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Energy Update - February 2021

Energy Update - February 2021


Themes for the month:

  • Manifestation 8.0 (03:23)
  • Time line shifts where psychic information is concerned - faster. (09:49)
  • Emotional release will be deep and fast now (less painful). Get help if stuck! (12:16)
  • Chaos births new power + awareness - uncomfortable but needed. (13:31)
  • Young people especially sensitive  - due to older generations waking up - Help them. (16:06)
  • Intuition and consciousness rising - you might be the 'safe place' for the newly awakening folk. (18:45) 
  • Spread (speak) your consciousness (18:55)
  • Self-leadership becoming collective leadership. (21:51)

Download Written Transcript of Energy Update Here

Energy Update - February 2021

February 2021 Energy Update Transcription

Hello, I'm Lee. I'm an intuitive. And every month, I take the pulse on what's showing up for our collective. A few of the themes I'm going to be talking about in the February Energy Update are; Timeline Shifts, and how we are jumping through time at this moment; Intuition and Consciousness on the rise, but so is emotional release; Young people will be More Sensitive than ever as we go through this year because of what's happening with the old generations; and last but not least, Manifestation 8.0 and what it might mean and look like for you. So, stay tuned for the full Update.

Hey everyone, welcome to the February Energy Update. And before we get started, those of you who may have been with me for some years or some time, you will have heard me use the phrase, "Self-care is not a luxury." I think often in the wellness, spirituality or personal development field, there can be this idea that we have to self-care when we have been through something difficult, traumatic - perhaps we've had a big release. But if there's anything for you to take from what I'm about to talk about this month, it is that if you haven't been practicing self-care, which looks like knowing how to soothe yourself, fill yourself back up when you get depleted. What helps you calm? What helps you balance? And that can be a wide range of things for all of us. There might be 12 different things that do that for you.

Now, is the time to know what those are and to be practicing at least a few of them regularly, because the energetics are such that everything is more intense. We know that already. But more importantly, you will be able to tap into the upgrades that the consciousness is offering you, the more you practice self-care. The less you practice self-care, the more life and circumstances are going to force you into a corner where that is concerned.

So, self-care allows you to serve others and allows you to show up for the world, for your life, for your purpose. So, it's really important that you take that on board, now that...especially if you're someone who's brilliant at caring for others, brilliant at giving to others, life is not going to be very patient with us when it comes to us taking charge of our own self-care. And making sure that we're learning how to reset our nervous system, learning how to feel joy. Put some music on, dance around the house. But actually, actively practicing these things is going to be what's going to make all the difference in the coming years where your consciousness is concerned, where your ability to create your life is concerned, and where your general sense of wellbeing in your energy field is going to be concerned.

And as we know, our energy field is magnetic and attractive. So, the more calm, balanced, centered you are, the more calm, balance, and center you're going to create outside you and also attract toward you.

So, that leads me to the first big headline for February that I received this morning, when I was meditating on the themes for this month - Manifestation 8.0. When that came through from my guides, I was like, "Don't you mean 2.0?" And they were like, "No, no. We mean 8.0." And the example they gave me was about 20 years ago when I was learning about manifestation, probably for the first or earliest time in my life. So, around 2000, 2001, they said that manifestation happened at a certain speed in a certain way. And the reason they're talking about Manifestation 8.0 now, is because they say it's happening eight times faster. So, eight times faster than it was 20 years ago.

Now, the old way that we used to look at manifestation was, "Oh, great. I want this thing. So, I'll try and manifest it or bring it to my life." Or, "I want to experience this. So, I'll try and bring it to me."

What's actually happening to more and more people than ever before, is you only have to think about something or lightly desire something for the opportunity for it to come into your life. Now, this isn't going to be for everybody. Certainly not if you haven't yet really woken up to the fact that everything is energy and we're having a spiritual life, not just a very human-conditioned life, which is what most of us grew up through. But this Manifestation 8.0 is, many of you will be having experiences now where you will think about somebody, something or an experience, and you will very quickly be given an opportunity to walk towards it.

