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The Human Ascension Process

The Human Ascension Process

What is the purpose of the Human Ascension Process?

The Ascension process is an evolutionary process, which on a spiritual level, involves the raising and expansion of human consciousness.

This will eventually create a much more highly evolved planet and a much more highly evolved Human Being. Everything in and around us is made up of energy and is affected/heightened in vibration in this process. 

Ascension involves the raising of one's energetic vibration, or 'personal energy signature'. This results in the development of a more fine-tuned awareness of the interconnectedness of all things (All That Is); it also allows one access to the higher dimensions/planes of reality (levels of consciousness) beyond the 3D level of physical awareness. Ascension, and the signs and symptoms associated with it, are occurring on a personal and planetary level.  The earth and all her creatures are also ascending.  No one is left behind.  Some animals and people will leave during cosmic events to move to another lifetime if their body/mind cannot keep up with the next level of Ascension. 

Sources of Ascension Energies

The Ascension energies that you experience come from a number of sources: Cosmic plasma Light energy from the galactic center of our solar system, solar energy, moon energy, comets, meteor showers and energy from astronomical events such as solar flares, eclipses, equinoxes, and solstices. Other Ascension symptoms are a result of the energy centers of the body (chakras) opening, activating, and expanding with higher frequencies of energy; negative symptoms can also indicate a block or imbalance in the chakra and can occur when cleansing/clearing the chakra and whenever lower frequency are being released.

Human, Animal and Planetary Ascension

This conscious evolutionary process has been rapidly accelerating on Earth since 2012. We now have access to new higher vibrational energies. Since everyone is wired a bit differently, each person is experiencing these changes in their own way and in their own time. The Ascension process is related to how we each work with our own individual energy, beliefs, choices, and experiences. It is also impacted by past lives and ancestral lineage.

There is no right or wrong way to ascend because it is an ongoing and unique process for everyone. For the highly sensitive, intuitive, or psychic individual the Ascension process can be more challenging, and the energies that affect this type of person can be much more intense and debilitating.

The planet, animals and environment are also going through major physical and psycho-spiritual changes and are ascending in their own way in their own time. Some of these Ascension symptoms are quite noticeable for them and us while others are subtle and happening at a molecular level (such as DNA and cellular upgrades / attunements). 

Everything and everyone is cleansing and releasing toxins.  Most Ascension symptoms are about releasing accumulated physical, mental, and emotional toxins and trauma. These toxins and trauma have been accumulating in the individual mind/body for many generations and in past lives, as well as on a collective level.  

How are you affected during the Ascension process?

Ascension symptoms happen on a spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional level. As you begin to experience the Ascension process, old patterns, behaviours, and beliefs that have limited your perception and kept your vibration in a denser state of being, begin to re-emerge. Negative thoughts and emotions that had previously been held in the subconscious and repressed begin to emerge so that they can finally be acknowledged and released. Old energy that is stuck within you limits flow and creates blocks while also limiting your “Higher Mind” awareness.

Throughout the Ascension process, these old energies are pushed up to the surface to be healed, you begin to let go of denser /negative/thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns which no longer serve or assist you. You become aware of your self sabotaging patterns and perspectives and have the choice to then leave the wheel of karmic patterns and make healthier, empowering decisions, actions, and thoughts.  

You become lighter, embody more cosmic plasma Light consciousness, and perceive reality without your programming or conditioning. You become heart centered and take your personal power back.  This allows you to have balanced, reciprocal relationships, that then allow you to naturally cooperate and co-create with others and with the earth. 

The ego dissolves and each of us will come together in harmony and peace with each other and the planet. As we allow more of the light of awareness into our being we gradually raise our energetic frequency as a whole. We go from vibrating at a 3D level, to a 5D level of vibrational awareness, and this is just the start! 

The Ascension process is different for everyone and can vary according to individual physical/mental/emotional conditions and degree of awareness, personal vibration, spiritual practice, and purpose.

