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Cosmic Tree Of Light Activated For Collective Dmt Release

tree of light

Do You Realize that Your REALity is ONE Massive Hallucination? Collectives Prepare to "Take a Trip" in order to Awaken to the REALity of Our NEW Earth

The Increase in Photonic Light has activated within Gaia, our inner/outer atmospheres and all, a beautiful and magnificent Cosmic Tree of Light (occurred in mid-May). This increases to larger masses/collectives, for the natural and organic production of DMT, within each's brain, stimulated by high Universal/Cosmic frequencies WITHIN THE PHYSICAL BODY (Light-Body), where each can hear these frequencies LOUDER now, for Cosmic Collective Ascension to occur.

The "journey" of awakening takes many paths, many routes, many years and infinite experiences to occur.  Along the way, many have sought to induce access on a multi-dimensional level through various means, yet now this has been activated VIBRATIONALLY for all to experience naturally through each's own LightBody. 

Pineal activations and openings occur in many ways. It's a part of a decalcification process and an evolving of the Crystals in our Bodies (our Pineal becomes a multi-faced Diamond, through the embodiment/integration of Diamond Light Codes, which have been increasing substantially for years.... 

Heart openings "trigger" electromagnetic energy to be "sent out" to the rest of the body to "wake it up", to stimulate/awaken that which was dormant, deep asleep and held within our cells, encoded in our DNA.... waiting.... for this NOW. Due to the substantial increases in Cosmic Upgrades that continue to increase exponentially now, how the body works

The barrage of these ultra-high-symphonics, Universal Frequencies, Cosmic Frequencies/Rays, increase MAGNETIC, increase Radiation, increase harmonics, increase Quantum Photonic Light production within each's body, on a metabolic level like never before. I am in the process of writing on the human's physical body's ability/inability to metabolize Photonic Cosmic Rays, that will expand on this in even more ways for all. Each's UNIVERSE within was awakened on a whole new level (this last week), to release deep emotions, activate each's higher selves INSIDE, activating higher mind intelligence, activating the 2222 Cosmic Diamond Rainbow Body Template, which "pushes" the physical body and physical realities (for the human aspect) hard. Integration and acclimation on a daily basis (24/7) is paramount for all. 

DMT does many things... it "helps" each to see.... and EXPERIENCE distortions, illusory/fixed/old outdated/unconscious beliefs. It "causes" physical realities to become BENDABLE, flexible, shift-able and changes the structure of realities too. Through the PHOTONIC PLASMA EXPERIENCE, realities look and feel like a psychedelic experience on & off for awhile. (This will balance out once the physical body can handle the processing of immense photonic light). Re-balancing through continually changing/shifting and re-calibrating MAGNETICS is a Mastery Skill within itself. The QUANTUM PHOTONIC BODY works very differently than our human bodies once did.... 

REALities are very different here. They are a CREATION of each, based upon held beliefs. Fully Embodied Quantum Consciousness is a whole new EXISTENCE for us all. 

When our eyes start to see things that were not seemingly physically visible before, our brain has to stretch and wrap itself around alternate realities, that challenge the very fabric our our realities.... When realities start to shift and move, breathe, expand, dissolve and re-materialize through particle matter right in front of us.... then everything we "thought" we once "knew", goes completely out the window.... our entire everything is challenged (on an ego level), for what is reality if not what we once believed?...

INCREASING PHOTONIC UPGRADES, through Ultra-High-Frequency Particle Acceleration and Waves are what is coming/what we've entered into, again and again and again. Each's human body was not equipped to handle the barrages, bombardments and influxes that are preparing to come through these next StarGates that are opening right now. It takes each actually opening up to NEW POSSIBILITIES, NEW UNDERSTANDINGS AND NEW INFORMATION that challenges the human's entire perception of what REALity is.... and how all comes to BE. 

