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Wide Open StarGate Activity

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DAYS of Powerful Cosmic Light Rays & SOULar-Star Codes Activating, Integrating, Re-Calibrating, DNA Re-Coding and Electromagnetic Re-Balancing ... In Your Bodies, Earth & Atmospheres... High Photonic Anchoring, Body-Field Ali

BEYOND POWERFUL Comic Upgrades, Enhancements, DNA De-Coding & Re-Coding, Higher Consciousness HUmanity Star-Light Codes for Integration, StarGates Synchronization, Recalibration and Realignments CONTINUE for days.... Yesterday was the most powerful on a DNA Level that I've seen/experienced thus far, with today focused on GRAVITY, Magenetics, Stabilization and going higher and higher and higher with our whole body/field. 

These massive LIGHT FLUXES re-structure everything on a Quantum atomic/cellular/molecular level.... every reality... the physical... these go straight to each's INNER WORLDS, to rock, shake, uproot, unhinge, unearth, untangle, unravel and unanchor where old unconscious programs and beliefs were deeply held/embedded within. Whatever it takes to awaken each to CHOOSE TO TRANSITION from Old Earth to NEW from INSIDE.... 

NEW EARTH IS OUR CURRENT HOME.... yet many still hold veils and unconscious programming still. Fear of letting go and challenging their own belief systems, for it might "mess with their world"... welp, Physical Body Ascension and Multi-Dimensional Existence DOES MESS WITH THE HUMAN REALITY.... because the human ego (Duality/Separation/Unconsciousness) is a PROGRAM that must die/dissolve for UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS TO EXIST and come forth from within each.... fully. 

NEW EARTH IS A WHOLE NEW EXISTENCE, A WHOLE NEW LIFE.... one FREE from lack, free from constraints, free from fear, free from all that was a part of UNCONSCIOUSNESS. 

NEW EARTH is all around you, available to all of us, as each is TRULY READY to embrace, truly ready to make that CHOICE/DECISION to 'MOVE' ...... 

OLD EARTH... is not a place, except by way of physical matter density that is a VIBRATIONAL MATCH. This is things, places, each other... Old Earth is a LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS, a DIMENSION that's fully or partially still asleep, living beneath the VEILS OF AMNESIA... with each's BODY..... 

OLD Earth is your/each's EXPERIENCE.... It's a DIMENSION experiencing "looping timelines" that collapse/merge/dissolve as each is ready to MOVE ON..... 

OLD Earth is a fractaled aspect of REALity.... just one fractal of a Multi-Faceted/Multi-Dimensional Earth... where fractaled aspects of sleeping humans still play out unconscious realities, unaware that there are MULTIPLE VERSIONS/DIMENSIONS OF EARTH.... 

NEW EARTH is where each's SOUL LIVES now... with a physical form. It's where us, as Galactic Aspects, Star-Light-BEings live and anchor HIGHER DIMENSIONAL HUMANITY CODES in through our physical bodies and share our HIGHER HEART-MIND INTELLIGENCE (knowledge), abundance, reSOURCES and opportunities with EACH OTHER... where we inspire, create and care..... about each other as COSMIC BEINGS.... here to LIVE UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS with every breath.... 

NEW EARTH IS VIBRATIONAL (where the physical reality returns a vibrational response/match), so each's must ACHIEVE the vibration fully, by way of INTEGRATING CONSTANTLY in order to acclimate (keep up), embody and WALK ON NEW EARTH in the physical, experiencing the magical, beautiful, amazing, brilliant, simplicity and profound DEEP SACREDNESS available through each of our own DEEP INNER CONNECTIONS..... and transmitted out to reconnect all through PURITY CONSCIOUSNESS here. 

NEW EARTH awaits each, is available to each... as each CHOOSES NEW EARTH AS HOME.... as each DECIDES that they are DONE with OLD EARTH WAYS and dedicates/steps up/into fulfilling their own higher/highest purposes/missions/roles.

NEW EARTH is only accessible through a wide open heart and mind, kindness, consideration, respect, integrity (on a SOUL Level), peace and sharing.... everything with each other as ONE. Our every moment is LIVING ALL AS A GIFT, immense appreciation, immense joy, immense love, immense caring, immense sharing, immense kindness, immense unity.... not just "a little bit" or what is "comfortable"... it's an ALL-IN EXPERIENCE.... 

