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Everybody Wants to Die

Everybody Wants to Die

A Note from Neale...

My dear friends... 

Recently the father of a friend celebrated his Continuation Day. Of course, it was a time of sadness for her loss, and we all felt it and did our best to send her our love. But the event also brought into my consciousness again the whole subject of death, and I turned then to the extraordinary book in the CwG series, Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends

There, I was told something I had never heard before...that death is a tool. I'd like to share with you now what that portion of this dialogue with God brought to me. Here's that excerpt... 

This idea of using death as a tool is brand new to me. A tool is something that one uses on purpose, it seems to me. It's something that one wants to use. But I don't want to die. Nobody wants to die. 

Everybody wants to die. 

Everybody wants to die? 

Of course, or nobody would. Do you think that dying is something that occurs against your will? 

It sure seems that way to plenty of people. 

Nothing occurs against your will. That is impossible. So here is… 

The Third Remembrance: You cannot die against your will. 

That is so comforting. That is so wonderfully healing for me to know. Yet how can I embrace this as my truth if it is my experience that lots of things happen that I do not want to have happen? 

Nothing happens that you do not want to have happen. 



You can IMAGINE that things happen that you do not want to have happen, but this is not what is so, and merely allows you to think of yourself as a victim. 

Nothing holds you back in your evolution more than this single thought. The idea of victimization is a certain sign of limited perception. True victimization cannot exist. 

It's pretty darn hard to tell someone whose daughter has been raped, or whose entire village has been wiped out in a vicious act of "ethnic cleansing," that no one has been victimized. 

It would be non-beneficial to speak in this way to people while they are in the midst of their suffering. During those moments simply be with them with deep compassion, true caring, and healing love. Do not offer spiritual platitudes or intellectual excursions as a remedy for their pain. Heal the pain first, then heal the thought that created the pain. 

Of course it is true that, in the ordinary human sense, there are those who have been the "victim" of terrible occurrences and circumstances in life. Yet this experience of victimization can only be real within the context of normal — and therefore extremely limited-human awareness. 

When I say that true victimization does not exist, I am speaking from an entirely different level of awareness. Yet this is a level of awareness that human beings can achieve, once their pain has been healed. 

Thank you, dear God, for such clarity and such wisdom. Yet your statement that true victimization cannot exist will, I know, still be difficult for many people to embrace, whether they are in emotional pain or not. 

Yet what I am saying here is nothing more than what nearly all of the world's traditional religions have said for many centuries. "Mysterious are the ways of the Lord," they have proclaimed. "Have faith in God's perfect plan." 

Later in this conversation we will have an opportunity to explore this idea of a perfect plan, and we'll also take a look at how it is that many different souls interact together to produce the individual and collective outcomes of life on earth in a particular and perfect way for a particular and perfect reason. In fact, I am going to ask YOU to give ME an example of that. 

You are? 

Yes. And you will know exactly what I am talking about when I do. For now, know quietly in your heart that all things are happening with perfection. 

I will try. I will try to hold that thought, and to embrace that in my heart, as you have asked. 

...love and hugs, 


© 2018 ReCreation Foundation -  Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. His With God series of books has been translated into 27 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives.
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