Having access to SEE what is coming and deliver this information, is only a part of the process for us all. Only those truly open to what we share can actually benefit, otherwise each must "wait" until they reach the point within themselves to gain this access through their own Evolution here. For those who truly care about HUmanity and each other and themselves on a SOUL Level, that which we share/provide is welcomed, appreciated and supported in infinite important ways. The application of our higher consciousness knowledge/intelligence alleviates unconscious experiences to "learn" to open up one's heart/mind/ears to respect, appreciate and understand. 

REALITY as we all once knew it is changing.... through the pre-set program of Collective Awakening & Ascension occurring at an increasing rate now. Each collective will go through their own initiations and passageways of "triggering" programs of duality/unconsciousness/separation/ego to EXPERIENCE, in order to dissolve/resolve all of that discordant energy held within. The release of anger, frustration, irritation, hurt, blame, shame, guilt, victim-mentality, pointing the finger, waiting for others, giving power away, not stepping up.... all of this increasing by way of DISTORTIONS becoming visible/louder through these substantial increases of Photonic Light. 

As photonic light activates, it changes the density, molecular structure and magnetics of everything. The physical reality, the physical body, our earth, our atmosphere's that we breathe, how our bodies function.... how our brains work, the foods we eat, how we process information, how much we sleep, our brainwave states and more. Our cells actually generate and produce Quantum Light that emits from "the inside out", transmitting through an/our electromagnetic field to actually CHANGE the CONSTRUCTS of the REALITY WE WALK IN and physically experience on a multi-dimensional level. Photonic Light feels like a DRUG at first, because the body feels heavy or Light as it activates INSIDE. Where the human body is too dense, it will have to shut down, sleep, rest... in order for the atoms/cells/molecules of every part of the physical body to re-work itself. 

Photonic Light changes the geometric structure of our DNA and re-codes our Genetics to match our all of our Aspects of our OverSoul.... which brings each into Avatar Consciousness with the completion of each initiation process that occurs along the way. 

Photonic Light dissolves the human reality and replaces it with NEW EARTH realities, as each moves further into Higher Self/Universal Embodiment and transitions over from Old Earth to NEW. Photonic Light reworks how the entire physical body functions... breaking down the linear cellular structures and re-coding each on a Quantum Level. The physical body must be in a rest state for this to occur. Linear Bodies transition over to Quantum Bodies, through a rigorous and immense DNA Protocol set forth as these Cosmic Frequencies ACTIVATE each's dormant (sleeping) codes. 

Gravity Shifts with every blast. Integration is necessary for the body to awaken fully and transition from the 3rd/4th DENSITY to a 5th Dimension/Density, which is much lighter, vibrant, alive, colorful and JOYful than ever before. There is FREEDOM, bliss, magic with every breath and infinite abundance RESTORED for all UNIFYING fully from within, on every level... as the 5th Dimension (Density is very different here) is just the beginning for all, allowing us to EMBODY our own 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 22nd Dimensional Aspects ... by HOLDING THESE STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS from within our physical form and transmitting ALL NEW REALITIES OUT... to actually EXPERIENCE as our REALities here..... 

You/each are only LIMITED by the level of consciousness that they maintain. Photonic Light allows each to expand beyond those previous limits... allowing each to "travel" through this LIGHT... literally.... 

Our sleep state is just another gazillion realities that are inner-changeable with the waking/physical one. We are fully conscious in the wake and sleep state, working, playing, resolving, accomplishing, dissolving, creating and uniting in every way. Our physical bodies only sleep to integrate, clear, rejuvenate, reboot, activate, anchor and merge/blend multi-dimensional realities into the same SPACE.... Our Waking States are very different, because they are OUR WALKING DREAMS (on a SOUL Level, supporting our human realities to accomplish and fulfill our highest purposes/missions/roles for all of us here). Our "dream state", no longer just dreams (early duality phases, we worked through karmic timelines, fears and lack programming to move these out of our "waking realities", so all can become much easier.... :). Yet now, fully conscious in each state, mean inner-woven realities that we maneuver as ONE... on a Quantum Level, as we can access each state at will and be in each simultaneously, to maximize our influence on the physical reality experienced here. ♥

Learning to FUNCTION on a Quantum Level takes total focus on our part. It means using our CONSCIOUSNESS TO AFFECT REALITY... through/as Photonic Light..... 

