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Relief from the Intense Energies


While this channel is directly related to all the energy influx that’s taking place, I think it can be beneficial at any time. (The Goddess was referencing the two weeks of the new moon, the Equinox and the Full moon in September, 2015.)  There is a constant transition of energy taking place between the earth and the universe and sometimes we feel it more intensely than other times. Whether feel it or not, shifting energies are moving through the collective consciousness, humanity, the animals and the earth itself.

At the beginning the Goddess spoke of each shift in the energy takes us around to experience certain things again and again.  If you have certain ‘core experiences’ for this lifetime, they may keep coming up.  The key is how long do you get stuck in them? During the last few weeks, many people felt a lot of pressure, old energy, frustration, anger and even a general heaviness. This channel takes you into the All That Is and removes it all.  It’s a place filled with energies and light who are all there to support us!

Once we had a chance to just soak in that energy, the Goddess worked with us to create that deeper alignment with your divinity so that you would be able to feel more freely in your everyday life.  The key to the 5th Dimension is living through your heart center.  This channel takes you right there and creates the alignment for the open flow of YOU as your divine essence.    

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family!  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace each one of you wherever you are in your life wherever you may be in this now moment.

There is a very intense transformation taking place upon the earth.  I touched upon it during our last time of being together and if anything the energies have moved even deeper and deeper as they moved through the collective consciousness of the earth. 

The energy of integration is showing up in ways that cause people to make some specific changes or specific decisions within their life.  These decisions have to do with you becoming even more deeply aligned with you authentic self. 

As the higher dimensions become even more prevalent upon the earth the vibration as it rises merges through the energy of your heart center and those of your higher vibrational energy centers.  You may say, “What does that mean to me?”  The foundation for all that you do within your life comes back around to you being you in this life. 

I’m smiling because I hear so many people say well what else I am being me.  I’m always me and indeed each one of you are always you because you are the person in your life.  You’re the personality, you’re the divine essence, you’re the physical reality that is you in this lifetime.

When I speak of the integration of these higher light vibrations the foundation for that is that each person needs to learn how to live life from their heart center.  Take a moment and just ask yourself what is your heart centered life or what does it look like.  It’s about looking at the world through the eyes of your authentic self; and by your authentic self I am talking about your divine essence that is manifest as this person.  It is about looking at the things around you and making sure that no matter what you are doing you are coming from a place of alignment within yourself. 

For example if you have a job that you no longer enjoy being there; it no longer works for you, but yet you need to keep it because it pays the bills, or supports you or there is a benefit for it.  Now you can look at this or relationships, your physical health.  You can take anything in your life and look at it from the perspective of there are certain things that make me choose, but there are certain things that I need to have within my life to support me but the ways I am manifesting it I do not like.  The job doesn’t work for me anymore.  The relationship doesn’t work for me anymore.  My physical body isn’t working for me anymore. 

It can be very challenging when you have a situation like that.  That you recognize that you are making a choice for a particular reason, and yet that reason is very challenging on the other hand.  So what needs to take place is that you need to find that place of aligning with your source energy.  You need to find that place where you become very loving, gentle and nurturing of yourself so that no matter what you are doing you can recognize that I may not like being in this job, being in this relationship, being in this.. you can answer the question, but I am choosing to be here because in this now moment it is supporting me and again you can answer the question of how it is supporting you.

There are many times when people arrive in a situation like that and they just quit their job, leave their home, just make a totally different choice and they just jump into it and if this is your reality, and if this is what you feel a desire to do then by all means follow your heart.  Whether you go in a slow and steady pace or you take that leap of faith look around at what you may find around you.  Are there people who can help you?  Is there a new job that you may just decide to take? 

Everything in life is a perspective or a reality so where are you in the reality of your life.  Are you connected to things?  Are you making conscious choices?  Sometimes when you feel sick, when you have stress headaches, when you are frustrated; it is because you feel as if you are being bounced around and you are just reacting to the things around you rather than making the choices. 