And the way manifestation works is we will often say, "I would love to have more loving friends in my life." And we put that out there or we write it on a piece of paper, and we stick it somewhere visible. Great. Sounds lovely, right? But then we have to make space in our current energy field for that to happen.

So, you'll say, "I want to bring more loving friends into my life." Boom, over the next three months, you'll go through a few relationship transformations. You'll have some tussles perhaps with some people energetically where you go, "Oh, actually, we're just not as in sync as I thought we were." And that is you learning that you might have to let go of some of these friendships, or not fully let go, but perhaps you won't be seeing them as regularly, because you guys are no longer resonating or vibing in quite the same way.

And that's okay. This happens as we go through life. There are certain old friends that we stay with and there are certain new people that come in at different stages. So, you will have to learn how to let go and how to be okay with letting go. And perhaps, you'll be cleaning up some old wounds around these friendship tussles.

So, before the loving friends come into your life, the Universe will say, "Great, okay, this is what you want. Then we're going to create the set of circumstances that will help you to get there. But you're going to have to go through some release, some healing and some inner change before you get there."

So, Manifestation 8.0 means that we're at a time where this can happen faster than ever before. So, if any of you are listening to me going, "Oh God, I'd better be careful what I wish for." No, it's really important in this time that we become more conscious about what we're creating. And we don't need to feel what we're creating. We might create something and go, "Oh, actually, that isn't really what I wanted." And that's okay. Then you will reform it quite quickly. You will change it quite quickly. But you're not doing it alone.

The Universe will always give us doses or pieces of the thing that we think we need next, but it won't lock us into something that isn't quite right for us. It will go, "Okay. Here's a little bit of that thing you think you want." And you'll go, "Oh, actually, that's not quite what I want." And it'll be, "Great. Cool. Now we've got that out of the way, let's take you over here (which is where you really wanted to go), but first we needed to detour you this way." That's how it works.

So, Manifestation 8.0 is going to mean, you have the ability to faster make changes in your life - to call in what you want, but equally to faster release and be okay with letting go of some of the stuff that's going to have to move out of the way in order for that to happen.

Now, if you look at what's going on in the outer world, our collective, that's happening worldwide at a systemic level. Sure. It's much slower than many of us might like. But the point is that we're mirroring this ourselves and we are going to become the new future every single day. So, just be aware of this fast manifestation. Don't be afraid of it. Don't be shocked by it - you probably will be. But it's okay.

I've had a lot of people lately in my life seem very surprised by the things that are happening. And all I've said to them is, "It's good. Don't worry. This is how it works and you'll become more accustomed to it." So, for those of you who've been manifesters for a long time, this is a great time to go deep and to ask yourself, "If I could create anything in my life as an experience, as something I can give to the world, as something I can give to myself that feels important and that feels high vibrational... " Dig deep and really give yourself time to go, "Wow. If I could do this in the next year or two, what would I really like to bring in for me, for the world, for consciousness?" Really sit with that, because you'll be able to do far bigger things right now with Manifestation 8.0.

And for those of who are new to this, it's fun! And it's one of the gifts of awakening. And it's one of the kind of highs that spirituality gives you. When you remember that these thoughts and these emotions - they are not living alone. We might be able to convince ourselves that we're alone in our own little body, in our own little world, but we're not. We're in an energy ocean. And when we learn to flow with the ocean, when we learn to release, when we learn to catch a current that feels good to us, that we want to swim with, then the magical starts to kick in a little bit more in our life.

And there is an enormous rise of that right now on the planet. We'll see it carry on for the next few years, but that energy is coming in in a much stronger way right now. So, you'll be feeling it, but equally you might be the person to reassure some of your friends or loved ones who are experiencing that, "Yeah, that's normal."

