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Energy Update - June 2020

Energy Update - June 2020


Themes for the month:

  • ARE YOU GROUNDING YOUR EMOTIONAL SPIKES? (Letting your Nervous System Reset?)
  • ARE OTHERS?? (And how are you reacting to their emotional 'reactions'?)

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Hi, I'm Lee. I'm an Energy Intuitive, and every month I take the pulse on what's going on energetically, psychologically, emotionally, and what might be showing up for us in the month to come. Many different themes this month, as is the case in this peculiar time that we are in. But a couple of the undercurrents are: Major Change on the horizon, but you might need to proceed slowly and with caution through the month of June; Change-makers Going into a Yin Mode in order to deepen your wisdom, deepen your actions in the world. And Emotional Spikes in you and in the outside world. How are you dealing with your own? How are you dealing with those of others? Stay tuned for the full Energy Update.

Hey, everybody. I hope you're doing okay out there, whatever your situation, whatever your circumstance, and whatever you are having to deal with in these very big times that we are in that are ushering in many different areas of transformation. So it will be no surprise to you that one of the themes on the table, on a personal level right now, is deep transformation. And it can be easy to be seduced by what we're seeing in the outside world and the transformation of things going on outside us and get completely distracted by that, and forget that what this in turn is going to do (and in fact is actually happening in response to the shift in consciousness on the planet inside all of us) is it's going to ask you to ask some big questions, possibly make some very big changes.

But, this is not necessarily the month to make massive changes, and in fact, it might be a few months before those bigger changes that you are right now dreaming, feeling, visioning can actually play out. Because we're still in a very ungrounded time energetically, not just because of the very different world that we're all looking at right now - the system changes, the changes in freedom, the chaos that's stirring up around all of this that many of you are still examining, feeling into for yourselves, working on behalf of changing for the good - so many things. But what I'm going to really focus on in this energy update, because it's what I'm told to, is the very deep transformation going on inside us.

So first of all, if you've followed my Updates over the last few months, you will have heard me refer to this major grief wave that is going on across the planet for many different reasons. There is the personal direct grief of losing loved ones, economic hardships, sudden changes in your personal freedom, and circumstances that may have changed for some of you very suddenly overnight. But there is a collective grief at work that really talks about the transformation of our planet.

And we've just gone through and are still in a quickening window, an acceleration period where those of you who are the visioners, the dreamers, who tap into the idea that these times were always going to bring big change, “ Oh, wow! I see this is really actually happening now.” Which is an interesting thing to happen for those of you who were craving it, desiring it, waiting for it, kind of like, "Oh, God, when is it going to change?" And then it hits, and it hits in the way that it's hitting right now and the circumstances it's hitting right now. Don't be hard on yourself if that has also brought up fear, shock, emotion. That's going round for everybody. And the most important thing that any of us can do is to recognize that's going round and to work with how it shows up inside us.

So one of the first things I've written here in my notes, my headlines for this month: Are You Grounding Your Emotional Spikes? What I mean by that is your sudden anger reaction, your sudden sadness reaction, your slow, ongoing feeling of heaviness or dread, or your enormous feelings of joy or euphoria or elation, because many of you will be experiencing the other end of that scale. If you tuned in on my May broadcast, you will have heard me say that there is an extraordinary range right now between fear and love. And the fear has been very, very high, and then the love has been very, very high. And often, those two go hand in hand. They sponsor the growth of each other.

So are you grounding your emotional spikes? You may be seeing all kinds of inflammatory comments going on on social media or in your neighborhood, or you're like, "I can't believe how that person just reacted." We're at a time where we're having to believe it, but really, their reactions are all to do with emotions. It's usually the emotional reaction that screams the loudest. Not necessary the comment on something or the "I'm not sure I agree with that." It's the "Raaaaagh!" that comes out of people that accompanies it. And we're still at a time where we have been undereducated and underserved around how to work with our nervous systems, how to have emotional awareness. Many people on the planet haven't had the luxury of that ability to do that, the time, the space. And also, many on the planet have been afraid of it. And those of us - I'll put myself in this group - that kind of had to go into emotional learning 20, 25 years ago, because it was crisis if we didn't.

So for those of you who are ambassadors of emotional awareness, emotional intelligence for your family, for your groups, just know there are going to be some really big spikes. And you might be saying, "Well, hang on, there have been for two months!", June's going to be a little different, because we're getting into a deeper phase of the grief process. So grief goes through many stages, and it's very unpredictable, and everybody experiences it in a personal way. But the spikes that we're going to see this month in a very different way are collective anger and fire undercut by sadness. Now, as that's coming out my mouth, I'm a bit perplexed, too, because I've seen anger, I've seen fire, and I've seen sadness. I've seen that playing out the last two, three months, but I've learned when these intuitions come in, I'm like, "Okay, I'll see how that shows up this month." But it's just good to be mindful.

