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Rebirth A New Reality

Rebirth A New Reality

If you could have a ‘do over’ of your life, what would you do differently?  Everything about your life is energy whether it is your physical body, your emotions or your thoughts and beliefs. This meditation may give you an opportunity to understand why you have had certain experiences in your life.  It may also give you a new appreciation for people or those experiences.  

During this channel, the Goddess of Creation takes you into the  All That Is where you could look around or take stock of your reality. Your reality is always fluid or changeable; it just may not seem that way! Once you have the awareness of where you are right now, you create a ball of light This light moves through your life going backward, 10 years, 20, etc until you are 20 years old.  That seemed to be a transition period between growing up and moving into what adulthood would be.  From there the ball of light rolled down into the time where you were born following the path until it was before you were born and there was a meeting going between your soul, your guides, the angels and whoever else was a part of your coming into this life.  

This experience gives you a chance to understand why you have made certain decisions, why certain people are in your life — or perhaps were in the past.  It also is an opportunity to heal and clear anything that can be shifted.  In doing so, you are able to create a new reality, moving your current reality into a higher vibration or just make some new choices.  

Are you ready for a change?  Are you ready to truly create your reality through your conscious awareness?  Now is the time! 

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you, you as the person in this earthbound reality. You as your divinity, supply the energy and nurturing for this existence that you are living.

As you move through your days upon the earth, sometimes they’re filled with light, sometimes it’s as if you just cruise through your days into whatever you are seeking, other times as if you’re dragging around an extra anchor that’s just holding you back, slowing you down, keeping you from feeling that good vibration.

The more that you get in touch within yourself and by that, I mean working through your heart center, that your heart center may open; having a clear alignment from you the human to your higher self, to your divinity. The greater the ease in which to recognize that sometimes it’s not about you and you can let it go, sometimes it is about you and it’s something you have brushed under the carpet and not wanting to deal with, sometimes you’re just stuck in the middle of something happening and you need to just be present in the moment.

This is what I would like you to take a moment and ask yourself, how often in your life are you just present in the moment?

Especially as we think about it within these energies it’s easy to be, “Yep, sure, I’m very aware, especially right now”. However, along those lines, is there something you are waiting to do until something else happens? “I finish unpacking when I move to a different location”, even though you’ve been at your current location for years. “I will have that relationship once I finish losing weight or getting rid of my baggage”. “I will get that new job once I finish fixing myself”. You can put any different scenario within that, the point I ask you to consider is; are you waiting for life to begin once you have accomplished something else?

Indeed, it may be that you need to finish your education and then you will get the job. Indeed, it may be that you are working towards another goal and then it will be accomplished. That is different. I speak of the vibration and the energy that comes along with not wanting to really put yourself into your everyday life because you are waiting. So in other words, if it’s a specific reality that is different than it is your whole life that is on hold.

I ask you to look around. Look around considering your loved ones, your friendships. Look around considering your life.

Take a moment to be in that reality, accept this energy for what it is, allowing you to be you as your authentic self. Take in another deep breath and breathe down through your body, sending that beam of light into the earth. As you do so it spreads out in different directions, anchoring you, creating an alignment with Gaia that supports you and nourishes you. You then allow that energy to come back up through you and it goes out through the top of your head, linking with the space of your higher self.

As you feel the energy of what that is to you look around. For some, you may see what is here. You may sense it; you may not have any perception at all. No matter what your response, take a moment to just clear it out ~whew~ and then allow this vibration or this line of your consciousness, to feel a coming, acceptance or alignment.

From there you allow that stream of consciousness, to go further. It’s as if it’s a thread of energy or thread of light, it just follows all the way up until it merges with your divinity. This is that thread that links you the human with you the divine.

This gives you the opportunity to strengthen that line of consciousness, to strengthen your awareness for who you are and as if you open up the door open up that you may blend fully with your I Am Presence.

You may see, sense things the same as with your higher self or maybe it is this all just an open space.

You as your divinity are immense. As you blend into this consciousness have that clear intention that you merge, feeling the essence of who you are from many different lifetimes.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. As I move through I reach out to embrace you the human, you as your soul, merging my energy with all of you.

As we do so we shift into the space of the All That Is.

You may feel who you are. You may feel, see, sense the space in which you create. You may see some of your creations around you or it’s as if you arrive to a blank slate; whatever we do in this now moment is here for you.

