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Ascension Report. 144: 9:9 Gateway - Virgo Season

Ascension Report. 144: 9:9 Gateway - Virgo Season

How To Navigate These Energies.

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. The energies are now rapidly moving towards the 9:9 gateway. This is an extremely powerful, potent, and important gateway for our collective ascension, and I will be dedicating this ascension report to explaining the significance of this specific portal.

The 9:9 energies are symbolic of completion. This is referencing completion on an individual level and also completion on a collective level.

Many of us have come through extraordinary cycles of evolution, particularly in the last few months. We have profoundly shifted and exponentially shifted our vibration, and it has now stabilized at an unprecedentedly high level.

This is due to the enormous amounts of shadow integration work that many of us on this ascending path have been avidly committing to for many, many years. And this year of 2022 has seen extraordinary breakthroughs for many in the ascending community, particularly the divine feminines.

We are now currently in the Virgo moon, moon gateway, and many of us are experiencing profound shifts on a physical practical level.

Many of us will be feeling the call to arrange our cupboards, get rid of clutter and clear space for new energies that are going to be coming into our lives in the upcoming months.

This is an extremely important and potent time for us to work with the energies of Virgo – remembering that the energy of Virgo is deeply connected to one’s physical body and one’s physical wellbeing. In the 9:9 transmission, we are being guided to do extremely deep work with the divine feminines menstruation cycle.

The divine feminine menstruation cycle was profoundly manipulated at the time of Atlantis.

At the time of Atlantis, we were all connected to our etheric womb. As higher dimensional beings, we were able to reside in these vessels for as long as our souls desired.

However, due to all the nefarious actions that were allowed to take place at the time of Atlantis, this activated a shift from the crystalline womb to the carbon third dimensional womb.

When we were calibrated to our crystalline wombs, we could produce crystalline eggs, ad infinitum, and it would not be unusual for a woman aged 550 years old to give birth. This is our true divine blueprint that mother, Father God has designed for us.

At the time of Atlantis, when the consciousness of humanity dropped out of it’s higher dimensional density into a lower third dimensional dualistic paradigm, this hugely effected women’s cycles. And indeed, women’s cycles were targeted.

The divine feminine is extraordinarily powerful physically and spiritually. And so therefore, part of the dumbing down of our frequency was deeply connected to curses that were placed upon the divine feminines womb, which took us out of our crystalline alignment, into physical density and also introduced the concept of pain, trauma and struggle with regards to our human carbon menstrual cycles.

It is time now for this curse and all the nefarious intentions that were set forth towards the divine feminine, to be 100% removed.

This has had huge implications on women’s womb health and is largely connected to the prolific number of women that suffer from endometriosis and extremely painful periods.

This is not the way God designed us to live. This is an attack on humanity and an attack on the divine feminine.

We were devoting the potent collective energies of the nine, nine transmission to 100% clear these curses forever, so that we can re-establish our crystalline womb and remove all painful symptoms associated with menstruation and child re-production.

The nine, nine gateway is also very deeply connected to supporting the divine masculine, as he finds the bravery now to truly, truly say yes to his God mate, the one that mother, Father God designed perfectly for him to mate within this lifetime.

Many, many spiritual men are choosing young women who have not done the shadow integrative work, enabling them to activate their wild woman codes.

If a man is mated with a woman who has not activated her wild woman codes, it will keep him extremely small. And in a state whereby she’s just simply stroking his ego, preventing any form of spiritual evolution.

We will be devoting the nine, nine transmissions to deeply supporting the divine masculine, to find his bravery now, and to complete this timeline of divine masculine’s being mated with lower vibrational feminine who are not their true God mates.

This is such a powerful and potent time that we are all in, brothers and sisters, and your presence is deeply required to participate in the transmissions.

Please see below for all the full details on how to join the transmission.

This is an exceptionally powerful twin flame gateway. Every day, I’m waking up to a minimum of three to four emails from long term members of the community who are now coming into divine recognition and reunion with their divine counterparts.

Many, many people who are receiving contact and the next wave of twin flame unions is very, very much underway.

Very important now that you all carry on doing the inner work, loving yourself, standing underneath your shadow aspects, validating your inner child, parenting your inner child in the way that your earthly parents were simply unable to.

This will ensure your potent magnetism towards your divine counterpart.

There is so much to say, and I cannot wait to be with you all in the 9.9 transmission.

In love and eternal light.

Jen and the White Wolf tribe.

9.9 transmission

The 9.9 transmission will take place on the 9th of September at 7:17 PM, UK time. In this transmission, we will be working to entirely align the divine crystalline womb with our earthly vessels.

We will be activating all our crystalline eggs.

This is deeply connected to the age regeneration timeline, and please know, we will be deeply empowering the age regeneration timeline.

We will also be sending a huge boost of spiritual support to the divide masculine, who has not been brave enough to mate with his true divine counterpart.

We are going to be assisting in the collapsing of these lower timelines, which are enabling these masculines to do that.

We are going to be sending them a whole load of spiritual support.

This work is offered on an energetic exchange basis and no one has ever been turned away.

There is a bursary fund available. If you are unable to make any contribution, please contact my team and you will be sent a link to make a donation.

Love Jen.

I highly recommend everyone who hasn’t done the transmission to gift yourself this profound everlasting spiritual upgrade.

Please see this link. The feedback has been impossible to process.

The emotions, the insights, the downloads, the goose bumps, the breakthroughs are virtually impossible for me to get my head around.


MataHariji Jennifer - Jen McCarty is a leading luminary in the ascension and twin flame community. She teaches and guides pioneering and  leading changemakers in the spiritual community. Jen experienced a life-changing kundalini awakening aged 21 in the Himalayas in northern India [from] chanting the mantra Om Namah Shivaya. From that moment on, she passed over the threshold from 3D consciousness to stabilising into 5th dimensional consciousness. She is now in her 40’s and has devoted her whole adult life to the spiritual awakening path, mastering many disciplines along the way...Source Here

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