There is going to be a Collective Anger, a Collective Fire, and in many cases, that's going to be undercut or swiftly followed by sadness. Or the anger is masking sadness. The desire to push out, the desire to attack, the desire to defend, the desire to judge. It's actually trying to get away from a deep sadness inside that has an incredible power in it, if you're able to be guided there and to let it through.

So these are very emotional times on the planet, unlike anything we've ever been through. If you're not somebody who has really spent some time and experience in the language of emotion and how that shows up in you, it's going to be very easy for you to be triggered, and to, for you to be seeing this in people around you. And sure, for ourselves, too, there might be moments where we're irrational. Anybody had that recently in the last few months?

But the reason I'm giving you this message is a little bit about you, but more to be mindful in the people around you, and how can you help to harmonize what they're going through? You can't save them, you can't take it away for them, but how can you, rather than just taking the reaction that's thrown at you, find a way to hold a space of peace and harmonize? And if you can't harmonize with that person, get out of there. Leave them to it, because that level of emotion is not necessarily your resonance if you can't find a way to be with it, hold it, give it space, work with it.

Very important for those of you who've been on healer ‘high alert’ the last few months. You might have been the empath, the friend, the confidant, the counselor to everybody, because you're like, "Well, this is my skill, and the world's in need." Some of you are going to be a bit exhausted in June. You're going to be a little bit like, "Oh my God, I need to close my door." It's okay. Close your door for a few days. Recover, reset.

The piece that I wanted to share with you about, "Are you grounding your emotional spikes?" is: our nervous system, when it's spiking, it's asking for reset. It's asking for us to sit and breathe. It's asking for us to quiet down. It's asking for us to turn off the computer. It's asking for us to say to the kids, "Hey kids, I'm just going to take 20 minutes." So our nervous systems are what are spiking, and you'll see this reactivity around you, and emotion is contagious. And if you are barraged by the emotions of other people too much, and you're a sensitive or an empath, it can knock you off balance, and it can be overwhelming. So just be mindful of all of that. And have your boundaries. You are allowed to say no.

So the other aspect that's coming in this month, the other theme is, Higher Learning, Both Ethereal and the Grounded. So higher learning could look like you really having the energy to learn a skill. I've heard loads of people in this time recently saying, "Oh, think about learning a new skill," and my sense of it with a lot of the people that I was seeing out there was they didn't really have the space to or they were still in shock or still kind of trying to pull things together.

Now, we're a little further through this whole wave that we're in, you're going to find that June, many of you will have the stamina, the interest, the energy, and also the focus to start to bring in some higher learning in your life. So it could be new grounded skills, but also there is a message here that the higher learning can take place ethereally too. So this might be the first time that you're ready to really listen to your intuition, have higher dimensional experiences, either because you were scared of them before, you never got to them, or because you've created enough space in your body through all this emotional purging that now you can hear your higher self a little bit more and you can let it in without fighting it so much.

So higher learning is going to be very on the table in June in a way that will be bigger than any month we've had so far this year. So this is a great time if you're feeling a little bit of impetus towards it. If you walk into it, most of you will get very easily carried by the flow and not have to worry about motivating yourselves because higher learning is just ‘on’ in the month of June.

Loud Energy and Sensitivity to the Loud. Even those of you that might be big extroverts, that you feed on noise, you feed on energy, you feed on people, you're going to find (and not just because many of us have been shut at home for so long) that you're going to have a higher reaction to loud energies and a kind of sensitivity to loud things. This is because a lot of new psychic thought, and this doesn't necessarily mean that you set up shop as a tarot card reader. It just means that you are beginning to sense and see and feel a little more intuitively in the way that you're looking at life.

So whenever this kind of thing is happening, like any awakening stage when you're having a spiritual awakening, you start to think, "Oh, my God, what's going on? I'm not functioning the way I used to. I'm confused. Things don't feel quite the same." So those of you who are having a bit of an upgrade psychically, intuitively, your higher mind, the way you're looking at the world, which could have gone through a radical 360 in the last few months, you might have a higher sensitivity than you are used to, to loud, noisy, boisterous energies, especially those of you who normally love all that and feed off that. It's okay. It will just be a stage. It's the part of you that is trying to shield this very new birthing identity that's happening for you. So be mindful of that.

