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WAKE UP ~ To Opportunities

WAKE UP ~ To Opportunities

There is no hell fire and brimstone, something religious zealots and conspiracy theorists who target those in fear, believe and promote, constantly.

UNLESS of course you BELIEVE IN IT.  AND YOU are in fear.

If I take the VACCINE for the pandemic COVID-19 ~ I will not die. I am not in fear. If you believe you will, you will.

Do not misconstrue the meaning above.

If I took the vaccine it would not be from fear and needing antibodies more so prove ~ look does nothing either way.

I have swam in the winter beyond what would be physically possible to survive and I have.

The living or not living ~ the beautiful life or not beautiful life is only through the consciousness of the being it flows through.

I am in joy whether tortured or live in Luxury ~ I am what I am vibrating AS!!!!

Either way fear TO or fear not To of anything is one and the same.

Since when did giving away your power to live your truth become reliant on FEAR ~ on the external and HERD MENTALITY/consciousness.

YOU do create your experience of your REALITY.  Fear or no fear.

IT IS what you believe you know.

ALL that is simply that ~ your reality is what you believe.

It all lays in the minds and hearts of those WHO exist. AS TO WHAT IS.

If you believe the boogie man is out to get you, so be it. IF you do not, so be it also.

Pay attention ~ to this yourself.


Wake up.

If you are meant in this incarnation to be from age old fear ~ during this the most significant consciousness shifts on Earth to date ~ then you will.

The term be free has many meanings according to the level of consciousness you are existing through.

One could be free to promote fear.

One could be free from those that promote fear.

The question is ~ What are you BEING and what are you PROMOTING?

The HEART IS THE ONLY true answer and true power that eternally exists.

Fear does not eternally exist.

What is it this message is saying and activating. PAY close attention to the opportunity the opportunities at hand.

They are not encoded with fear.

The opportunities to ASCEND AND EVOLVE has only to do with YOU knowing yourself and living ONLY AS THE eternal DIVINE Being that you are.

Being your ascended self has NOTHING to do with the world and fear at large.

This is your evolution to LOVE.

This may sound boring to those who are hell bent on blaming secret societies.

When you incarnate and leave EARTH ~ it is all you, how you lived. IN love or fear. It is one or the other.

Blessing all of you now in the NEW DIVINE HUMANITY.

That is as it is. The ONE and only present moment. Through the Heart. In love.


Here I Am ~ Here you Are ~ Here We Are ~And So it is!
Always Feeling You, Always with you in The Divine Sacred Light of All That Is!!!
L’Aura Pleiadian™
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