So, Timeline Shifts where psychic info' is concerned is my second theme. Timelines are moving faster. And again, it relates to this Manifestation 8.0. We don't always need to create the thing that we might have created 10 years ago. Instead, we can start to think we want to create it, feel we want to create it and we'll move very fast. So, we don't need to create it. We don't need to go through step one, two and three. We can actually move it through our system, our awareness, and upgrade very quickly, just by sitting with it, being present with it. And then going, "Oh actually, no, I thought I wanted to manifest this thing, but now I've sat with that for a while. I realize I'm ready to manifest a couple of steps further." Before you get in there and make things happen.

So, Timeline Shifts where psychic info' is concerned is quite normal. Meaning, you might be feeling very strongly on a Wednesday, "Oh, I need to do this thing." And by a Friday or a Saturday, that will have changed. Don't worry about it. Any of you who've been intuitive, psychically 'on' for many, many years, it might be a bit confusing right now. You'd be like, "Whoa, this is different, the way I'm getting information. The fact that things seem to change fast."

The consciousness intuitive field of the planet has opened up and is opening up. So, it's changing for everybody. It's bringing a whole load of new people online with their intuition. And for those of us who might be a bit more seasoned with it, it's changing the way that we receive information, experience information. And timelines are moving fast. Timelines are possibilities. So, there is a timeline for the Earth. There is a timeline for you. And based on how we respond to what's going on in the present, the timeline can shift.

So, we're always creating the future from the now. We're always creating the future from the now. So, this is why the self-care piece that I said at the top of the video, is really important. Look after yourselves. Stay as balanced as you can, especially when you get stressed or come off the rails. But take action to support yourself because the manifestation and the creation energies are really strong. And they're really asking all of us to step forward. They're calling us forward. But we have to be receptive and ready to do that, because otherwise what will happen is, all of our wounds will come up like a big old storm.

So, if you are one of those people who is like, "Lee, I'm listening to this, and it all just sounds completely lovely, but I am so not there. I'm in all my wounds." Get help. This is the time. Don't just sit in it. Don't stay isolated in it. Go, "Wow. I felt really wounded for a really long time and it's not moving. Oh, I'm stuck. Okay. I need human help. I need friends. I might need professionals. I'm going to help myself to come unstuck by exposing myself to new things, new people, new help out there in the world." Because what you'll find is when you plug into other people who aren't as down as you are, you'll be plugging into their higher frequency, and they'll be acting as bridges to bring you along.

So, the part of your mind that goes, "Well, I don't know if I can shift this." You certainly won't alone. I promise you that. But if you tap into other people and you get support, and you ask for help, you'll be very surprised how much faster your wounds, your emotions will move because that's where we've got to as a planet. What would have taken months, years and years ago, can now happen in a matter of hours, days or weeks. So, you'll move through things very fast.

Chaos Energy - this is theme three. Chaos Energy is birthing new power and awareness in our collective. So, I totally get it - the chaos that you see out there, some of the darker stuff, some of the stuff that can be triggering - it's chaotic. And it's certainly very seductive. It's very magnetic. The dark and fear, they want to magnetize you. They want your energy. They want your attention. They want to feed off you.

So, anything out there that's running a dark energy or a fear-based energy - it wants you hooked. So, what you have to remember is, these chaotic times right now, it's all about choosing where you focus, making sure that your focus is not all on something that is triggering you, knocking you off balance, because then you're going to be no good to that very thing that you want to help with or serve, or try and create change around. Again, it goes back to self-care.

But the chaos is birthing a new power and a new awareness in us as a collective. It is not comfortable. It's not fun. It's not like, "Oh, this is fun." No, it's uncomfortable because we will all be going through these purge moments. And again, they can last hours. They can last days. They can last weeks.

But the chaos that we're in as a planet, in the center of it, in people, there is a new power and a new awareness that is very, very strong. And it's going to take several years for this to really rise to fruition. But more people are being sparked by it every single day. And all it takes is one extra new person, every second, to wake up.

And so, you might already be awake and you might be one of the ambassadors out there for the people who are just coming to see the world a little differently to what they thought the world was. And that's a really important role. But equally, you might be very new to this.