As I was considering the journey for this evening I took a moment to recognize how much we have done over the years. When we first began with these journeys the vibration was quite different. You did not ascend to this level because it was not possible at that time. So even though certain things seem to be a recurring experience you are doing or having that experience at a different level or vibration.

All of life is a spiral.

When you think of the things that are happening and you consider, “Oh, it’s happened again and again and again” most often you’re going around the spiral and you hit that point. You go around the spiral and then hit that point, you go around the spiral and it hits that point again; each one is at a different vibration. There were certain things you put forth as your intention to have an existence in this lifetime. I wish to experience that with each one of you again. We did this a number of years ago and as we regressed into that place prior to when you were born you may see the same things, you may see something different.

When you chose to come into this lifetime in most cases there were several different things or experiences you had the intention of and then once you live your life and things move through the creation of life sometimes those intentions change. So be open to whatever it is that may come into your awareness this evening. It may be the same and yet you are receiving new or different information about it, it may be completely different.

I ask each one of you to close your eyes, to relax, allowing your focus to move inward. Take a moment and consider your age at this now moment. You’ve had these many years of experiences. You’ve lived day by day by day; coming up to this now moment and we’re going to create a ball of light from right here.

As if unfolding in front of you, we ask to see a pathway that goes from this now moment with the intention of going to when you were born. As you begin with your focus that ball of energy that you created from where you are right now begins to roll down this timeline.

As it rolls backwards through time it’s as if your consciousness is tip-toeing through your memories. Ten years have passed and we pause for a moment that you may take stock of where were you 10 years ago. That ball of light continues to flow that moves back in time until it gets to the point where you’re 20 years old.

As you pay attention to what’s happening now you remember and even if you don’t remember, we are tapping into the energies making a little landmark that this is you when you were 20 years old. It’s easy to get distracted looking at what you were anticipating for your life and how your life went unfold and then considering the reality, perhaps exactly the same, perhaps different. From the time you were 20 we allow this to roll, this ball of light goes back through until you were 10, until you were 5, until it was the time when you were being born and then we slip through that portal and we come back up into the space on that soul plane when you were not yet born.

Okay, I heard at least two people say, “Good if I haven’t been born yet I’m going to skip this lifetime”. If there’s something about that that resonates with you then just make note of it and we can always come back.

Okay, I was going to go in a different direction however for right now I feel as if this is a very strong emotion for maybe more people than what I realized. Take a moment to turn around and look at your life and even if you’ve had just so much pain and sorrow look at it through the eyes of the Angels, just as with that Christmas show, if you had never been born look at what would be different.

There would be a gap in your family; there would be a gap in your friendships, there would be a gap all along the lines of this reality.

If there is pain, suffering, sorrow within you, causing you to feel you wish as if you’ve never been born, let that come up. We just want to bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ clear that out.

We are clearing it out in this space before you were even born. So what we are doing, we are clearing out the memories and the thoughts that you brought with you back through the timeline of your lifetime. We let that go.

As you release that or if that was not something you needed to release I now invite you to move into the space where it looks like there are a group of beings, some the Angels, some the Light Beings. These are all the energies that are your key support for this lifetime. I feel a lot of emotion being released. Some of you are feeling as if you’ve come home, some of you recognize that this is what you feel has been missing. Whatever the emotion may be ~whew~ clear it out.

When you are caught up in emotion it limits your perspective. Certainly, it happens, in fact, most often when something like that happens it may lead you into that space then you don’t even realize what’s happening and you’re pulled into an experience. For this moment as you are here talking to that which represents your soul it’s as if it’s an aspect of you talking to your guardian angels, you may even see some of the people that are in your lifetime, all of you here at this meeting.

I the Goddess illuminate all that is happening within and around you that you may have the clear answers you are seeking.

The first question to ask this group; what is my purpose in this lifetime?

Some of the answers I heard, “to be the teacher, to be the mother, to be the supporter, to be the leader, to be the example, to be the bearer of the light energy, to be a lightworker, to change the system, to create new realities”, and I could go on and on and on those so many more. If you did not get a clear perception take in a deep breath and breathe out centering and balancing yourself and then ask again, what is my purpose in life?

The next question I would like you to ask, who are the people in my closest circle of relationships that are going to be living their life with me?

