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12 White Witch Spells For Autumn

12 White Witch Spells For Autumn

Add these 12 essential spells to your arsenal of magic, thanks to Tudorbeth

The wonderful Autumn seems to arrive earlier every year. The trees begin turning in the latter weeks of August, and the weather itself seems to have that chill in the air. The nights seem longer and shops start stocking Christmas in September. For witches of all varieties, the Autumn heralds our most important festival; Halloween. This is the New Year for us, as we celebrate it with parties and time-honoured traditions. Here are twelve of those spells, charms that we often use in September, October, November.


September for many is one thing: Schools’ Back! Parents love it, children hate it and teachers sigh. Children who have never been to school before begin their educational life with new shoes and winter coats, and young adults and teenagers hate it because for many it is the beginning of study for those all-important exams in May or June.

1 September School Bully Spell

 Write down on a piece of paper the bully’s name in red ink or red pencil. Then wearing gloves, place some leaves of wolf bane and nettle leaves upon the paper. Say these words:

“You are a bully to me.

But your pain I return to thee.

Taste the cruel sting of nettle words.

Your voice shall not be heard.

Feel the bite from this aconite.

You are a bully to me.

I cast your pain to return to thee.

Mind, body and soul three times three.

This spell is cast so mote it be.”

Fold the paper up with the wolf bane (aconite) and nettle leave inside. Leave in a safe place for a month. After a month take the folded paper and bury it in the garden, giving thanks to Minerva. Ask Gaia to take the name also and keep it in her heart in order to remember the bully and to do her justice upon them also.

2 Charm of Protection

You can also create a charm of protection for your child or friend. You will need three pieces of very thin ribbon; a sage green colour, a fern green colour, and a white piece of ribbon. Weave the ribbons over each other like a braid or plait and create a loop at the end so they can be easily joined. As you weave them say these words:

“Hear me Mars.

Protect my little one from harm.

Protect them from the bully.

Place your power of protection.

Upon these ribbons three.

Thank you, Mars, and blessed be.”

We are drawing down the energy and protection of Mars into the bracelet. When the spell is completed give or tie the bracelet around their wrist or their school bag or pencil case. Somewhere it is always with the child and on them in some way.

3 School Bag Spells

 Many children go to school with a school bag which seems heavier than them. Make it lighter by putting a feather in the bag. As you do say this spell:

“School bag weight be lifted.

As light as a feather you shall be.

An it harm none so mote it be.”

4 September Smart Spell

 Do this spell preferably on a Wednesday night you need a blue candle and a dictionary. Light the blue candle and place one hand on the dictionary as if taking a vow and say these words three times:

“Minerva wise, Minerva fair.

Make me the smartest I can be.

An it harm none so mote it be.”

Feel the flow of meaning flood into you just as the glow of light is illuminating the room, let the light illuminate you.


October brings the chilly winds and glorious colours of trees. It is also a time of meditation and divination. Use nature to seek answers.

5 Falling Leaf Spell

Go for a walk in the park or out in the woods. Make a wish then hold out your hand and catch a falling leaf.  When you have caught one, repeat the wish and keep the leaf in a safe place until the wish comes to fruition.

6 Samhain Tea

We call Halloween, Samhain (pronounced Soween). This time of year, is especially useful to meditate on the year, and make plans for the future. Make this tea and with a pen and paper next to you, write all the positive things that happened to you this year. Then as you sip the tea, make a plan of ten targets for the coming year.

This is a lovely autumnal tea made with black tea and autumn berries. The delicious autumn berries such as elderberries, dried raspberries, dried blackberries, and also one or two chopped hawthorn berries made in a whole teapot of boiling water, strain and then serve with a thin slice of apple or pear.

7 Pumpkin Positivity Spell

Hollow out your pumpkin and cut holes, they do not have to make a face as you are just making a lantern. Place a candle inside and light it. Say these words:

“Pumpkin bright, pumpkin light.

Boost my energy tonight.”

The glow of the candle through the orange skin of the pumpkin will enhance your mood.

8 Apple Lover Spell

Apples are the fruit of knowledge and feature in many Halloween spells of divination. If you want to know the initial of your true love cast this spell.

Peel the apple all in one if you can, then blow on it, and say, ‘Show me the name of my true love.’ Then either toss over your shoulder or toss into a bowl of water and see what initial it makes. The initial is the name of your true love.


November is often a month that brings darkness, mists, and fog.

9 Smoke and Mirror Spell

 Light the candle and look into the mirror, completely clear your mind. Say these words:

“Scrying mirror let me see.

That which others hide from me.”

Close your eyes and breathe in, hold your breath for a moment then open your eyes as you exhale looking into the mirror. What is the first thought? Imagine sound or even smells, as these will be a link or clue to your question. Keep performing the spell until you have your answer or have more information.

10 The Needle and Candle Truth Spell

The needle and candle spell is one of the oldest spells and can be performed for anything, it is the intent you place upon it that changes the outcome. If you have found that the truth is hiding from you and you are living in a fog then bring the truth back into the light by performing this spell. Taking a candle place a needle in the candle by pushing it into the side of the candle so the needle goes all the way in. As you do think of the truth that is hidden and imagine it coming into the light.

The light the candle and say these words:

Let the truth come into the light.

That which is hidden come right.”

As the candle burns down the truth is finding its way out and the clouds and fog begins to clear. When the flame finally flickers to the needle which has been pushed in the truth will have been exposed and all will come right.

11 The Three Matches Clarity Spell

 Take a bowl of water and light three matches. As you light each say these words and drop the lit match into the bowl:

“Scrying bowl let me see.

Is the truth hiding from me?”

If the majority of matches sink to the bottom, the answer is yes, and if the majority float, the answer is no. If the answer is yes and you want to see the truth, then use a mirror and candle for this spell.

12 Autumn Sadness Be Gone Smoothie

The energy levels can also take a tumble in autumn and we can develop colds and flu. Keep your Vitamin C levels up by eating plenty of oranges and drinking fresh orange juice. Smoothies and juices really do benefit. One in particular which is good either at breakfast with porridge or in the evening while soaking in the bath is this one:

1 banana

1 apple

1 peach

Sunflower seeds

200ml soya or rice milk

Juice the apple and peach, then blend with the banana, sunflower seeds and mild. The colours of the drink are fresh green of the apple, orange of the apricot, yellow of the banana, and seeds from a sunflower. As you drink it say this spell:

“Green, yellow and orange be.

Sunflower seeds heavenly.

Heat from the summer light from the sun.

Boost my energy and health in one.”

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There are many more spells and charms to be found in Tudorbeth’s seasonal series. All of Tudorbeth’s books are available at Amazon and on the British College of Witchcraft and Wizardry website.

About the author
Tudorbeth is a hereditary practioner of the Craft. She comes from several generations of practioners of Witchcraft and learnt the practical side of magic from her father and the esoteric side from her mother. The rules and gifts of herb lore, scrying, healing, tasseomancy, numerology and candle magic all feature in her books. Tudorbeth has written many books on witchcraft including the series Magic in the City.

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