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The Perfect Place To Receive

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One of the most challenging aspects of awakening is feeling so vulnerable.  Circumstances that feel beyond our control push us up against the wall, and bring us to our knees.  We are face to face with our deepest fears.  We feel we have no where left to run.

In those moments we are in just the perfect place to receive.  Because we need to be wide open, which our mind interprets as being vulnerable.  Vulnerability is a good thing.  This process of inviting more light…which, by the way, is us….more of us….into our body and our life, brings up whatever hasn’t felt loved.  That could be different things to different folks.

We are moving into our freedom, so guess what gets triggered?  Anything that hasn’t felt free.

There have been so many times in my life when I felt so vulnerable, so raw, but nothing compares to what I have felt in my awakening.   And much of the fears of course come from the mind, as we have been discovering, and not our soul.  But we have been taught to be brave, and stay in control of our emotions.

In fact appearing so open emotionally is seen, especially by the male energies, as weak.

Yet it’s quite the opposite.  It takes the bravest of souls to allow all the emotions and to be so open.  Being closed may feel safe, but it actually creates an anxiety that is always lurking right under the surface.

And what we discover is that as we allow ourselves to be so open, so vulnerable, is that we actually are safe.  We have faced our deepest fears, and we are still here.  We actually become stronger, and we move stuck energies in the process.

And, our beautiful sister Brenda Hoffman has encouraged us recently to allow ourselves to reach out to our fellow humans, to trust in humanity.

Her message helped remind me that this process is pushing us to swallow that human pride of having to figure it out all by ourself.

We have a history of being slammed for asking for assistance, and there always seemed to be some price to pay.  Whether real or imagined.

But we are in a very different place now.  We are not going to pull in unbalanced energies from others.

We have released most of that.  We are not so much holding energies any more.  And we have been releasing our caretaking role.

We are discovering that no matter how bad things get, or how bad our mind believes they are, this process is benevolent.  It’s done in love.  It’s done with the intent of accelerating our growth and in creating the best of all worlds.

Both human and soul get to partner up in the most extraordinary dance and that dance has life serving us.

So in those moment in which we may feel that it’s all just falling apart, that it’s all impossible, and we want to give it all up…..it’s good to remind ourselves we couldn’t be in a better place to open to receiving.  And let it come to us in whatever form it needs to, whether it’s from our soul, or from another human.

Let go of the old broken record that tells you that you must pay to receive, that you must earn it.  It is your birthright.  No strings attached.

Art by Maria Chambers
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