So, look after yourself. Recognize the chaos is serving a purpose where the rise of consciousness is concerned. Try not to let your mind start telling you stories about the fact that it's wrong, because that will start to magnetize you into the fear, into the darker energies, and then you'll be serving their agenda.

So, by all means, look at it all. But ask yourself, "How clean am I? How centered am I? How balanced am I right now? And if I'm not, how can I get back there, so that I can walk towards that stuff and be part of the solution or the change over there?" Okay.

Theme four - Young People Will Be Especially Sensitive Right Now. And I asked, "What do you mean, young people?" And the answer was, 20 and below. So, people who were born around 2000 or after, they're going to be especially sensitive in this year, especially. Not just because they've come in with a more developed sensitivity in general to the generation that was born before. But more importantly, because the older generation, those of us 20 and above are going through quite a seismic shift in our conditioning as a world. And sure, some people, they're holding on really tightly to their conditioning, but even they, things are slightly rattling and things are slightly coming off.

So, as the older generation, the conditioning is beginning to wobble, you will notice that younger people in your life will be a bit more sensitive. And I know it can be very fashionable in the spiritual community to talk about, "Oh, the young people are going to come and save us. And they're going to come and... they're the new generation. They're going to pave the way." And while I absolutely agree with that, I also have been told by my guides - we also have a responsibility to help them. And obviously, they will teach us and they will show us how to grow. But equally, it's not just to assume that they don't need our help, our wisdom, our guidance. And they will tell you when they need it.

You won't have to go and push it on them. That wouldn't be a good idea. But you will feel it. You will feel the sensitivity wobble in them. And you will be able to just be there with your energy, with your words, with creating a scenario for them that they can lean into and feel safer.

Because if you're feeling a little worried about what's going on the planet right now at times, imagine how you would feel if you were at a more vulnerable age, where this planet is concerned - with perhaps a little less of a sense of personal freedom, which is often something that children, and we as children, carry. We know we're not completely free. We might be well protected if we have a good family. And sure, you can look back on that and go, "Oh, I see how I was protected and life was simpler." But often what's burning in us when we're younger, is this sense that we're not free yet because we haven't got adult freedoms.

So, just be mindful of the young people in your life. And don't be too surprised if you notice they're a little more sensitive right now.

Intuition and Consciousness is Rising - theme five. You might be the safe place for the newly awakening folk. I think I already covered that earlier. So, I'll move on.

Spread your consciousness or speak your consciousness. Now, many of us learned that it was safer to keep our mouths shut about certain stuff that we were experiencing, feeling, noticing. For some of us, we learned that many, many years ago. Some of us learnt the hard way.

But what's true about this time, and I've said this in several of last year's Energy Updates, people are more ready and more open to transformation now than ever before. Now, that does not mean they're going to see things exactly the way you see them or have beliefs that are identical to yours. But in general, they are going to be more open to transformation, more open to conversation and more open to you than you might perhaps believe or history might have told you they are.

So, be really willing to speak your truth or speak your consciousness, when somebody says something or is holding a belief that you have a slightly different perspective on. Now, of course, you'll know if you shouldn't, you'll feel the person and you'll be like, "Oh, well, no, I'm not saying anything to this person because I can tell it won't be welcome." But with the people you're not so sure it's not welcome and they're talking about something and you're like, "Well, I have something to add to that. I have a different experience. I'm just going to share it." Not to make them believe you - you will be surprised how that will spark their consciousness because we're all here to help each other. We all need each other. We all help each other open.

So, if you got used to editing yourself a while ago and editing your consciousness out of the conversation, because you thought it wasn't welcome, I highly recommend you ask yourself, "Is that true right now? And is that true with this person I'm with?" Because things have changed and more people will want you to show up more as who you are than ever before. Because the thing about us showing up as who we are, it doesn't really matter what our beliefs might be, if they're different to someone else. What people respond to is authenticity and honesty. And people - we feel that. No matter how programmed our minds are, we really go on feeling with each other and we go on how the energy feels. And we go on what we sense.