Find a way that you can begin to make choices within your life that support you.  It may be that you are in exactly the same situation, but what will shift is your perspective and in that perspective, or in that shifting what will happen is that you will be able to feel better about yourself, to feel better about the situation because you will now understand that you are aligned with source and source is living and manifesting through you and that anything that is taking place in your life is the reality in that now moment. 

My hope for you and with you that if there is uncomfortable and stressful moments that they are very short moments.  If they are moments that are filled with light love and energy that they are very long moments. 

You are the only one who can change your perspective of life.  You are the only one who can decide where you will allow your focus to be upon things that are frustrating that don’t work for you or upon the things that do work for you.  In any given moment it is a decision or a choice that you have.

I invite you to take another moment and breathe in deeply within yourself, letting that energy move down into the earth. As it moves into the earth allow yourself to feel as if your own energy links with the earth and moves out in different directions. 

As you allow yourself to feel the essence of Gaia know that this is a way of anchoring you and supporting you in this now lifetime.  Let that energy flow back up your physical body and you send it up until you feel yourself connecting to the energy of the essence of your higher self.  As you feel this essence allow yourself to expand further. 

Look around.  Is there anything around here that you can clear out?  Perhaps it is part of your creations that no longer serve you so that you are tapping into the space of your higher self and it is in a space that supports you.  From there you allow your essence or your energy to expand even further.  It moves up into the essence of your divinity as if that cord of light goes from the heart of your physical reality.  It moves through your higher self and it ends within your I AM presence. 

As you feel yourself aligning within your I AM let yourself connect using all of your senses.  It may be that you see, sense, feel an energy.  It may be that you just know that you have come home.  You have arrived in that space that is the essence of who you are.  Your divinity is that god source energy that you are continuously integrating within your everyday life. 

Allow yourself just to be open to receive a deeper and deeper alignment.  As you let yourself merge more fully with your divinity it may be that you feel your consciousness expanding outwards. 

I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace you as your consciousness, you as your divinity and as our energies merge together we shift into the All That Is.  As you look around take this moment to create a space that is yours.  For many of you you go back to that same space when we come into this area of the All That Is, or this vibration. 

One of the things that I feel is needed by all of humanity is that you have a moment, or minute or hours, howsoever long it is in which you is utterly and completely supported and energized by I myself the Goddess, God energies, the Angels and Beings of Light that work with each one of you.  They are here to work with you to support you and to help you with no matter what is going on within your life. 

So as if you open up your heart and you open up your consciousness so become aware of these Angels and these Light Beings and with yourself.  It may be that you link with only one.  It may be that you link with the group.  As you do so have a sense of perhaps you are lying down, perhaps you are sitting, but you are allowing these energies to completely work with you at this moment. 

Let go any need that you may have to control or to have a particular experience and instead simply receive, ~whew~  I can feel wave upon wave moving through each one of you.  The last several weeks have been very intense upon the earth.  This is your opportunity to let go that tension, let go that stress, let go of anything or everything if only for this moment.

Well I started with that because I felt that people really needed to have this opportunity to be loved and nurtured and supported, but now that everyone is so relaxed and in such a place of bliss I am thinking hmmm what shall we do I need to revisit my intention for the evening. 

What you are doing in this now moment is creating a space in which you can experience complete bliss, complete balance, a deep alignment with your divinity and a deep alignment to God, Goddess and the All That Is.  Let yourself feel it and let it move into your consciousness and then let it move into your unconsciousness so that no matter where you are in your daily life this place will always be available to you. 

I spoke earlier about the importance of listening to your divinity or aligning with your divinity, or shall I say and aligning with your divinity.  This is what it feels like.  If you so choose you can have a sense of like opening up a door and having an objective look at your life.  Without any potential or any expectation if you were to look at your life from this space how would it look? 

