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Daily Message October 01, 2017 ~ Goddess of Creation


I realized as I was posting this that Crystallia mentioned it prior to all the weather disturbances.  I put forth the intention that all that needed to be cleared, has been cleared. 

Your Earth is going through adjustments.  The weather patterns will be shifting.  There will be earthquakes.  There will be hot and cold that transforms.  But allow me to say to you that the best response to any of these things is to embrace love.  If you see something or if you are in the midst of something and you experience it as fear stop, take a deep breath, and embrace love.  When these things happen it gives everyone the opportunity to communicate and support and love one another; whether monetary, physically, there are many different means in which you may open up to this.  One person opening to love creates a potential for 50 to open to love.

Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this channel, but we ask you not take any portion of it out of the body of the channel and to retain this copyright message. For further information please check out our website: www.goddesslight.net
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