We're going through a very painful (I feel, for our world) phase of the Healing of Heartlessness; places, events, and people where feeling and care and empathy for others is absent. Now, I know we're in 2020, so we've definitely been seeing that for several years in very big ways, but we're going through a deepening in that phase right now. So the healing of heartlessness is going to be something that you're going to be looking at things in the outside world and having deeper emotional reactions to things that may not have touched you in quite the same way before, but also because we as a collective are beginning to allow these things to rise in a different way. It doesn't necessarily mean we're solving them this month or that they're going to solve very quickly, but we're in this period of allowing the truth to rise.

And the truth can be very ugly when it's heartless because heart frequency, when it is present, it harmonizes, it gives, it's life giving, life generating. When someone is out of their heart and exercising their will, their fire, their anger, their defense, their wound - basically you could put all of those words in their wound - we see some very destructive and difficult and painful things for us to witness on a human level. So even if you're of the belief that, “Well, everything's spiritual and everything's meant to be”, even if you're normally that way, many of you are going to be a bit more, "Oh, wow. Hang on a second. There's some really big heart pain playing out here and I want to witness it. I want to feel it. I want to have conversation about it. I want to move towards action around it."

So there is a rise of that happening on the planet and it's okay. You don't have to solve everything tomorrow or know what your action plan is, but just be aware that it's beginning to move. It's beginning to rise. So the healing of heartlessness, places, events, and people where feeling toward one another is absent is going to be very up in our faces. It already is, but June is going to be a month where this really starts to circulate, not necessarily just our seeing of the events, but arising of what can we do to shift this. And it's going to put many of you into deeply inspired action in the coming months and years, but first of all, you might need to see it, feel it, and you're like, "Ah, no, no. This I don't accept. This is something I want to put some of my life energy and my life force towards. This is something that needs to change and I can do it." So that's going to be an awakening in itself for many of you who are change makers.

Which leads me to those of you who are change makers - you might identify as an Activist, you might be a very Fiery Type, you might be an “ I go out and get things done”, I make change, I'm a leader. It's going to be an interesting month for many of you because the message I got is that you're going to have a more Yin month than usual. But like all good fiery types, there's a lot going on when you're yin, when you're quiet, when you're internal. There's going to be a deepening of your internal wisdom. While you quiet down, while you pull the fire in, while you step back a little bit from your normal action, there is going to be a chance for all of this to rewire and for divinely inspired action to come in so that you can take it in the world. This will play out over the next few years. So those of you who are change makers, activists, fiery types, extroverts, there's going to be a beautiful, meditative, deepening opportunity for you in the month of June, so take it.

On the flip side (because things often mirror on the planet, things often play off extremes), Introverts, Quieter Types, the more sensitive, “ I don't like to put myself out there”, some of you are going to be forced into speaking up and taking actions. Some of you are going to do it very willingly, but I get very clearly that some of you are kind of going to be pushed into it. You might not want to use your voice in that way. You might not want to have to put a boundary to this person. You might not want to have to dismantle a relationship or something that you had going that you'd committed to, but you're going to be forced to do something that's a little different for you. So if you're traditionally a little bit quieter, a little bit introverted, a little bit more withdrawn, you're going to feel pulled out of yourself, usually by circumstances and events. I kind of feel that 70 to 80% of you, it's going to be circumstances and events that will pull you out. 20 to 30% of you, you might just choose to feel emboldened. So it's going to be a very interesting difference for those two personality types, aspects. For those of you who identify with those parts, you might just find those aspects inside you just come online a bit more.

There are going to be some Major Cosmic Undercurrents this month as well. So those of you who are very cosmically connected, you feel very connected to the Universe, that we are one planet in this extraordinary, vast space, you're going to have a lot of cosmic information, celebration, a lot of cosmic, what some of you might call, downloads, communication. Those of you who are like, "Nah, I've never really thought about the cosmic", you might be a little bit surprised. There is an awakening cosmically for those who are wanting to feel their relationship to the rest of the Universe. Many of you already identify that way and you're going to be the ones getting the downloads going, "Oh, this is great."

Those of you that haven't ever really thought about that, or haven't really had an awakening, there's going to be some energy around that. You're going to get very curious about what's beyond here, and there are going to be incidences, events, moments, and it's all part of this shift that we're going towards as a planet, where more and more, we're getting a little more connected to our wider place in the Universe. That's going to become more and more apparent as the years and decades go on. So there will be a lot of cosmic undercurrents and cosmic awakenings this month.