I invite you to have the intention that you stay in this state of awareness and balance, but then if you feel a need to do so you can shift your consciousness slightly so that you may have that objective way of looking at your life.  Is there something within your life that you would like to change?  That question always makes me smile as never once has the group said nope there is nothing I want to change.  In every single individual there is something you would like to change. 

Are you looking at this as something that I no longer want to have in my life or are you looking at this as something that I would like to bring into my life.  Either way the energy behind it is showing you that where you are right now is not where you would like to be.

Consider what it is that you either want to change or you want to bring into your life.  If it something generic or you don’t really know then just put that out there?  ‘I just want change, I’m just not happy I want to be in a different place’.  However it comes up to you let that come up and as if you are putting it out in front of you right now. 

As you allow yourself to integrate whatever that is from this place of balance open to that perspective, or ask yourself is it available to me right now and let yourself to be open to receive an answer.  For some you may that sense that yes it is right here it is just not in my physical reality so in other words it is close to you, but your vibration is not in alignment with it at this now moment. 

For others it may be that you were seeking to manifest, or perhaps to move in a direction, and there are steps you need to take to get there.  Ask yourself ‘what are those steps I need to take?  Can they be shortened?  Is it really necessary for me to do all these things that I perceive that I have to do in order to manifest what I seek?’  Awesome I am going to take in a breath and as I breathe out ~whew~.  I’m just going to clear out any excess energy or steps that really are not serving you. 

I noticed that sometimes people think they need to do something or they think they should do something and the reality is that it is not about doing anything, but instead about receiving.  Perhaps you are receiving answers to your question.  Perhaps you are receiving assistance from others.  Perhaps you are receiving…….. and you can answer that question.  It can go in many directions.

If there are things in your life that you thought I cleared that, that’s over, that’s no longer an issue for me.  Why is it bothering me all of a sudden?  Perhaps it is because with the transition of energy, even though you have healed something or you have moved through something, it is as if there is an energetic pattern that remains there.  It may be neutral.  It may not be holding you back in your everyday life, but because you are expanding into a new reality energetically it gives you that chance to say ‘yes it is healed I no longer have an issue with that’.  You may be here a short period of time or a long period of time depending on your response.  Take a look at that now. 

Are some of the things that you have been recently, or experiencing recently, representing old energies that you have already healed, or are they representing something that is no longer healed or that was never really healed and now is the time to do so. 

Excellent so bring all of that up, bring it all together.  Perhaps you bring it together, swirling it around and bringing it in front of you.  ~whew~ clear it out.  Clear it out from every level of consciousness within and around you. 

I am now going to also go through you, or you can do this for yourself, with the intention that if there is any residual imprint that keeps telling you don’t forget you have a problem, don’t forget you dislike that, don’t forget you have a fear, whatever it may be we want to go through and remove that imprint from wherever it is within your body, be it your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.  As we look for wherever that is we gently smooth over the energies using that crystal light and that light body energy to smooth out and release whatever may be there. 

Again let yourself fall into that space where you are fully supported by I the Goddess, by the light beings, by your own Angels.  Allow that energy to move through you like it surrounds you like you are lying in a pool of unconditional love.  Allow that to move through you so that you may integrate more and more and more of these energies.  ~whew~ there is so much that is flowing within and around each one of you right now.

Consider your life.  Consider that you come upon these journeys in which we work at a very high light vibration or dimension.  You then take that energy back down into the physical reality in which you live. 

As you integrate whatever it is we do in the evening you find yourself sliding between the different dimensions upon the earth.  You reach towards something that feels good.  You reach towards what you seek to manifest, but yet sometimes; perhaps the people around you, perhaps the situations, perhaps your own personal experience seems to pull you down into more of the 3rd dimensional reality. 

It feels awful.  You have physical symptoms.  You can feel the heaviness as it is pulling you down.  Take a moment.  Looking within yourself, where does that stick to you?  Is there a belief system?  Is there an emotion?  Something creates a vibration that pulls you back into that space and even though 98 or 99% of you says no this is not the place; there is still something that pulls you into that reality. 

