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From Oneness to Sovereignty

From Oneness to Sovereignty

There’s a lot of talk in spiritual communities about oneness.  And it’s true we all came from the one Source, from All That Is.  And many hold the belief that we are eventually all going back into source, into the oneness. And there is a lot of talk about all of us being one. There’s even The idea out there that ascension is going from human to divine.  That we will somehow be superhuman or super angelic.

But actually we are becoming sovereign.  And we don’t lose our human personality or our human self. It’s more of a melding of both human and divine. Human and eternal self in partnership with one another.


You have probably noticed in your own life that you are no longer interested in belonging to any group or community. You may have a family or friends you hang out with, but you are acutely aware that you are a sovereign and independent being.

The people around you may be fascinated with their ancestry, curious about their family tree, about their roots, but you have essentially let go of all of those ties. Not in anger or in rejection but in honor of that ancestry. But it no longer serves you where you are going. And it no longer serves your ancestors either.

In fact, you find that you no longer even identify as being spiritual, or being a part of the spiritual community.  You have moved beyond so much of the concepts of that group consciousness.  You’re not new age, you’re not spiritual, so what are you?

Well, you’re no longer just human.  That’s for sure.  No wonder you feel so strange some days.  Maybe you went through an identity crisis.  Understandable, considering your identity was built on being a human, with just a mind and a body.

And a human who was supposed to be part of a family, of an ancestry, of a bloodline, of a community, of a country, of the world.

And even as a soul, you were supposed to be part of your spiritual family from the other realms, whether it was the family of Michael, or Raphael, or any other.

But in enlightenment, we go beyond all of that.  We become totally sovereign.  Over time, we no longer rely upon our spiritual guides. The training wheels are off.  We are called to rely upon ourself, meaning our own soul, our own I AM, for everything we need.

For love, for support, and for joy.

It’s why our lives fell apart, went side ways, and why we felt as if nothing we tried worked anymore in the old energy.  We were letting go of so much.  We felt like we were losing our very self, our identity.  We couldn’t depend upon people like we did in the past.

It was frightening, and lonely.

It brought up that sense of abandonment that we felt even before we set foot on this planet for the first time.  That falling from grace.

But we are returning, in a way, back home, to our eternal self, but now we are experiencing it right here, in these bodies, in this lifetime.  And the only way we could is to let go of all the people, alive, and in the other realms, all the way back to our spiritual families.

But letting go doesn’t mean we have abandoned any of them.  We simply let go of the old patterns that kept us imprisoned and dependent on others.  We haven really let go of our history, but we have released the wounds.  The emotional baggage.

We have changed our perspective of our past.  And in a way, that has healed our past.

And we’re not losing our human self.  Our human personality doesn’t die as we move into our realization.  It integrates with us.   It becomes more.  More self-loving, more sensual.

More trusting.  So naturally it becomes healthier, more abundant.  More joyful.  More playful, more irreverent, more care-free.  More self-sufficient.  Fulfilled.

So if we are to use the word, oneness, we could say we are become one with ourself.  With all of ourselves, all of our past lives, and with all of our aspects.  With our soul, and our I AM.

The way we often felt as we came together with a lover, where we merged as one.

But this is even better, because we are not going outside ourself.  We are totally independent, sovereign, and self-fulfilled.


It was an ancient dream of many of us, to finally be here as the human and the soul, and the I Am.  Walking this planet as an Embodied, enlightened being.

We chose these times in particular to become realized because it is the time in which technology has become a way of life.  What better time to infuse consciousness, awareness into that technology while it hasn’t yet been so misused.

We are here as awakened beings to enjoy life.  To be examples of how energy works for us, not the other way around.  We are here to show by our own example how everything the human needs is within.

To show that there is no need to steal energies from others.  to show that being alone does not equate to loneliness.  Quite the opposite.  Being sovereign is a state of being fulfilled.  Whole and complete.

So we get to play with anyone we want, and never feel dependent upon them.  It’s an incredible feeling.  And the sensuality of the physical experience.  It could never be duplicated with anything outside ourselves.  No drug, no plant, no relationship with another.

Is there a better example on this planet of what self-love looks like?  A self-love that accepts all of the so-called shadows within.  The sadness, the fears, the frustrations.  The doubt. The shame and the guilt.

In that gradual acceptance, with the assistance of our soul, we become the loving partner for ourself.  The kind of love and acceptance we were looking for from others, and ended up blaming others for not giving us.

The hardest part is that we don’t have to try to do any of that.  It’s not the human that forgives and accepts themselves so much, it’s allowing our soul to love us.

Our human personality has no idea how to do enlightenment.  It shouldn’t have to be responsible for it.  It does, however need to let go more, relax, and just allow.

Which is like asking a workaholic to just take a month off and sit on the couch and watch Netflix.  Expect some major resistance.

But being sovereign requires walking a solitary path, even if you have a family.  You are still walking that path alone.  Even if you have an entourage of support and love from the other realms and from other awakened humans.  You are walking a path of sacred solitude for awhile, before you begin feeling the presence of who you are, and who you have always been.

Enjoy I Got A Feeling


Art by Maria Chambers
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