So, you being honest about who you are is not to convince anybody of your truth, but it is instead to bring the truth into the conversation. People are hungry for the truth right now. Remember we're in a time where lots of lies are coming to the surface, and truths too. And people are hungry for the truth.

So, and last but not least - yes, this is the last one - Self-leadership is Becoming Collective Leadership. I think it's very clear to all of us that we're entering a very different time on the planet, and a different kind of leadership is needed.

Collective leadership and the reform of collective leadership, which is going to take place over the next couple of decades - it's not going to happen overnight. It will come from a new level of self- leadership, a new level of consciousness that we all develop in ourselves, but with each other, alongside each other, like helping each other, being sparked by each other, communicating with each other, collaborating with each other. This is the time for us to become more collective.

The irony of course of this past year, and so many of us being physically separated, is the illusion might be that we have been separated in an only negative way. The actual undercurrent that has been happening is people, we have all been examining, “What is connection? What is true connection? Where was I slightly asleep at the wheel, when we were all running around the world before, without thinking about it?”

So, there is going to be a very different experience of energy connection, communication between us all, as we re-enter the world as we know it in this coming year. But even right now, there are incredible seeds of transformation that have been sewn in all of us, personally, that many of you will be bursting forth into things you're creating, things you're doing. Perhaps you've had to overhaul the way you work, your life, because of everything that's happened. So, looking out for each other, looking after each other and looking after ourselves and investigating your nervous system. If you're listening to me going, "God, I wish I was anywhere near what he's talking about. "

If you stay ‘til the end of this video, then I promise you, please get help and support with whatever area of wounding or heaviness that you're feeling, because it's so much faster now. You'll go through it so much faster than those of us who, perhaps 20 or more years ago, were really trying to break the crust around the inner crystal that we were. Trying to hack at the rock to get to the crystal inside. It's faster now. And there are so many more resources, so many more people available to help you, and so much more shared knowledge, wisdom, and guidance out there.

So, thank you everyone for tuning in. We have just completed Rebirth 2021, which is the kind of biggest thing we do every year. And it was an amazing experience. Normally, we close booking at the end of January, but we've decided to leave it open this month.

So, if you wanted to tune-in on everything that we just went through with a really big group, the last couple of weeks, everything is available as a replay - so video replay, audio, transcripts. There's about 11 hours’ worth of content in there. And then there are extra bonus audios, bonus self-care tips. So, if you feel like you want to go through what I'm calling, The Metaphysical Creators summit - because that's really what it ended up being. We looked at how we create our life, we looked at how we create our life energetically, and we looked at creation and the energy of creation. We looked at relationships. We looked at activating our creator frequency. And it was taught by me, but also I channeled the Z's in every class. And then Steven brings a really beautiful body medicine class to activate your creative body. So, check that out at, or at my website,

Thank you for all the beautiful enjoyment you've been sharing with us of the sound healing album that Davor and I released a few months ago now. It's called Awaken. It's tuned to 528 hertz. And they are transformational songs. So, you can stream that everywhere. You can download it. You can get a CD. And we even just received our vinyl records. So, we have a limited number of vinyl, for those of you who might want a vinyl, if you're a vinyl lover like me. You can find all the details at

The two new MP3s this month that I've created, they're channelled and they feature Davor's sound healing. They are called, Releasing the Past. And then the second one is called, Creating the Future. They're both a little under 30 minutes. And they're Energy Alchemy meditations. So, it guides you through a visualization, a release process. They're shorter than my normal longer recordings. And they're really easy to use. So, all Portal members will receive those as part of their membership this month. If you aren't a member of The Portal, you'll find them in the store. And we will play a short trailer in just a couple of moments.

But you might want to check out my monthly members community, The Portal, at In there, we have tools, guidance, and all kinds of goodies and community energy around living this life as a sensitive, empowered, awakened being. And yeah, The Portal is our family place. So, you can try it for a month, see if it's for you or not at And I will leave you this month with a trailer of our new MP3s. So, big love everyone, and see you all in March.

Lee Harris
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