In this now moment take a deep breath in, breathing down within yourself.  Going into whatever that place, whatever percentage it is, whatever amount of you is still stuck in the 3rd, the 4th  or lower dimensions so that you can ~whew~ release it.  You can clear it, ~whew~. 

Within that space wherever it is let the energies of your higher vibrations, the energies that are in alignment with the higher dimensions just flow through.  As you do so you find yourself beginning to balance at a place that feels much better for you.  You can have this as your reality in your everyday life. 

If by chance you find yourself outside of this truth or this reality then disconnect so that you may consciously bring everything back up into this vibration that feels so much better for you. 

You choose to let go thoughts and beliefs that bring you down.  You choose to find in any given situation something about it that supports you or nurtures you.  Take a deep breath in.  Believe in yourself.  Trust in yourself.  Know that you come to this space and you bring it with you into your everyday reality.

I invite you to gather once again as a group.  As you do so you come back forming somewhat of a circle so that the hologram of the earth may come up within the group.  Already from one perspective the universal light energy is infusing into the hologram.  Each one of you has the opportunity to send into the hologram your deeper alignment with your divinity.  Your ability to know what is in your heart centered life. 

Let all that flow into the hologram as we speak.  All of the support that has been here flows into the hologram and as you are ready you release that connection and the hologram itself begins to move down.  At one point it will expand out.  There is a flow of energy that moves out into the universe and the remainder of the hologram flows down into the physical earth upon which you live. 

As this hologram is moving through it is clearing out from this perspective the collective consciousness upon the earth so that it may then move into the center of the earth anchoring with Gaia, anchoring with the Crystals, anchoring within the center of the earth. 

From there there’s a wave of energy that moves up through the earth itself as it does so it is finding the intrinsic balance with all of Gaia.  It comes up through the surface of the earth.  It comes up through the grass, the trees, the waters.  It comes up through each one of you through that deep alignment that you created at the beginning of the channel.  It comes up through there into your physical reality.  It comes up through your energy bodies.  It expands into every cell within you so that you are integrating all the transition you did this evening and all of the knowledge.  It comes within your consciousness and your unconsciousness creating that balance and that awareness. 

So too this is moving through the energy and the levels of the collective consciousness. Clearing out the old energy and integrating heart centered consciousness or heart centered awareness. 

As that integration continues, allow your focus to return once more to the All That Is.  There may be an aspect of you that stays out here all this time, but take the moment to allow the remainder of your consciousness to come back.  You move first and foremost back into your divinity; looking around at this collection or at this connection, looking around at all of who you are. 

The energy then streams back down coming back down in the column of light.  Again you move through your higher self.  The energy continues to move down so that not only that part of you that was anchored to the earth now too your energies come down and they blend with your physical reality.  Allow yourself to really feel what this is.  Allow yourself to know who you are. 

Take a moment letting those pathways of the direct alignment of your divinity open up so that you can anchor them within yourself.  So as they anchor within you you are opening up that consciousness so that when you seek to know, “What is my heart centered reality or my heart centered truth”…. here it is. 

Let that move through you going down within your body, moving through your physical, emotional your spiritual bodies; creating a space of balance, a space of utmost alignment so that it will help you as you move through your days. 

As you are moving through the next days and weeks upon the earth I invite you to have that intention of really integrating the choices that you may be making in your life. 

Choose something that feels better to you.  Choose something that is based in the heart from a place of love.  Choose to become aware of opportunities. 

Recognize that one cannot just give and give and give that one also needs to receive. It is that flow of giving and receiving moving from space to space that enriches your life and allows you to move in the direction that ultimately you are seeking to go. 

Beloved family I have such great love for you and know that I am always with you and within you.



Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this channel, but we ask you not take any portion of it out of the body of the channel and to retain this copyright message. For further information please check out our website:

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