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Why Are You Still Here?


Why are you still here?  Why do you choose to remain here on Planet Earth, even those of you who have gone through your awakening, and are now in your last phases of your ascension.  Those who are well past the processing and are rounding the corner of embodying spirit.

Sure there’s always more to integrate, but you know who I am speaking to.    You know if you are one who has gone through the dark night of the soul.  You have left behind many family members, friends, jobs, groups.  You have experienced the highs and lows of this process.

So to those I ask the question.  Why are you still here?

I will share why I am still here, by first explaining what I am NOT here for:  I am not here to save the Planet.  The Planet is doing just fine.  It’s going through its own ascension.  I am not here to pray for world peace.  Many are not interested or ready for peace.

I am not here to make others more comfortable with my presence.   To hold or download their energies so they don’t have to feel their own.  I am not here for my family, or my friends,  what few are left.  I am not here to prove anything to anyone.

I am not here to make anyone feel more loved.  I am not here as a woman, to stimulate anyone’s sexual desires. Or to be a sexual gateway.  I’m not here as a gender to be the scapegoat for male anger.

I am not here to be all understanding, or to love everyone and everything unconditionally.  Or to be the voice of wisdom and spirituality.


I am still here because I love that first sip of dark roast in the morning.  I’m here because there’s nothing like biting into a fresh, well made meatball and spaghetti or ziti dinner….with grated cheese on top….or a seafood medley over angel hair pasta….with no guilt or worry.  Same for any number of rich, gooey deserts.  Maybe a good cheesecake with cherries on top, or French vanilla ice cream over a warm brownie.

To sip a quality dry, red wine.  If I smoked, I’d be puffing on a really good cigar.

I’m here to lay in bed and listen to the early morning, pre-dawn birds singing joyfully.  To walk at night to the background symphony of my frog and cricket friends.

I am here to write…I love writing in my journal…even just the feeling of the fiber-tipped pen on the smooth, lined paper.  To create Images with my iPad that have never been created before.  To listen to smooth jazz and the Gypsy Kings and dance to electro swing.

Well, maybe just watch others dancing to it, because I don’t have the patience to learn the moves.  But I do my best.

And there’s some other things, but they all have to do with enjoying the crap out of this time space reality, of feeling  the sensual nature of my environment and my body, without guilt, and without shame.

I am here because I want to feel more of the hum of my soul in my body, that indescribable feeling.

And, as long as I am able to, that’s what I will do.  If my body becomes a burden to the degree that I can no longer experience the fullness of who I am, I’m out of here.  Because I am here to experience joy, not endless pain.

And, a by-product of that joy is I am a living, breathing standard for others who also want to feel the sensuality of themselves and their I AM.

Enjoy Night Bird.  I recorded a lone bird’s song and added my own background music.  Enjoy.

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