Finally, last theme for this month is - June will be a more Yin Month overall compared to July's Yang. So when I spoke about fire and I spoke about this internal fire energy, it's interesting, I don't often track the month to come when I'm tuning in for the month I'm speaking about, which today is June. I don't normally feel that much about the following month, but I was shown very clearly - June and July are going to be characteristically very different. It's like June is yin. July is yang and that's going to be collectively and personally. So same message I've been giving, not just for the last few months, but for the last eight years that I've been doing these Energy Updates, take time to deepen with yourself. We do not know if we will even still be alive tomorrow, that is a truth of life that we all forget. We are not promised tomorrow. None of us. So take some time to deepen with yourself.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the world, hook out of it in whatever ways you can. If the people that you can't hook out of are overwhelming you because they're overwhelmed by the world, say, "I don't want to hear about the world today. You can talk about it, but don't talk to me about it." Take some time for yourself to go inward. And what tends to happen for us is when we start to develop this inward relationship regularly through our day, we don't need to binge and purge. We don't need to hit burnout and take a month off to try and re-find ourselves. We're just actually taking moments through the day, whether it's meditation, whether it's your music, whether it's dancing around the house - whatever it is for you - a moment where you come back to what's going on inside me right now? How is all of this planetary stuff moving through me? What do I want to express? How do I feel?

If you can do it multiple times a day, five, 10 minutes, you'll be amazed how much more balanced you will feel overall in these balance-challenging times. My goodness, the balance point just keeps moving and it's a little bit like we're on a ball and we're having to keep finding the center of gravity. But there are some extraordinary energies around that, and even with all of the stuff that's playing out, there is an incredible lightness of being and freeing of the shackles of some of the old ways and the old programming, happening faster than ever before. So drink it in, but in order to drink it in, you're going to have to take time to go within and to unhook from everything outside you, just for minutes a day at a time, and to give yourself permission to do that. Because there is where your power lies, and that's what we're all coming back to slowly but surely.

So that is everything for the month of June. I hope you look after yourselves. I hope you look after the loved ones that you are looking after, and let's hope we can all bring more harmony and peace energy to the planet as we go through this very mixed bag of light and dark, shadow and sun, and this kind of fiery experience that we're going through, but stay true to what you need inside yourself. Regularly bring yourself back and you will be productive for others as well as for yourself.

So in a moment, I will play you the clip from this month's MP3, which felt like it had to be Grief, The Great Transformer . I asked my guides, who I channel, The Zs, to create a message about grief. It's such a big energy. So it's a one-hour recording. They speak a lot about grief, personal, collective, what's going on right now in the world situation and how grief is the transformation energy. So we'll play you a few minutes of it at the end of this broadcast, but if you wanted to experience it, you can find it at my website, LeeHarrisEnergy.com or it's included with membership for my Portal community.

The Portal is a place where you can go in depth with my work every month. We have so many different tools in there for you every single month to really galvanize yourself, figure out how to thrive. And we have just completely overhauled The Portal. Not only have we added a lot more resources in there every month, but we have a brand new design, which we're unveiling this month. So check out The Portal and you can find that at my website, LeeHarrisEnergy.com, or you can type in theportal.world.

We also released a music video and a single this past month. We released a song called Inside Love, which really is a song that's an anthem for transformation. And it was created by myself and Davor Bozic. And our Slovenian film-making team just made a stunning video for us, which we're delighted to be sharing with you. So you can find that on my YouTube channel, LeeHarrisEnergy, if you type in Lee Harris Inside Love, the video will come up or you can find it at my website too, LeeHarrisMusic.com.

And last but not least, for anyone who would like to go to the next level with your work as a change- maker, a creative or a healer, there are still a few days left to register for the Own Your Value course, which is available to sign up for it until June 9th, and you can find that at ownyourvalue.world or my website, LeeHarrisEnergy.com. We have an amazing group in there right now, and it's really all about you expanding and offering your work in a way that both aligns value for you, but also is giving value to the world, which I have to say is a very tricky balance, but it was one of the best growth journeys I ever went through. And I am now thrilled to be able to create this course for you to experience it for yourself and to bring it into the world because you're needed and now is your time. So we'll play you the clip for Grief, The Great Transformer . Until next month, big love everyone and take care.

Lee Harris
Lee is a gifted energy intuitive, channeler, author, and teacher who is bringing an extraordinary new light to our rapidly-changing world. Leading a vibrant online community, Lee reaches over 100,000 people around the planet every month. His weekly Energy Updates, broadcast on YouTube, have received over 2.5 million views to date and offer practical guidance for navigating daily life with clarity, empowerment, and optimism. 
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