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Exhausted and Exalted

Exhausted and Exalted

Sometimes, as I observe the people I know, their lives seem quite ordered.  Things seem to be going along pretty smoothly.  My friend, Larry is traveling with his hubby, to exotic places, and he’s excited to talk to me about his adventures.

My other friend, Laura, is celebrating her new home and invited me to join her.  She has a thriving business and is happily doing her thing.

My brother just recently visited Greece and explored our father’s home land village, reuniting with old friends and family there.

And, I am happy for my friends, and my family.  I want to see them thrive and enjoy their lives.  They have their families, their businesses, and their rich and interesting lives.

And the temptation is to look at my life right now, and say my life doesn’t remotely look like that.  And then judge it as a bad thing.  Like it needs to look more like theirs.

But the thing is, my life used to look like theirs.  But, really it was never like theirs.  I was kind of going through the motions until I was ready to awaken, or to awaken fully into my multidimensional self.

And in the process, my life started to look less and less like theirs.

Where I am now, where many of us are now, isn’t necessarily a place that is comfortable.  And why would it be?  There is tremendous transformation taking place in our bodies, and our minds

”We are releasing our ancestral DNA for god’s sake.”

We are releasing our ancestral DNA for god’s sake.  Our friends and family aren’t doing that.  We are letting go of our story that goes back to before this Earth was formed.  Who do you know in your own family or circle of friends, if you have any left, that are doing that?

We are moving out of duality.  Letting go of what we thought was reality.  Moving into a 5th dimensional perspective, while also still living in a third dimension.

We are exploring an entirely new energy dynamic.  Trying to understand how it works.  We came here as the explorers and innovators of a new way of being.  We are not here to just settle for another life as the human who goes through the ordinary human iterations from birth to death.

We are in the process of defying death as we have known it.

We are defying death because we have already died to our old selves and are being reborn, but in the same bodies.  And of course those bodies are being transformed, albeit much more slowly than any of us would prefer.

We have faced our deepest fears, and didn’t run from them.  We are allowing the wisdom of our expanded selves to be a part of our everyday human self.

We have been through the darkest of the dark, as the human.

And, we are still here.  We are tired, and we get discouraged, as we wonder if this process is endless, and if we took a wrong turn somewhere.  Are we screwed, and have to live in a harsh, dense reality as a higher dimensional being indefinitely?

We get bored, and we get frustrated.  And we know that nothing in 3D could fill that role that our eternal self can.  Not money, not a relationship, or a career.

We know that there is something we are here for, and it’s not to save the world.  They are where they are.  Most of humanity isn’t going to suddenly become enlightened.  That’s going to take a while yet.

But, we knew that.  We knew we came here to awaken ourselves, and to radiate our soul’s joy.  We knew we wouldn’t be recognized by others who are still deep into duality.


When I see how others are experiencing trauma from long past events, like sexual assault, or emotional traumas from being abandoned, I have compassion for them.  I too have experienced such events.

But I have noticed that now I no longer carry the wounds.  I can look at those experiences from a more expanded perspective, and I have detached from the emotions of the events.  Not deny the emotions,  there’s a difference,

But after some time in this process of consciously living, we notice that we are no longer carrying around our old stories.  That’s huge.

We are moving into a profound place, where we no longer identify with the trauma and the wounds.  You become lighter, and you may not recognize that until you see someone crying because they were traumatized in their younger years, as if they are reliving them.


So, when I wonder why my life doesn’t look more like Joel’s  or Laura’s, or Mindy’s life, I have to remind myself that I am just where I need to be.

There are days I feel like I am too tired to do anything, or too bored to stay here, and days that I feel the joy of this soul of mine and the sensuality of this time and space reality.

But I try not to evaluate the ‘bad’ days as bad,  because they don’t look like someone else’s life.

And as infuriating as it gets watching the news, I remind myself that the world is where it is at, and it doesn’t have to affect me.  I get to choose, as the Master, how I want to feel.

As the Master, we get to enjoy the goings on out there from a purely ‘entertainment purposes’ perspective.

So as uncomfortable as it is for us on the forefront of the Consciousness shift, because, those going first are the most uncomfortable, I know that all is well, and that my Eternal Self has my back.

If you resonate with this message, you are absolutely on the forefront of the new consciousness.  An explorer of the new.  You don’t fit in with the rest of humanity, and that’s a good thing,  it means you are here for vastly different reasons than the people you know.

And the less you try to fit in, and the less you compare where you are to where they are, the easier it will be for you.

And if you have moved beyond caring what anyone thinks and you have embraced who you are, kudos because that is a good place to be.  And if you can enjoy duality while knowing it’s not your true reality, that’s a great place to be.

And everything you are feeling is appropriate.  Anger, sadness, doubt, fear.  Nothing wrong here.  All of that is appropriate.  This isn’t about being a poster child for smiles, sweetness, and sugary spiritual platitudes.

This is a serious undertaking, and even though we feel exhausted, it is an undertaking  that is deeply honored and exalted.

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