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You Are Receiving Cues

You Are Receiving Cues

You have been through intensified challenges in recent years

This may have caused you to ‘harden’

To be able to deal

You may have been shocked by hidden truths revealed and your ‘norms’ shattered to incorporate more real truth

Into your personal life and that of the collective.

There will be more gradually revealed to you but you are ready to be part of the team that starts to reconstruct our world.


We need to reconnect with gentleness

To soften and open our hearts to the Divine guidance and to other humans that come into our lives to deliver gifts sent from the Divine.

This does not negate discernment and even vigilance ,putting in place certain healthy boundaries to protect our energies and our sacred endeavors.

We have definitely learned enough about that..yet let our hearts not stay closed but open to Divine creation to be able to tune into what is true, wondrous and beautiful.

Let our hearts once again fill up with joy, passion and inspiration.

To do so we need some gentleness.

Rest, compassion, a certain surrender to the Divine guidance, a trust that even though there is so much confusion, things are proceeding exactly in Divine order.

Be gentle with yourself and others

Youve been through a lot

And so have others.

Rest, self care,

Nature will bring you back home


Meditate if you can

If not just try and focus on breathing 

And not thinking for certain breaks at a time.

We are regrouping

Preparing for our cue

To carry the baton

And run with it into our higher mission

We will be positioned

And supported to help humanity RISE

We will meet up with team members of our soul tribe to work together and make things happen to benefit humanity and help return our structures to ones built on respect, integrity, truth and love.

Our work, our ideas, our initiatives and endeavors will help humanity awaken to the Divine truth dormant within them.

At this time you are encouraged to work on any remaining self doubt you have within you, for this is bigger than you.

This is your Divine mission you signed up for before coming here and you are needed. You are part of a master plan to heal and transform this planet.

You have already received subtle cues of the vision and your part in it, as well as what you need to do to prepare behind the scenes in order to run with it when the time is right.

You may be ignoring these or struggling back and forth with your own lack of confidence leading you to distrust it all together. This is the remaining part of you clinging to the 3d conditionings blocking you from moving towards your higher path.

Contemplate on this

And do what you can to incorporate more quiet time to tune into higher guidance and less attachment to the dramas of your 3d world trying to distract you from your higher purpose.

No matter how small you think your task is, it is part of a huge divine intervention to raise the vibration of the whole and put us all back into the light.

Use this time wisely

Your cues are getting stronger

Your inspiration too

You are being asked to release that which does not align with your higher good and move in a called direction.

It may not make much sense in the physical, but if you follow your inspiration and trust the higher guidance, you can understand the need and the benefit of preparatory work prior to actual physical evidence.



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