The Rowan Tree - January 21 - February 17


The Fire Festival Of Brigantia

Celtic Symbol : The Green Dragon

Zodiac Degrees : 0º00` - 27º59` Aquarius

Ruling Planet : Uranus - Brigantia; Element : Fire; Color : Green

Ancient Gods Associated With UranusGreek - Chaos, Aether And Hemera, Uranus; Celtic - Brigantia, Brigid

Symbolism : Protection and Inspiration; Thinker - Sharp-thinker, visionary, original, creative, charming, gifted, artistic and passionate, often emotional

Gemstone : Tourmaline, Peridot

Birds : Duck, Quail

Flower : Snowdrop

Sabbat : Imbolc, Candlemas

Folk Names : Delight of the Eye, Mountain Ash, Quickbane, Ran Tree, Roden-Quicken, Roden-Quicken-Royan, Roynetree, Sorb Apple, Thor's Helper,  Whitty, Wicken-Tree, Wiggin, Wiggy, Wiky, Wild Ash, Witchbane, Witchen, Witchwood


The Rowan Tree was believed by the Druids to be immune to lightning and for that reason, and for protection from witchcraft, it was planted around dwellings, lonely crossroads, and church yards. The Druids believed each tree had its own tree spirit or dryad and the spirit who lived in the rowan represented a guardian or keeper of secret truths--secrets related to the immortality and personal freedom of their archetypal deities.

The Rowan Tree in Celtic mythology was a magical tree whose bright red berries were believed to be "the food of the gods" and guarded by a green dragon. Like the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden, rowan berries represented magical powers which the Celtic gods jealously guarded. In the Irish myth of Fraoth, the rowan berries healed the wounded and each berry eaten was said to add a year to a man's life.


Rowan tree people have visionary minds and well defined humanitarian principles. They remain, however, self contained individuals and their vision is not always shared by the rest of humanity. Their cool temperament disguises some passionate beliefs, for they need to argue their case against bigotry and ignorance. The new moon people born during the first two weeks tend to become impatient and frustrated in this struggle toward a greater awareness. Although they may be quite reticent on a personal level, they will, nevertheless, help pioneer great social changes with reforming zeal. Full moon people born in the last two weeks are less reticent all around, but are inclined to promise more than they can deliver. This will not negate their powerful influence and inspiration, and their response to all situations is primarily directed to asserting the rights of the individual. 

Rowans were planted near doors and gates to ward off evil and were thought to guard the gateway to the spirit world. Rowan people are idealistic, progressive thinkers with strong humanitarian and spiritual principles. They thrive on change, becoming impatient with convention or restriction, artistic and original, they can appear detached and aloof.

Physical Goal - To keep a hold on senses in order to distinguish good from bad...and harm from help. 


Mental Goal - To refuse to be swayed, tricked or beguiled. 

Spiritual Goal - To possess the strength to turn away anything that threatens purpose and be unafraid.

The Ruling Deity - Brigid, the Goddess of fertility and poetry, rules this sign.

The Druid Animal - The Dragon symbolizes inspiration and imagination - Rowans need an outlet for their powerful imagination or they can become restless and quarrelsome.

Health and healing Spell :

Use a handful of dried Rowan berries for Rowan berry tea.

Place them in the center of a small square of white or purple cloth. Gather the cloth over the berries and tie it into a bundle with white or purple ribbon. Hang this in your kitchen during flu season or keep it for the entire winter.



If you were born at this time:

Celtic tree astrology recognizes Rowan signs as the philosophical minds within the zodiac. If you were born under the Rowan energy, you are likely a keen-minded visionary, with high ideals. Your thoughts are original and creative, so much so, that other’s often misunderstand from where you are coming. This sometimes makes you aloof when interacting with others as you feel they wouldn’t understand where you are coming from anyway. Nevertheless, although you may appear to have a cool exterior, you are burning within from your passionate ideals. This inner passion provides inner motivation for you as you make your way through life. You have a natural ability to transform situations and people around you by your mere presence. You are highly influential in a quiet way and others look to you for your unique perspectives. Rowan pairs well with Ivy and Hawthorn signs.


2nd consonant of the Ogham alphabet


Luis corresponds to the letter L in the alphabet, and is associated with the Rowan tree. This symbol represents insight, protection and blessings. 

The Rowan tree has often been associated with protection against enchantment and magic. Rowan sticks were often used to carve protective charms on, and hung over a door to prevent evil spirits from entering. The berries, when split in half, reveal a small pentagram inside. The Rowan indicates protection as well as knowledge - insight about what is taking place in your surroundings.

Luis Correspondences

Mundane Aspects : Keep your awareness high, and go with your intuition when it comes to the people and events in your life. Trust your judgment, and don't allow yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security.

Magical Aspects : Keep yourself true to your spirituality, staying grounded even in times of doubt. This will help protect you from that which might bring you emotional, physical or spiritual harm.

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