Ascension Symptoms that you may experience

Ascension symptoms happen on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Your system is rebooting, being 'tuned up' or upgraded in energetic frequencies. Your mental, emotional, and physical bodies are detoxifying. Old patterns start to fall away as one starts to embody much more light and there is a readjustment to new higher frequencies and healthier patterns.

Note: not all of these symptoms may be due to the Ascension process. Please follow your own inner guidance and consult a health care professional as needed. Trust your body and your inner knowing. 

The Human Ascension Process

Ascension Signs and Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening and Expanded Consciousness 

Welcome to the Ascension Process!

  • You sense intuitively that something unusual is happening to you that you just can't seem to explain. 
  • You might feel like you are losing your mind or 'going crazy' at times.
  • Your general outlook on life, or the 'reality' you're accustomed to experiencing might start to change abruptly or drastically. 
  • You may begin perceiving things in a profoundly different way than you have in the past; a shift in consciousness is starting to occur.
  • Changes in diet and eating habits, or food preferences. Sudden binge eating, then lack of appetite, followed by extreme appetite periods. Increase in any addictions, then a decrease.
  • Digestion issues such as digestion pain, bloating, gas, IBS, indigestion not due to any specific dietary cause or allergy, fluctuating between periods of constipation and diarrhea, and acid reflux/GERD related issues. Pain and aching in the solar plexus.
  • Sudden or gradual weight gain or loss, especially in the abdominal area. Developing a tire around your middle.  Weight increase/fluctuations may occur despite attempts to lose weight in this area, and even if there are no changes in your diet and eating habits, or physical fitness and activity level.
  • Physical aches and pains throughout your entire body, or in particular areas that come and go, soreness or stiffness in joints, muscles, and bones, for no apparent reason. 
  • Back, shoulder and neck tension and soreness
  • Sudden Skin issues, itching, hives, rashes, localized or all over the body for no apparent reason, acne breakouts, inflammation, cold sores.  Sudden changes in hair, skin and nails that worsen and then get better.  
  • Unusual changes in vision and visual perception, dry or itchy eyes, or blurry vision from time to time not due to any eyesight issues.
  • See auras or colored light around people, animals, or objects. Seeing prisms or flashes of light.
  • Changes in the respiratory or circulatory systems of the body, spontaneous heart palpitations or heart flutters, from time to time, a fast heart rate or racing heart that occurs without apparent cause. 
  • Pulsating energy, pressure or other strange or unusual sensations in and around the heart and chest area. Issues with fluctuating high blood pressure or low blood pressure. These heart symptoms may occur even when medical issues or conditions have been ruled out and are not related to physical exercise or exertion.
  • Head issues: crawly brain, pain, or pressure in or around the head, or entire skull area, including the eyes, ears, and sinuses, and sometimes in the lower face area, including teeth and gums, and jaw area. It may be localized to one side only, or might shift from one side to another, from time to time. Frequent headaches: strange sensations in around the head or eyes, such as pinpricks, electrical shocks, a warm energy or burning feeling, tingles or spasms that come and go quickly for no reason. 
  • Dull ache or pressure near the forehead region or between the eyes. This symptom is also related to (and often accompanies) sinus and allergy issues, extreme sinus pressure, sinus headaches or infections, and allergies.
  • Periods of imbalance, clumsiness, lack of coordination control at times, dropping things more often. Having vertigo, feeling lightheaded or dizzy especially when sitting or standing up suddenly. These symptoms will occur even when there is no medical or physical condition present.
  • Feeling anxious, jittery, or extremely nervous at times for no apparent reason. Tingling in the body, panic attacks, periods of doom and gloom for no reason. Heightened central nervous system, feeling that you are unable to manage or cope.  
  • A sense of disorientation or being detached from reality; living in your head or feeling spacey or distracted easily or feeling foggy.
  • Memory issues or problems discerning information or conversations, words lose their meaning, or you forget words, jumbled thoughts or trouble comprehending things; being easily distracted when listening to any speech, or when someone is talking, often because your mind is racing with other associated thoughts or visuals.