As you ask that question and allow that energy to move through you, it may be clear, it may be hazy. So we shall ask again and I send a wave of energy through here. ~Whew~ who are the people that are most important to me in this lifetime? This may be people to support you as you support them; this may be which are the most pivotal relationships which may not necessarily be the longest term, they may just be what create the change that you are seeking or need to step into a new life.

Relationships are complicated or not, I heard. My intention with this is that you recognize that some of those people that are most aggravating to you are here in this now moment and you both had the clear intention of nudging each other one way or another be it through aggravation or be it through a loving, supportive relationship.

The next question I would like for you to ask, who is my family in this lifetime and why did I choose them?

As we ask that question you may see your family, as it comes and goes. Some it may be your family of birth, some it may be your family of life, some it may be your family of circumstances, family is family.

As you are asking these questions and setting up the energy from what family is going to represent to you in this lifetime make note of anything that stands out to you that’s beneficial to know. For some of you, it may be important to know, “why did I choose this lifetime?” So you ask that question at these Angels and the Light Beings that are setting up the vibration and intention for your life.

Another question to ask, are there karmic agreements that go back over multiple lifetimes that you are bringing into this lifetime to resolve?

With that, I felt dump upon dump upon dump of the energy.

Therefore, all of those other questions that you were asking, ask, “Was this a karmic agreement that was made just prior to this lifetime or did it go over multiple lifetimes? ~ Whew~ There was a big shift in energy with that one.

As you consider the agreements that you have made with yourself and with others let us take this now moment as we are shifting our focus with what we know, with what we have already learned in this lifetime; let us bring that energy back to now. As we consider our lives or as you consider your lives, is there anything that you can go and release and clear out? You may be conscious or unconscious of it ~whew~ let it go.

Let us do that once more. With the knowledge that you have from this lifetime or any other, from anything conscious or unconscious that you put forth the intention to have in this lifetime, however, it’s over, it’s done, it’s complete ~whew~ clear it out.

Okay, come back to your group, to your counsel.

Ask them and ask yourself, can I shift the vibration of the reality of a particular experience? For some of you I hear yes, and then ~whew~ it is done. For others, I hear the answer is no because that situation is caught up with so many other variables. However, you have the ability to transcend or transform your own personal part of that ~whew~ clear it out.

There we go.

As you are here in the vibration and the reality with you as your soul, you as the person you are going to become, perhaps you would like to have more love in your life. Let’s insert that into this discussion and let’s weave increased love into your reality.

Perhaps you would like more stability, prosperity, abundance, let us weave that into this time before you’re birth. I just heard a few of you say, “Oh, just give me a whole new life.”

To do so would be to shift you into a different part of your I Am Presence and begin a whole new reality. You as your soul have multiple lifetimes going on as we speak. Then if you were to move your consciousness into that other lifetime this lifetime that you have will continue on, however, the energy, the vibration, the learning, everything that you have done will just move into a more neutral space. You the person in this lifetime is very important for your soul growth and for your part of the puzzle that creates humanity upon the earth.

Indeed, for those few people that said, “I didn’t sign up for that, that was not what I wanted”, check it out, you did sign up for the life that you have. This was but one of the many variables.

So for those that felt like they checked out when I said that or felt that they just went into a space of disbelief, I want to send love, I want to send light and I want to send flow and compassion and your own group is also just beaming energies of love, light and support into you in this space.

Come back to your counsel, come back to the group that is you. Take a moment and look at your life and look at how you are transitioning or transforming some of those experiences.

As you look at this energy, as you look at this experience take a moment and soak up all the love, all the light, all of these alignments that are here and present for you. It’s… this is you, this is yours. You are completely supported and loved.

If your belief system is such that you choose, Buddha, Jesus, Allah any, any other deity that’s there as a support for you throughout your lifetime, link with them at this time, however, I ask you to recognize that first and foremost, you as your soul is the embodiment of whomever it is that you seek. There we go. I felt the vibration integrate into each one of you.

Take a second to know that all of this and more, we have a very distinct impression that the work intended to be done has now been cleared and we want to shift you in this lifetime into a new space; so as all of that intention comes together, it’s as if each one of you puts it in to the center of the group.

