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Me And My Shadow - How Far We Have Come

Me And My Shadow - How Far We Have Come

I have said this many times before but it bears repeating. It takes a great deal of courage to face the darkest aspects of ourselves. And those dark aspects that are in the shadow are simply emotions. Nothing more. It’s not any kind of evil, or nefarious aspect of ourselves. They are simply the darker emotions that our soul in its love for us kept in shadow because we were not able or ready to deal with them.

But this ascension, transformational process is all about those aspects of ourselves, that have been hidden, to come up and out. Those aspects are to be faced with love and acceptance. There is absolutely nothing that needs forgiving because we have done absolutely nothing wrong. Our Soul, and our eternal self loves us absolutely, unequivocally and unconditionally. It doesn’t matter what we have done or not done, or thought or said or not said about ourselves or anyone else or anything else.

And as I have said numerous times before, those who are not able or ready or willing to face their own shadow side will absolutely find a way to express it. And usually what they will do is project the shadow out onto others.

We can see this demonstrated in a bigger than life scenario in governments, between nations and in more personal ways within intimate relationships.

The shadow is projected onto other genders, races, immigrants, people of color, the poor, or the devil.


A larger than life example of projection is United States president Donald J. Trump. You could not find a better way to see how this process works then watching what that man will say in public or in tweet form.

He is showing for all who are willing to see what he feels about himself. If you are able to endure his rhetoric long enough to see this phenomenon being played out in front of your eyes. A couple of examples of projection…..

Hillary’s emails were (My administration is) the ‘biggest political scandal since Watergate,’

The press is (I am) the enemy of the people. (I am my own worst enemy)

The caravan of asylum seekers are (I am) invading our democracy. They are (I am) a danger to this country.  (I am easily overpowered by my own fears)

Remember, Trump’s biggest fear, and actually, any authoritarian ruler’s biggest fear is appearing weak. They will instead project their own fears of being seen as weak onto others, especially toward the female gender. Trump tried to disparage his presidential opponent, a woman, as weak. Trying to say her health was failing. When that didn’t work he portrayed her as a criminal that needed to be locked up

His presidential campaign was built on that premise. The ‘lock her up’ chant isn’t anything new in politics. Silencing the female voice. A woman who ran for the position of president in our country’s early political history was jailed on a technicality the day of the elections.

But the chant is a projection, not of just Trump, but of his avowed followers. ‘Lock her up’ becomes ‘lock me up.’  Lock up my sadness, my sense of abandonment, my fears, my vulnerability and my feminine.

And throw away the key.

So, once you recognize the projection, you can understand how others use it unconsciously. We have all done it to one degree or another. And it comes from not facing our own shadow.

In this transformational process the light will reveal the shadows. Nothing can remain in the dark anymore. Those in 3-D reality are at the beginning stages of their Ascension process. The light that is shining upon that world will reveal the shadows in business, government, and relationships, between nations, and in religion.

We are seeing this being played out now in stark relief. No one or nothing is spared this light.

3-D reality is intense right now because this light is intense. But it’s a good thing. It’s good because there’s so much people can play in this game and then they must ultimately face themselves.


That is why those of us on the leading edge of this transformational process are revered for what we are doing. What we are doing as we integrate our light and our dark is we are creating new templates which become the solution for all the problems in this world. As we move from the mind to the heart, as we allow our expanded self, our very Soul to come into our life and our body in such an intimate way, we are the living and breathing examples of self-love, self-acceptance and a new way to be here on the Planet.

Tremendous imbalance is the result of disowning the shadow, and the feminine. This planet is imbalanced to the masculine obviously. And now it is seeking balance once again. A very wise Ascended Master, Tobias once said energy seeks balance. Energy seeks resolution.

And that’s the good news. When things get so wildly out of balance in life, whether it’s on a world, national or personal level, energy will always seek to balance itself.

Even the physical body. It is designed to rebalance itself no matter what illness or disease is present. Unfortunately this process gets interrupted by various factors, one of which is resistance. The mind is the great resister as we know.

In fact, the mind is the final frontier of this process of Ascension. Once we are no longer wrestling with government, or family, or interpersonal relationships, we are faced with just ourselves. We get to look in the mirror and see who we actually are. And who we are is much more than who we see in that mirror. But then we are faced with the mind, all of its fears, and we realize that whatever happened in life was just a reflection of what was going on in that mind of ours.

It’s a big deal to step out of 3-D reality, and out of victim status. Because 3-D reality is all about fear and victimhood. It’s a big deal to accept total responsibility for our creations, and for our own joy.

Fortunately, our Soul is already integrated and fulfilled, our Soul is already joyful. There is no need to strive to become those things. To become more joyful or to become a better human being.

All of that is unnecessary. We come to discover that this whole process is more about allowing. Allowing all of these elements to come together naturally.


But as the human, we are required to do something. We are required to do things that will bring us much more joy.  And, as we allow our Soul in, we will naturally gravitate to more joyful feelings and experiences.

But, as the human, we need to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. To be open, and to allow our Soul into our lives and our bodies.

As the human we are asked to make some choices. We are asked to choose things that bring us joy. Or if we’re not sure what that is, exactly, and what lights us up can change from day to day…we are asked to at least let go of things that are not bringing us joy. Whether they are thoughts from our mind, or jobs or relationships.

If we have done everything possible to feel joyful in those situations but they still do not reflect who we are, who we have become….then as the human we need to take responsibility and let some things go.

Sometimes it will happen organically without us having to do that. We noticed that sometimes we are fired from a job or a relationship dissolves.

If you find your life filled with activities and people that aren’t bringing you a sense of joy, sometimes it’s a reflection of not feeling that joy within.

Sometimes it’s a sign that there is an emptiness within. A disconnect.
But in this awakening process It’s often necessary to release things that no longer serve us.

It’s kind of an emptying out process.


Power is not real.  It is an illusion built by the mind when it fears losing its status and control.  People amass power because they feel powerless. The more powerless they feel, the more they need to build walls and fortresses and own guns and try to become bigger than life themselves. These people are often in positions of power And they will abuse that power.

We see this with many men who are accused of sexual harassment and abuse. They have disowned their own feminine and orphaned their own shadow aspect.

These figures also serve as a reflection of those who support them. They are a reflection of the shadow of the populace. These leaders of governments and businesses and industries did not appear out of nowhere.

Staunch supporters of these types of leaders will generally dismiss their corruption and bad behavior because they refuse to see their own shadow side.

The mind, in its worst iterations will attempt to amass ultimate power. But it does so at the expense of the heart. Yet it can only get so far, especially in these times.

And, ultimately we realize that power is just an illusion, anyway.

Is society becoming more mental? Is there more and more emphasis on the mind and not the heart? Is there more focus on super intelligence and less on creativity and imagination?

Are people willing to die to maintain that control from the mind? Some believe we are moving more toward a soul-less world.


Well, like anything in evolution, there is progress and then fallout. Progress is usually met with resistance. As women became more vocal and involved in politics and business, it was met with a huge backlash by those who feared the feminine in themselves.

We see it with civil rights, where there are groups railing against integration and diversity. We see it acted out with more violence against minorities.

Even in our ascension, we see how resistance comes up when we seem to be making progress. Things seem to get worse in our life and our body for a time, following what we considered movement into more light and awareness.

Considering how long it took for us to get this far, to a point where we can see that the light and the dark are actually from the same source, you might say we aren’t doing too bad. Even on our worst day, it’s good to remember how far we have come.

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