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Just Tuesday

Just Tuesday

In the 3D world, women are not trusted to determine if a man’s behavior is innapropriate. They are not trusted at their word. If that word is no, or variations of it. They are not trusted to choose what they want to do with their own body. People actually think that millions of women who seek abortions are murderers.  Or, at the very least, are incapable of making appropriate decisions concerning her own body.

Currently women’s reproductive rights are being eroded, state by state, and many fear that abortion will soon be illegal here in the United States.  Millions of women worldwide are tired of her own bodily autonomy being anyone’s business but her own.

O.K. this doesn’t sound like anything new.  This is, in our current political and social and cultral climate, just Tuesday.

Many people think that a woman can’t determine for herself what is best for her. Or, they think she is being selfish and putting her own needs ahead of a fetus. Which is the worst of sins, apparently.

Even though scientifically that fetus is a clump of cells, those cells are now given personhood rights. Those cells now have more rights than the woman.

Rest assured these anti-choice people don’t truly believe that those cells are a souled being, or that all life is sacred. Many of these same people believe in war, in the death penalty, in killing another human in self-defense, and are not interested in the quality of life of those babies once they are born.

Or of children and babies ripped from their mothers’ arms and put in detention centers.

These people want to oppress the human rights of women, pure and simple. They will dress it up in religious clothing, yet even the Bible states that abortion is acceptable in many cases. But most of these anti-choice zealots haven’t bothered to crack open the Good Book.

I can’t blame them. It’s not a page turner.

But the age-old idea of women being valued for their wombs still ranks pretty high among the conservatives.  They keep dusting it off and putting in into their political rhetoric…..that coupled with the old concept of women’s virtue is in suffering and sacrificing.  Ye Good Olde Family Values.

But there is also something else going on.  And it’s nothing new.  The fear of women rising in power in society. Women gaining rights has always been met with a counter-revolution by the patriarchy.


A few of us of the female gender incarnated this lifetime to end the pain and suffering within ourselves. As far as we are concerned, when it comes to the old story of women’s role in society, the buck stops here, with us.

We knew we were coming to a planet that was still very patriarchal. We also knew that the new leaders are women. We knew that it would be very challenging being here in the female gender.  Many of us naturally got caught up in the roles and behaviors and attitudes of the patriarchy ourselves.  Which is not a bad thing.  It gave us compassion for what other women are experiencing.

But we knew before we came here that this was the optimal time to introduce a radical change in consciousness. The time of the Divine Feminine.

We are not necessarily involved in the 3D version of feminism.  In fact, what we are doing is not about pushing against anything.  It’s all about self-acceptance, self-love and self-respect.  It’s about acknowledging our Soul, and our multidimensional self.

And make no mistake, it is radical.  A woman embodying her Christ consciousness on a patriarchial planet isn’t something you see every day.  And when I say embody, I mean being fully sensual and filled with spirit.  Allowing our soul to shine through our eyes and flow through our physical body.

And in order to do that we are letting go of that old story of pain and suffering. We are letting go of wet-nursing the fragile male ego, no longer assuaging the male anger, and letting go of holding energies for those who can’t do it for themselves.

We are releasing generations, eons of DNA that dictated women are the emotional caregivers for the planet.  It all has to go.

This Planet hasn’t yet accepted women as full human beings.  And many women don’t feel safe to be themselves.  Even in today’s world, women who embrace their sensual nature are seen as seductresses, and worse.


Growing up many of us females were on guard.  We sensed we had to behave in certain ways especially around the male gender in order to feel safe.  Not consciously, but it was a default type of response.

I was a naturally expressive young woman, and my friendly behavior was often misunderstood by males as an invitation for sexual contact.

So over time I would try to sensor in small and large ways how I talked, acted, and dressed so that I wouldn’t inadvertently elicit a response from men.

I would launch into my caretaking role with people, especially men so I wouldn’t provoke any anger.  But inevitably my openness would emerge, and inevitably someone would try to take advantage of it.

For the longest time I thought there was something wrong with me.  That it was a character flaw.   The need to over-nurture others.   I felt uncomfortable with people, never feeling safe to be myself.  As a child, in school, college, work, and even with friends and family.

But it didn’t stop me from having many experiences in life, and I was quite adventurous, maybe because I wanted to overcome those insecurities.  But there was an inner conflict.

Many of us didn’t have the support we would have loved from those closest to us.

We were barraged with a consciousness that treated the female gender like second-class citizens.  We would laugh at sexist jokes, shrug off sexual harassment, not even consider reporting sexual assault, and in so many ways allow the male gender to subtly and not so subtly demean us.

Misogyny was so normalized that there was a part of us that believed we deserved it.


While many people do see women as equal human beings, there is still a long way to go.  And as essential as laws and policies are, they can’t change hearts and minds.

That is mostly up to the female gender that has been oppressed for so long.  It is time for her to change her own heart.  To let go of carrying the shame and guilt.

The masculine has been shaming and blaming the feminine for so much for far too long.  To the point where even she has come to accept, internalize and normalize that attitude.

But it is now up to her to begin the inner journey toward real and lasting change.  To unburden herself of her past.  From her galactic story that has her feeling shame and guilt because the masculine felt abandoned by her.

But that shame and guilt are not serving her.  And it’s not serving all of humanity either.

So, if you feel tired, that could be one reason.

Not all women who are in the process of Embodied Enlightenment necessarily relate to this message. We are each unique in our ascension process.  Each one of us is here at this time for various reasons, and each of those reasons should be celebrated.  However we choose to express our soul, it profoundly influences all that is.

But if you do resonate with it, with being here to shift consciousness as a woman, celebrate what you are doing, because it is revolutionary. Because what you are offering is a human woman who is embodying the Christ consciousness, who is balanced in her masculine and feminine.  And that is the template that others, especially women, can use to create their own version of freedom.

And in turn, that sets all of humanity free, a soul at a time.  And in ALL THAT IS we call that Tuesday.

Image Credit Maria Chambers
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