  • You "feel and know'' but you cannot communicate or express at all or well what it is you are sensing, or you channel certain information rapidly and download new ideas without much thought.  
  • Feeling unusual vibrations or a vibrating sensation within the physical body; pulsating or vibrating waves or rushes of energy throughout the body, tingling sensations, pins and needles feeling, static electricity, jolts, twitches and muscle spasms, bouts of itching.
  • Feeling drained of energy, often around particular people or in certain places; unexplainable worry, feeling overwhelmed, nervous breakdowns; experiencing a 'Dark Night of the Soul'; soul transformations or transforming events occurring all at once; sudden and unexpected changes and feeling that you are spiraling out of control.
  • Experiencing unusual, intense, or wild dreams or visions that can be pleasant, or even frightening; dreams may become more vivid, recurring dream themes, meeting people from this lifetime in your dreams, experiencing deja-vu in dreams, bizarre abstract dreams that are difficult to explain, prophetic or precognitive dreams, dreams about time travel or other worlds.
  • Increased lucid dreaming, astral projection, or other unusual out-of-body experiences, experiencing various levels of consciousness or multi-dimensional perception. One might experience or suddenly shift to periods where they experience no dream recall at all.
  • Periods of extreme fatigue, or upon awakening although being fully rested; needing to take naps more frequently or the fatigue suddenly passes, times where the opposite occurs, and you feel wide awake and energized despite lack of sleep, or being hyper-focused despite fatigue, periods of laziness or lack of motivation.
  • Changes in hearing or heightened sensitivity to sound, hearing unusual sounds or strange auditory sensations, ears suddenly popping or ringing in the ears, hearing beeps, pings, tones, frequencies, whooshing or pulsating sounds. Periods of extreme sensitivity where sounds appear louder than usual, and periods where sounds or voices become more muffled.
  • Cold/Flu like symptoms that appear and then disappear without actually developing into a full-blown cold or flu, feeling stuffy headed or head pressure, sinus and allergy issues, problems with respiratory or changes in breathing, up and down thyroid issues, periods of frequent sneezing or yawning even if no other cold/flu symptoms or fatigue is present.
  • Sudden or extreme changes in body temperature, sudden increased sensitivity, or intolerance to either heat or cold, circulation issues, having chills or feelings of being cold all the time without reason, or periods of feeling extremely warm, hot flashes, night sweats and waves of heat throughout the body or in certain areas.
  • Increased psychic awareness and sensitivity, an increase in clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and other extra-sensory abilities, heightened intuition, and the awakening of the 6th/Brow/Third-eye Chakra or inner vision, prophetic or precognitive dreams or visions occurring more often, flashes of insight, imagination, and inspiration; more intense or vivid dreams, unusual daydreams, visualizing or fantasizing more often.
  • Noticing shimmers or sparkles of light within the environment, especially in nature, a strange haze, glowing halos or auras around trees and plants, animals, and other people. Lights may suddenly appear brighter and more intense, or unusual. Objects appear to fade away or dim in and out of focus. Unusual experiences with vision and perception in general.
  • Energy causing interference in electrical appliances, electronic devices behaving in an unusual way or malfunctioning within your presence, especially when you are in a heightened state of emotion or a high state of vibration, having light bulbs blow out or flicker when you are near; feeling more drained or energetically depleted near too many electrical devices or when around them for long periods of time, sensitivity to electromagnetic fields and sometimes even the ability to influence them.
  • Time seems distorted, unusual shifts in relation to the experience of time, events and memories; having the feeling or perception that time is speeding up, moving faster or an accelerated perception of time, and other moments feeling that time is slowing down or at a standstill, feeling that you can't accomplish all that you want or that 'time is running out', experiencing a sense of urgency.  
  • A feeling of detachment or wanting to withdraw suddenly from family, friends, or coworkers, or the world in general, not being able to relate to certain things and people the same way as before; A sudden loss of interest in hobbies or pursuits that once excited you, feeling drained around other people or in certain environments or situations, wanting to be alone more often and needing to be in your own space or sanctuary and finding comfort in your inner world, becoming a hermit, more time spent in self reflection and introspection. Sensing profound life changes as your inner world transforms.