Photonic Light Access gives us capabilities that our limited human didn't have. This is done through EVOLUTION of our Quantum DNA BODIES and LIVING OUR LIVES as our Highest Everything.... in everything that WE ARE and DO.

For the human aspect, this will challenge everything on every level, because it "takes away" each's ability to "control" or maintain unconscious realities like before. The foundation of reality is no longer solid... yet for NEW EARTHER'S, everything is vibrational and energetic so we MOVE, FUNCTION AND SHIFT IN UNISON.... so our realities are solid, because the foundation we've rebuilt everything on is PHOTONIC LIGHT AS WELL..... 

WE've rebuilt our entire reality based upon the ENERGIES OF OUR COSMIC NEW EARTH... our MULTI-DIMENSIONAL NEW EARTH... the one we live on now. Purity, love, respect, kindness, consideration, contribution, creation, unity, sharing, harmony, joy, beauty, appreciation, reciprocation, support, imagination, new realizations, full consciousness... It's about how connected we are (or are not yet), how we treat each other and ourselves, how we show up, how we contribute and share, how we truly care about all as ONE and our ability to SEE UNCONSCIOUSNESS and bring all into the absolute highest state of consciousness ourselves (and together)... and let all else dissolve, fall away, that does not serve our highest purposes (timelines/experiences) here.  

PHYSICAL REALITIES ARE VIBRATIONAL MATCHES to what we hold, where we function from and consciously/unconsciously transmit out/put out into the "world"..... They DELIVER TO US that which we call forth from within us.... they are metaphors, symbols and reference points, meant to show us on a Quantum level what we could not see/understand before. At that point, the MOMENT we come into full consciousness, realize/see/become aware... WE ARE THE ONES THAT DICTATE WHAT OCCURS by what we DO with that information... on an Energetic Level... which correlates to the physical.... 

Learning to "READ REALities" Vibrationally, through the codes transmitted through the Unified Field of Super Consciousness, gives each the ability to RE-CODE REALITY from deep within. Learning to move beyond the limits, understand/dissolve/find a way around the perceived obstacles and shift vibrationally to a Quantum REALity ready to be activated through Consciousness is a natural ability as an Avatar here. 

Purity Consciousness is HOW WE DO all here. It's what opens up access for all of us again. This PURITY is our SOUL... the rest is our human ego/separation that each one of us must resolve/dissolve fully ... in order to preside/reside within the PRESENT MOMENT so fully, that all reality shifts easily and instantly.... 

Reality is your illusion, delusion, imagination and dream... It's your mentalities/beliefs solidified for you to experience here. ♥ Challenge yourself and everything you believed... step into your power, step up and into your highest purposes and roles to fulfill your most brilliant, magnificent and amazing realities here. ♥

I love you. InJOY your illusion... and walking in your Quantum Lucid Dream too! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

A Light Encoded Activation Article and Highest Consciousness Quantum Teaching/Sharing ♦ 

I was born (walked in at 3) to a human existence as Lisa and my remembered name is Transcendence. I "fell backwards" into this journey of consciousness, awakening, remembering & ascension. It was "long after", when I looked back and started to "connect the dots" and put the puzzle pieces together that I actually understood everything. This IS how it works here, unless we have someone or something to guide us along the way. I used this "new knowledge" to develop courses and teaching tools for others. Little did I know that in all of the time I was listening to "higher guidance", that I, as my future self, was leading me to "this point in time" of becoming a WayShower, Ascension Guide, Light Anchor, Gatekeeper and more, for the 5th Dimensional Realm (and higher). It was by using my own experiences & expansion that I created and shared, every step of the way. It is what brought me here now, to be able to share with you.
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