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Divine Unification - September 2021

Divine Unification - September 2021

Hi Amazing Friend,

So far, this entire year has been a time of great personal growth, healing, and expansion—and you may have noticed that there hasn’t been much downtime to rest from all of that!

September will offer us an opportunity to catch our breath, allowing much of the expansion taking place within us now to integrate.

Although there’s some intensity that comes with the personal and global expansion we’ve been experiencing, it’s all coming up to help us address, resolve, and heal many of the primal distortions we’ve been working through in our consciousness. We have been healing not only ourselves this way, but also our ancestors.

Many people have reported feeling exhausted, and more sensitive than usual. If you are experiencing this, use it as feedback to self-nurture, recharge your batteries, and be extra kind and patient with yourself and others.

Has Time also felt like it has been speeding up for you? If so, you are not alone!

When Time speeds up as it has been, big personal and global shifts show up. No matter how these shifts look on the surface, they are designed to shake up the status quo and expand us out of unconscious survival-based habits, patterns, and structures.

Though it may look or feel as if things are falling apart all over the world, or even in our own lives, the cracks being made are allowing the Light to seep into the consciousness of all life, on this planet and beyond.

The consciousness-stretching occurring now is helping us change our core priorities and ways of being, so as to lay the foundations for a far more peaceful, loving, heart-centered reality to emerge, for all life on this planet.

Part of why we are seeing these changes occurring so quickly now, is due to the re-balancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within all living beings.

Take a moment to reflect on what’s happening right now, and you will notice that almost everywhere in the world, the old fear-based control structures are being completely challenged and spotlighted, like never before.

Systems that subscribe to control-by-fear methods, which are still promoting separation between groups and individuals, are being asked to alchemize into new systems—ones that work for all of humanity and the Earth herself.

These new systems signal an amazing shift into peace, well-being, integrity, compassion, fairness, equality, and prosperity for all.

Of course, because certain constructs have been in control for so long, they have real resistance to releasing their control. That’s the current campaign we are seeing being projected onto humanity at this time.

It’s a last-ditch effort by a tiny group who desire to keep the collective in fear, in those areas of life where people are most susceptible to giving their power away.

However, that process simply cannot continue any longer.

It just requires too much energy now, to go against the natural awakening cycle and current flow of the Universe. Their resistance makes that process too difficult for them to continue with it.

How Did We Get Here?

Eons ago, Earth was a peaceful, global society. Humans, animals, plants, the Earth—everything coexisted in peace. The basis of life was Love, unity, honesty, respect, and service to each other.

People honored both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine equally. Nothing was better or worse than anything else.

Over time, this perfect balance was released and forgotten. People began to increasingly disconnect from their true identity. They disconnected from the Earth, and from one another.

Human consciousness fell from the higher dimensions to the very low third dimension.

The years that followed this fall from grace into the density of the third dimension have become known as the great Time of Forgetfulness. This was the start of human beings forgetting that they carried the Divine Template of Source within them.

As they took on the third dimensional perspective, they got increasingly caught up in fear, control, and separateness. Life was no longer about joyful, conscious creating. It became centered around survival.

We also came to form low, dense ideas about Feminine and Masculine energies. We began to see them as separate, and even opposed to one another. Masculinity came to be viewed in terms of control, domination, manipulation, greed, and competition, which created a global “Us vs. Them” mentality.

People came to overvalue expressions of Masculine energy and outer accomplishment, such as winning battles and competitions, as well as blood sport, ownership, clan loyalty, physical strength, and aggression.

At the same time, we viewed Feminine energy as being inferior to outer strength, action, and control. We saw Femininity as weakness, and nearly all females as being made for subordination and subservience—a life of obedient silence.

Our perfect integration of Masculine and Feminine was lost, as we allowed the lower, denser aspect of Masculine energy to control everything. It made the rules for our economic systems, governments, education, religions. It even controlled our thought processes and our actions as individuals.

Yet all of this was simply part of the role we had created for ourselves, for whatever we would eventually learn and gain from playing out this game of forgetting our true selves.

Because no matter how deep we seemed to fall into separation and duality, a part of us—our Spirit—never fully forgot who we are.

Our Spirit knew that eventually, over different lifetimes and experiences, we would one day acquire all the learning and higher wisdom we had chosen to learn, and remember our Divinity once again.

And over the last few decades, a sweeping healing has been taking place.

We have been steadily releasing the old outdated belief in the separateness and inequality of Feminine and Masculine energies.

We are seeing an even bigger upgrade—a massive shift in the collective consciousness. An abundance of people around the world are now remembering and anchoring the highest aspects of both Feminine and Masculine energies in every area of life.

Unification of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

So given all that, where are we now? To answer that, it’s important to have a big picture understanding of what is happening in our lives and in the world.

We can start by reflecting on what the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine actually are.

The Divine Feminine is the Creator aspect that anchors the spark of Divinity and consciousness within all of life itself. It is the awareness that communicates through creativity, inventiveness, strength, awareness, spirituality, love, beauty, manifestation, connection, and compassion.

