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Living with the Law of Opposites


My dear Friends, 

Last week in this space I asked an intriguing question. Why am I constantly making the "smaller choice?" Given that every act is an act of self-definition, and that every moment is a Moment of Decision, why am I constantly choosing the smaller me? 

I said last week that I believe it is because I do not really believe that God lives in me, as me, but only want to believe that. I want to think it's true, but I am not sure that it is true—and I am in some ways afraid to find out

Our invitation from life is to bring an end to that fear. What this takes is an agreement with ourselves. An agreement never to deny ourselves, our True Identity—even when everything in the space and everything in the world looks like it is telling us the opposite. Indeed, everything will tell us the opposite. It must. That is the role of the Law of Opposites. 

When we understand this we not only fail to recoil when the opposite of our Identity appears, we actually expect it... knowing that we invited it. 

The CwG book, Happier Than God, tells us that the Law of Opposites is the second of the five great Principles of Life and it works in perfect harmony with the Energy of Attraction. This principle states that no sooner will you call something into your reality than its exact opposite will also appear—and always first

What is this now? What am I saying? 

I am saying that the moment you choose anything—any outcome, object, or experience—theexact opposite of that will come into your life in some way. It may show itself in some far distant quarter, or it may pop up right in front of your eyes, but it will be there, absolutely. 

It is necessary for the "opposite" of whatever you are choosing to create with the Energy of Attraction to show up, for the reason that life cannot be experienced in a vacuum. A contextmust be produced in which you may experience what you have chosen. 

Because not many people know this, they can easily turn negative in their thinking just when the universe was preparing to place before them all that their hearts desired. 

They do not see the appearance of the opposite as a sure and certain sign that they are on the right path, heading toward their chosen objective. Rather, they see it as an obstacle, a blockage. 

They experience themselves to be up against the wall, when really they are standing in front of a doorway. Only discernment would allow them to know the difference. This is where the Gift of Wisdom comes in (which will be explored momentarily). 

The Law of Opposites is based on the fundamental and founding principle of all life: "In the absence of that which you are not, that which you are is not." 

I know, I know, that's not a very clear sentence. Let me clarify. Let's say, for the purposes of illustration, that you wish to experience yourself as "the light." (Many people, by the way, have actually chosen this. They wish to be The Light—and thus to bring The Light—wherever they are, wherever they appear.) 

Now let us imagine for the purposes of this illustration that there is nothing else around youbut The Light—indeed, that there is nothing else in existence but The Light. This would make it impossible to experience yourself as The Light. You may "know" yourself as that, but you cannot "experience" yourself as that. 

(There is a difference between knowing and experiencing, and it is experiencing what it knows itself to be for which the soul yearns.) 

There is only one way to experience yourself as The Light, and that would be to find yourself in darkness. Yet remember, in this example there is no "darkness." In this illustration, there is nothing but The Light. You, therefore, must create the darkness. You must call it forth. And you will. 

This is the Law of Opposites, which gives you opportunity. Yet if you see the opposite not as opportunity but as opposition, you will see it not as something that empowers you, but as something that takes power away from you. You will fall into negative thinking, not understanding that you, yourself, have used the Energy of Attraction to draw to you the darkness as well as the light (what you would call "negative," as well as what you would call "positive," outcomes) in order to fully experience the positive outcomes that you are creating. 

There is power in opposites, and this is the intricate way in which attraction works with all the great principles of life. Those principles work in concert with each other; they function as a perfect mechanism—the Mechanism of Manifestation—like gears in a finely tuned watch. 

What are we to do, then, when the Law of Opposites seems to be thwarting, rather than supporting, Personal Creation? 

Understand exactly what is going on.

Endeavor to see the appearance of the "opposite" as your first indication that Personal Creation is working flawlessly. Remember that the first step in creating anything is creating acontext within which it may be experienced. Do not resist the opposite of anything that you wish to experience. Instead, embrace it. Look right at it and see it for what it is. 

What you resist, persists. That is because, by your continued attention to it in a negative way, you continue to place it there. You cannot resist something that is not there. When you resist something, you place it there. By focusing angry or frustrated energy on it, you actually give it more life. 

This is why all great masters have urged us to "resist not evil." Do not fight that which is opposite to your stated desire or your preferred outcome. Rather, relax into it. 

(Much of the above narrative is an excerpt from Happier Than God, the book in the CwG cosmology that has created quite a stir. The book explains why the Law of Attraction sometimes does not work as we had intended… and tells the complete story of how to partner with God in a more consistent creation of our desired reality. 

Explained in the book are the five great principles of life... 

  1. The Energy of Attraction, which gives you power.
  2. The Law of Opposites, which gives you opportunity.
  3. The Gift of Wisdom, which gives you discernment.
  4. The Joy of Wonder, which gives you imagination.
  5. The Presence of Cycles, which gives you eternity.

Also explored is the Mechanism of Manifestation, and 17 Steps to being Happier Than God. I wish you good reading!) 

Love and Hugs, 


© 2016 ReCreation Foundation - http://www.cwg.org - Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. His With God series of books has been translated into 27 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives.

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