  • Heightened trauma response, emotional extremes, or heightened emotions; bouts of crying that occur out suddenly or feeling sad for no apparent reason; more empathic or sensitive to the moods or emotions of others, bouts of hysterical laughter and giddiness.
  • Looking out at your environment and feeling as if you are experiencing a dream world or alternative reality. Experiencing the external world as being unreal, you see the fakeness in our culture, feeling like you are in a daze, a trance, disoriented, confused, spacey or ungrounded, feeling detached, withdrawn, or isolated.
  • Feeling as you don’t belong, as if you are invisible to others, or as if you are a total stranger. Strange moments where you feel others can’t hear you, or you can’t hear or see them; not relating to others in the same way as before. You sense you are in a higher timeline when others are in a lower vibrational one.
  • A strong feeling that you are lost and don't know who you are. A feeling of being someone other than you thought you were before and wanting to find your True Self. Experiencing a loss of ego or personal identities, old belief systems and programs; feeling disassociated or fragmented. Experiencing multi-dimensional consciousness and knowing you are evolving.
  • A sudden feeling of being connected to nature and animals like never before, an increased sensitivity to plants, trees, flowers, a deep understanding and appreciation of nature and animals, and more natural or serene environments, an overwhelming desire to be in nature or live around more natural and serene environments. Nature is your temple, begins to energize you and bring you peace of mind and expand your heart.
  • Abrupt life changes in job, friends, hobbies, interests, or living environments, or a sudden feeling of wanting to relocate or being drawn to a particular area. You may begin to resonate with certain geographical locations or a desire to travel in general, a desire for profound change or deeper meaning in your life; chance encounters with unusual people or meaningful people entering your life in synchronistic ways who may change your life in meaningful ways.
  • An Increase feeling of Divine and Unconditional Love, moments of gratitude and deep appreciation for life, increased peace, clarity, understanding and compassion, profound revelations and insights, a sense of Oneness and interconnectedness, feeling more connected with nature, other people, animals, the universe, Spirit, One with All. Encounters with angelic and cosmic beings, and the awareness of the presence of non-physical entities or energies.
  • A sudden increase in Synchronicity - meaningful coincidences that occur frequently when you least expect them. You may notice 11:11 and other repeating number sequences known as Anger Numbers, often in unusual ways whenever you just 'happen to look'; uncanny alignment of events or chance encounters; meeting people in synchronistic ways which develop into significant relationships or learning lessons. You might begin to understand the deeper meaning behind certain events or notice recurring patterns in your life.
  • Increased "self talk." or inner chatter. You'll find yourself talking to your Self more often. Inner dialogue that is sometimes clairvoyant or telepathic in nature. Moments of heightened energy where you may receive channeled information or experience automatic writing.
  • Moments in conversation where you feel energized with extremely clear and profound speaking and then not being able to recall or repeat it the same way or with the same clarity, as if it were profound wisdom coming from your higher self or Spirit.
  • You may experience an overwhelming desire to leave the planet and a deep longing to return to home, even if you don't know where 'home' is or can't explain this feeling. A sudden interest in Star Family, certain constellations, and cosmic beings. A feeling of connection with the stars, or the universe itself; You feel compelled to re-connect with Source/Spirit and you begin to seek a deeper meaning and purpose to your life.

PS: Certain Ascension symptoms can be lessened/supported by being more aware, and by using vibrational plant medicine and other vibrational holistic treatments/healing modalities.  Please follow your inner guidance and any divine direction you may receive to help support you during this intense Ascension time!

I am here if you need my support!



Samantha Orthlieb
(Registered Herbalist, Certified Iridologist, Flower/Nature Essence Therapist, EAV/ Bioenergetic Medicine Practitioner, Contemporary Medicine Woman, Plant Protector, Land Guardian and Evolutionary Oracle)
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