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Tapping Affects the Energy Flow Throughout the body ~ How it Works


Tapping on the meridian points affect the energy flow throughout the body significantly.   Here are some of the meridian points and what can you expect when you tap on them.

What happens to you when you have something extremely important to accomplish? It could be something at home, in corporate, in the arts, drama, music; you might be involved on wall-street or maybe you’re an athlete. When the stakes are high, you feel a lot of stress don’t you? You might feel anxious, nervous, worried about the outcome or maybe sick to your stomach. I’ve felt that before when I was working as a singer and on some very important gigs where if my performance wasn’t up, it could have meant my career!   These moments can play havoc on your mind and your body and actually cause you to lose the game. Why? Because when stress energy is running throughout our bodies we loose the ability to think clearly, respond quickly in mind and body and to lose our focus. Our bodies and our minds are distracted with all the emotionally charged stress energy running through our meridian system.

We are in a great place today though because this crazy ‘tapping’ technique is spreading quickly around the world and helping people in all areas of life. Jorge Reyes, a college baseball player with the Beavers and San Diego Padres draft, uses tapping while in the dugout before his game.   Olympian Bralon Taplin was caught on film using tapping just before his performance in the Olympics. Why? Because, quite simply, Tapping works by reducing stress significantly.  

Below, I’ve listed  just a few of the most commonly used meridian tapping points, how these points relate to our bodies and what tapping on them does for you.

We’ll start with the Crown point, which is at the top of the head,  This is a governing vessel of the energy flow or electrical current that travels through our body. When this is out of balance you lack courage & self-confidence. Tapping will balance this energy or electrical flow and you stand tall energetically (which can also be physically noticeable), you feel confident and self-assured.

The Side of the Eye point connects with the gall bladder and is an excellent point for addressing unexpressed anger or frustration. If you feel like you failed in the past for instance, you might be holding an anger at yourself or feel frustrated. Tapping will balance this energetic flow and bring you into forgiveness and tolerance, which opens you up to ‘going for it’ once again.  Without judgment.

Under the Eye point is connected to the stomach meridian. When this is in balance it supports a sense of basic trust in the larger picture, but when the energy flow is impeded the reactive emotion is obsessive worry, or feeling overly concerned.

Collar Bone Point is connected to the Kidney Meridian and when this is blocked the emotion in general is fear or shame. Tapping can free the energetic flow and you feel calm, cool and collected.  You are significantly better able  to respond with clarity in both mind and body.

You can see Jorge and Bralin using tapping prior to their performances and now you know it’s for good reason. If it calms and gives these amazing athletes the desired focus to be their very best at their game, and do it with a sense of peace and joy; think of what it can do for you!   And, if you have kids, I encourage you to teach them tapping. What a gift that would be.  These are just a few of the points, but I think you can see why tapping is becoming so popular!

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