NEW EARTH becomes visible at first in different ways... to stretch the HUMAN MIND and bring down those WALLS of PROTECTION that keeps each in survival mode and "protecting" themselves from the virtual perceived unknown.... NEW EARTH IS NOT TO FEAR... OLD EARTH IS EACH'S REPRESENTATION OF THIS... 

Making excuses, waiting for "something to happen" or "prove to you", won't get you here... YOUR OWN UNIVERSAL/DIVINE/PURE INNER-CONNECTION is the only thing that can. No one can do this for you.... only you can... 

For your ego, full surrender of the need to know first, the need for anything first.... full surrender to a process that appears to make no logical sense, because QUANTUM EXISTENCE is only LOGICAL VIBRATIONALLY, ENERGETICALLY, GEOMETRICALLY AND NON-LINEARLY.... 

Your REALization that OUR NEW EARTH means EVERY THING IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT.... than your old human realities were.... that there is MUCH HIGHER INTELLIGENCE that exists BEYOND YOUR EGO (LIMITED MENTALITIES/BELIEFS).... 

Your REALization that your world is going to change, quite substantially, because YOU ON A SOUL LEVEL PRE-DETERMINED ALL/this.... 

Your REALization that there is an entire DIMENSION/REALITY where peace, love, unity, equality, freedom, infinite abundance, beauty, bliss, magic and a LIVING BREATHING THRIVING EARTH already exists... and that YOU are the one that must TRANSFORM YOUR ENTIRE REALITY to match the vibration of this..... 

Your REALization that you are not the only one, there are multitudes of us ALREADY HERE.... doing this... and all is already DONE. 

You've already DONE THIS.... you've already achieved the magnificence of LIVING FULLY ON OUR NEW EARTH.... working together, playing together, existing together through UNITY... already EXISTS.... and that these LIGHT ENCODEMENTS that bombard our bodies, planet and atmospheres now... are for all of us to further continue to anchor, integrate and experience this..... 

What is COMING IS A MASSIVE COLLECTIVE UPSHIFT ... what we are ANCHORING RIGHT NOW IS THIS.... What we are experiencing daily is the ACCELERATION OF PHOTONIC REALITIES.... that distort, re-tune, re-turn, re-code, make visible and REQUIRE each's full participation in HOLDING THESE MUCH HIGHER DIMENSIONAL TIMELINES/REALITIES --- constantly, continually and fully from within..... 

A BEYOND POWERFUL PHASE HAS BEEN ACTIVATED with these last few days Light Encodements/Frequencies that UNLEASHES COSMIC TRANSFORMATION as the PRIORITY for all awakening to see/understand how important all of this is.... 

We've spent days integrating, recalibrating, recoding and delivering that which assists all on this mega-journey of BEING NEW EARTHER'S ..... NOW. Our DIVINE HUMANITY already exists, brought forth from within each and and each's participation is requested/required, as each is truly ready to join us all here. ♥

I love you... get ready... huge is an understatement for what JUNE's Cosmic Trigger Point means for us all. ♥ It's the whole month... not just a moment or a day.... it's every month, every year, as that is "linear time" and we are not linear, we are Quantum, where we OCCUPY A VIBRATIONAL SPACE as ENERGY.... and we MOVE REALITIES ourselves, we activate realities ourselves, we call forth realities, we re-code realities, we reprogram all.... just BY BEING..... LIGHT and the Purity of WHO WE TRULY ARE.... here. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

A Light Encoded Activation Article and Higher Consciousness Teaching/Sharing for all

I was born (walked in at 3) to a human existence as Lisa and my remembered name is Transcendence. I "fell backwards" into this journey of consciousness, awakening, remembering & ascension. It was "long after", when I looked back and started to "connect the dots" and put the puzzle pieces together that I actually understood everything. This IS how it works here, unless we have someone or something to guide us along the way. I used this "new knowledge" to develop courses and teaching tools for others. Little did I know that in all of the time I was listening to "higher guidance", that I, as my future self, was leading me to "this point in time" of becoming a WayShower, Ascension Guide, Light Anchor, Gatekeeper and more, for the 5th Dimensional Realm (and higher). It was by using my own experiences & expansion that I created and shared, every step of the way. It is what brought me here now, to be able to share with you.
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