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Grander Paths To Unfold


How are we doing loves and lights…?  We’ve been in/under solar winds for about three days and it may continue a bit longer.  I’ve found myself starting a few posts but then letting go and staying with the process/energy.  There do though seem to be many possible themes/processes/perspectives/aspects…

I’ll note on just a few:

Unconscious to conscious.  Oh are we getting to core issues… again.  Like for many of us, we didn’t think we had any left but…    The next is anchoring in/waking up/coming online and seems big enough so this latest round is really about making sure we’re unattached, clear and one could say, empty and ready for the new to blossom.

This journey is of patience/discernment/discovery and consistently getting to the next/new layer of truth.  The old/false/excuses fall away and freedom and the unlimited remind.  And, one may understand in a moment that often what we want, actually would diminish what we need.  Having some things would distracted us from (getting to) our truth.  When it’s meant… to be (real), it will come.

One may now also see or ask, what have I allowed in my energy?  We do and do not carry others.  This may be a time where you no longer play a (supporting) role in another’s story.  We fade (or empower others in a new way) … and this is done in love.

Micro to Macro and 360.  When many of us started, we worked the 180/linear/past-present-future.  We examined/clearer/dabbled in much.  Yet then the 360 (and multi) started.  And for a while, oh the blind spots/shadows/what was unknown; the unexpected that sneaks up.  Yet, we examine it all and get to a place where peace and beauty surround us.  Interesting though as 180 and 360 = a 9 in numerology which = complete.  Both paths serve.

We also work issues on a micro… and then macro level.  Zoom out and hold all in perspective.

Amplified.  Head’s up as some stuff is coming UP.  It’s as if all layers are being pinged (and yes, some get a pass on this round).  Emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and reality.  The energy/reality/lessons can be intense.  The body… may feel/experience anxiety, pain, sadness, a death and rebirth.  For some there is no other way yet, please see, Peace.   [For some sleep and nourishment is very much needed now, too. ]

Higher Plans.   One might not even know what it is yet… yet, it’s unfolding.  We’re being called.

Flash.  We know that in a flash everything can change.  Some will have these moments… and will be aware of all of the work/process that has gone into the moment.  For others, not so much, just this magical transformation.

The flash though may feel like a flash flood.  Too much, too fast and much just has to wash over and go somewhere.  Flash floods (symbolism) are a good time to pull in/keep it simple/allow.  Oh the elements continue to work/balance.  There is a theme of unstable ground.  It may be felt before and/or between the death/exhaust/deplete and the ascend/rise/new.  It can feel scary/unknown/foreign yet trust/make peace/allow.

Peace.   This energy is always available.  It can be simple, pure… easy.  At times we do need slow/rest/quiet… to realize.  Time with self/spirit/allow our body and reality to change.  A simple breathe can assist in anchoring in.

All of this work/joy is tying into the upcoming solstice/balance point (6/21) which can be felt now.

So if you’ve looked outside and don’t see the answer/form, pull in.  Start to cultivate/hold space/create… and often this is not done in the mind… yet in the heart/an essence.  If a reality isn’t what you desire, often we keep looking outside for ways to fix/change/create it.  And sometime this works… and sometimes, nope.  It can get exhausting and frustrating.  Go in… have faith… allow what needs to surface (and what might be blocking).  Clear the old.  Our new just can’t support the old anymore.

[  If we’re hard-headed/determined though, welcome struggle.  And we do struggle through it yet there is an easier way.  Pull in to see/create union… even if you don’t know/see the details.  It happen inside us… and then in this change (and time), the outside matches up.  This is about vibration… and magic.  Often in the past, we had to take whatever presented (difficult energy/form/reality) and alchemize it.  Now though we’re automatically starting from a new/higher place.  Amen.  ]

Now… and our energy is a very special and precious gift.  Now… watch this meet reality.  New and grander paths are to unfold.  Feel it…?  Oh I do hope so.  In joy… 

P.S.  Please (if your in the trenches of a process) also balance all of this with FUN/a break/outdoor time/being with tribe.


Molly Brown is an empath, intuitive, medium and channel. A spiritual blogger, author and teacher who believes in angelic signs and the power of life lessons, relationships, personal healing, light and LOVE. She wishes to inspire, encourage and empower others on their journey. Molly is a blessed to be a mother and significant other and loves time in nature, music, cooking, and laughing. source here

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