Notice that ball of light is a different color than when it arrived. Notice that ball of light is more transparent. Notice that this ball of light embodies the crystalline vibration and it is automatically going to transcend your earthly reality. As you are ready to do so, send that ball of light as if you go down to the birth canal and there you are a newborn. We then let that ball of light roll through the years as you were growing up. Perhaps some of those experiences that you had are now transitioning. Perhaps it is clearing out things that you have healed and have resolved so that in your memory it’s as if they are very distant or nonexistent, so you clear that out.  That ball of light rose through until once again you’re 20 years old and you’re looking to the future. You’re looking at your potentials of what you want to do in this lifetime. And if perhaps it’s different now than what you thought of in the 20 of your current reality, let that transition integrate, it’s like we see this flow and this movement.

No longer is that ball just rolling down the line is gently moving right and left and weaving so that it integrates the new reality with your past reality. It shifts the energy, it moves the vibration and that ball of light rose through; you go through that first year, you are 30, you are 40, you are 50, you are 60, you are 70, you are 80, whatever your age is now, you just stand here at the end of this ball of light and it rolls through the timeline of your life coming back until it rolls into you the human. It rolls in through your heart center; it expands outward through your physicality, your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs. Take a moment here in the All That Is, become your new reality.

You can look back over everything that just transpired. You have a very strong and opened alignment with your teachers, your guides, your group that created and supported this life that you have. Allow all of that to remain open and in the flow within you. You take a breath in, breathing in a new beginning, you breathe out letting go of the old. As you look around at the All That Is allow your consciousness to adjust to this new reality.

Perhaps there are different people that are now in the space around you. Perhaps, situations have a different vibration and a different reality. Allow, allow for this to transcend, allow for this to assist you as you integrate the new you.

I can feel wave upon wave that’s moving through each one of you within your life. This integration may take several days or weeks.

I invite you to allow this new beginning to become a reality with you. Take a moment and as if you are here in this now moment of your new life just as if all of your imagination, is there something you seek to manifest? It may be the same as what you’ve always wanted, however, allow it to come at a new vibration. For some of you, it may be something totally different that you never considered. Let it come at your new vibration.

You are each an infinite soul. You have access to your many, many lifetimes. Allow those lifetimes and this infinity to be here in support of you.

Come back together as a group.

I invite you to look around. It may be that you see new and different people. It may be that people look different, in fact in your physical reality you may notice that you physically look different in the days and weeks to come.

As you are here together in this group we ask that that hologram of the earth comes up from the earth. We ask for this to be brand new to represent the earth as it is right now, however the earth in alignment with these new vibrations and as it comes within this group each one if you infuse into the hologram your new reality. Infuse your choices for this lifetime. Infuse the essence, the balance, the unconditional love that you felt when you were there with your group prior to this lifetime. Infuse potential into this hologram. The potential that everyone can move into that higher vibration, that everyone can experience life with a different reality, that everyone can have their truth or experience their life in the way that is, in the way that could be.

As all of these moves into the hologram, the hologram itself is transmuting and sending out light and sparkles and energy. You release it letting it go. That piece that goes out into the universe creates the balance and the flow that supports you from the universe. The rest of it goes down into the earth. As it moves through the collective consciousness of the earth it’s clearing out your past realities and shifting it into this new reality. It’s clearing out the old paradigms. It’s clearing out the duality infusing all with new potentials, with balance, with love.

As this hologram goes down into the earth it links blending with the earth itself and then it begins to come outward. It’s like it expands out moving through the rocks, moving through the crystal, adjusting, activating certain crystals and it comes up through the earth. It comes up through that cord that you link with the earth. Your own reality, your new reality comes up into you and it goes through those cellular memories representing this lifetime and other lifetimes. It comes up into your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs, transforming everything within you. So too that potential, that unconditional love, that balance, moves up through all the collective consciousness within and around the earth.

This new balance is you in this reality. This new potential can create changes in your life. Be open to receive. With that you bring back the rest of your consciousness. It flows from the All That Is through your soul. It comes down through your higher self and it streams down into you the human so that you are anchoring your energies, drawing from the earth and drawing from the All That Is so that everything blends within you, within your heart center, anchoring and balancing you back into you as the physical reality of this lifetime.

Embrace that you have transitioned certain things. Embrace the potential that this is a new beginning, a new reality.

Today is the first day of your new life. Today and this now moment is the new beginning for your reality upon the earth. Today you allow yourself to be the powerful person that you are. Today in this now moment you embrace that you are loved, that you reflect love out to the world, that you accept it into your life on every level.

You are love and I the Goddess I’m always with you and within you.


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this channel, but we ask you not take any portion of it out of the body of the channel and to retain this copyright message. For further information please check out our website:
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