The Divine Masculine is the Creator aspect that fulfills the higher design of the Divine Feminine through intent and action.

When the Feminine and Masculine energies combine in effortless collaboration, they bring full Divinity into form.

However you might be seeing or experiencing it right now, know that what is happening within you and around the world is the completion of the Great Forgetfulness timeline.

A new timeline is now emerging, reflecting a time of Divine Remembrance.

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies are awakening within the consciousness of humanity and beyond, combining into a perfect joined flow.

As challenging as it can seem at times, what we are all experiencing at this time is a re-balancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in a way that is healing every living being at a core level.

Collectively, humanity has decreed that the Divine Feminine be fully awakened, freed, honored, and celebrated within all of life. And the Great Mother within each of us has not only heard this request, but is responding to it.

The Divine Feminine is breathing life into the consciousness of humanity again, making for a new heart-centered reality to become accessible to all.

As a result, even our individual priorities are shifting. Many are feeling a strong pull to redefine their purpose in life. They are no longer settling for a life that doesn’t bring them joy and fulfillment.

It’s true that this kind of inner re-calibration, sparking the awakening of our inner purpose, can feel like a lot at times, so it’s important to be gentle with ourselves.

Yet, this great inner shift means that each person will clearly see the path they need to take in order to create a life that is more aligned with their authentic purpose.

Healing the Masculine

Many people who used to embody a great many unconscious masculine qualities are being nudged to quickly shift out of their old fear-based habits and methods.

This is why collectively we are seeing a “Hail Mary” attempt by structures still steeped in the unconscious masculine qualities, as they try to continue to hold on to the old controlling, fear-based methods.

Some people are finding it difficult to transition out of their unconscious masculine identity, because they are still living almost completely in the coping constructs of the mind and ego.

Yet increasing numbers of people and structures are responding to the energies now flowing powerfully throughout the Earth. They are opening up to intuition, heart-based realizations and motivation, and the ability to nurture and serve the world and one another.

The current shifts taking place are giving people the chance to embrace, love, and unite with their inner Divine Feminine in a way that helps them release the unconscious aspects of the Masculine, and embrace the Divine blueprint of the Masculine once again.

The Divine Masculine lives in perfect balance with the Divine Feminine. It values all of life equally, and operates from the heart.

Although people have allowed the unconscious Masculine to affect their well-being in the past, they are now finding that in many areas of life—their marriages, friendships, or workplace—they are no longer tolerating unconscious and unkind behavior.

They are standing up for themselves, speaking from the heart, and stepping into the power of their true, balanced, authentic selves. This is healing, and this is us choosing to step into our freedom!

Some may be experiencing an inner struggle as they work to embrace more of this freedom, and to balance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

Expressing ourselves through dance, art, or music, spending more quiet time with Mother Earth, or doing helpful volunteer work with children or animals, are all wonderful ways to help us integrate this new inner freedom and balance.

It’s also very important to nurture our physical, emotional, and mental bodies right now, so that we can more easily ride the wave of re-balancing and healing happening now.

Each of has our own unique way of nurturing ourselves, whether it’s breakfast in bed, taking a day off work to relax, meditating and talking to our guides, absorbing the beauty of Mother Earth, or doing whatever nurtures us in a positive way.

Nurturing ourselves naturally leads us to nurture the world around us.

Even when these shifts seem huge and challenging, know that in this amazing, Earth-changing moment, we are stepping into a new timeline that supports us all.

And we chose to be here to experience it!

Integrate and Ground

September is the month for us to ground and integrate all the personal growth we have been experiencing since the beginning of the year.

When we integrate and ground, we come back to our most empowered state, which is always found in the present moment.

Becoming fully present allows us to transcend the illusions of Time.

It’s from this space of no-time (a place of non-attachment) that our greatest, most desired intentions can manifest.

Here are some simple things we can do integrate and ground:

  • Walk or stand on the Earth (soil, grass, or sand) with bare feet
  • Express gratitude daily
  • Spend more time in Nature
  • Have compassion and Love for the thoughts our mind has, without needing to judge them
  • Get connected fully to our five senses, taking quiet moments to notice the sounds, shapes, colors, tastes, textures, and scents all around us
  • Look into the eyes of everyone we meet, remembering that they are a reflection of the Universe
  • Hydrate often, and eat nourishing foods

To the mind, and to those who identify more with being free spirits, the idea of being grounded may seem constricting. This usually stems from the idea that the word “grounded” implies being fixed or inflexible.

Yet the opposite is true.

When we choose to integrate and ground, we bring ourselves into the flow of the present moment, where we are most free. Again, it’s in the present moment that we are able to operate from our most powerful, conscious, and awakened self.

It’s in the present that our freedom resides, because we are no longer bound to the past or the future.

Grounding allows us to fully receive and enjoy our lives, while being open to recognizing the new blessings and opportunities that desire to come our way.

Grounding also helps us to be less reactive, and more at peace.

The next few months will bring with them even greater expansion, and grounding will help us to navigate through it all with greater ease.

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,

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