and see and say okay I understand.  What would that be for you?  ~whew~

Feel the limitless potential when you are your true authentic self.  When you are transparent, meaning you have removed every veil, meaning you have removed everything and you are just allowing yourself to be just there.  Feel the joy and the relief.  No more masks.  No more pretend.  No more illusion.  Just be you.  See what that is. r

When you are in this space you can recognize those things that you believe are false or problems.  Learn if there is something to learn.  Accept if there is something to accept, but it is that it is.  Take away any judgement around it and instead be you.  Be you your unique and authentic self.  In the end the person with you 24/7 is this energy, this person, this individual.  So allow yourself to be you

As I see that it is as if some of you have just blossomed like a butterfly.  It is as if you have expanded out and have allowed yourself to really be in that moment.  For others of you as I am looking at you it is as if some of that debris, some of that stuff is just disappearing. 

As you look around this space you may recognize that you are also making alignment at a new level with your Angels, with your Guides.  You may recognize that you can let go of the past and you can be in this new beginning.  You can have a new relationship with yourself, or with the Angels, or with the Light Beings.  Be open stretch your energy even more fully.  Feel what that is. 

I invite you to begin to shift your energy, or shift your focus.  You may choose to come back together as a group or you can do this one on one.  Allow yourself to let your focus go within so that you can once more connect with that deep level of your divinity, and as you connect with that you find that cord of light associated with this lifetime in which you are, and you can let yourself to slide back down through that cord of light coming back into your physical person. 

For those of you that enjoy working with one another we have the sense of the group coming together.  Within this group we see the hologram as it comes up.  This hologram is filled with the energies that represent the earth.  It also represents the collective consciousness. 

Therefore I invite you to infuse transparency, authenticity and the higher vibration in which we have just participated into that hologram.  As it does so it expands.  Even within the hologram it is as if things are falling away that are not compatible with that higher vibration and as all becomes infused into this light and this energy.  The hologram itself begins to kind of rotate around. 

Not only are all of you infusing that light into that hologram so too are the Angels, the Light Beings and they too infuse the energy into the hologram.  As it is ready you just release it and this ball of energy flows down from wherever you are as the group.  It moves through the crystalline grid shifting the crystalline energies, integrating more deeply that which supports the grid work.  There is an essence that goes out to the universe and the essence that goes down into the earth itself. 

That hologram goes deep within the earth.  As it moves into the earth it anchors within the crystals.  It anchors within the center of the earth coming up through all the layers.  There is an aspect of that energy that comes up into you grounding you once more, but also helping you to integrate you with that very high light vibration of your true authentic self letting that move through you. 

So too it comes up through the grass, the trees, the water.  It moves through the consciousness of the earth clearing out the old light vibration and infusing authenticity into the collective consciousness so that people, be they conscious or unconscious of it, will begin to have that same response or that same desire to either see with clear vision, or to act with clear vision or to know what is happening in the world with that clear vision. 

Allow yourself to know what that is and we have that intention moving through again clearing out the collective consciousness moving at an even deeper level through all that is happening to all that is taking place upon the earth that it lets go the old energies and instead easily and smoothly integrates this higher light vibration. 

Allow yourself to come back within your physical reality.  Allow yourself to come back within, wherever you are consciously integrating that deeper awareness of self, that unconditional love, that acceptance, that flow; let it move through you at every level.

So beloved as you allow yourself to move forward at this time.  As you allow yourself to become transparent in your life.  As you allow your true authentic self, not from the Ego, but that authentic self from your divinity to be the person that is shining forth through this physicality that is you; let that bring in new information, new level of awareness, new balance and joy within your life. 

There is great transformation taking place upon the earth.  Allow yourself to be in that space of awareness to be in that space of allowing and to be in that space where you can just be in the moment whatever the moment is; frustration, joy, anger, laughter.  Be in the moment and move through everything that brings you discomfort with ease.

Know that I am ever with you and within you.


17 January 2016

Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this channel, but we ask you not take any portion of it out of the body of the channel and to retain this copyright message. For further information please check out our website:

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