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Meditation & Visualization Exercises

Meditation and Visualization Exercises


Visualizations for grounding and centering, purification and protection, relaxation and water meditation.


A grounding and centering visualization exercise, using the energy of the magical element Earth, for calmness and stability.

Stand or sit comfortably on the floor or ground. Visualize roots slowly extending from your feet (and other body parts touching the surface). Slowly they travel down, down, until they meet the soil. This is easy if you are outside. If you are inside, imagine them traveling down throughout the layers of the building, down through the foundation and eventually into the soil. Imagine the feel of the cool, secure soil all around your roots, keeping you safe, taking away all impurities.

Smell the fresh, wholesome earth, as if you were turning over dirt to plant the first seed of spring.

Imagine that you are a giant, primeval redwood (or some other tree of your choosing). You are sturdy and confident. You are part of the earth, yet distinct from it.

Your roots go down deep into the earth and all excess nervous energy, tension, and stress flow down your roots and seep harmlessly into the earth, where the loving earth accepts and neutralizes it. In return, the earth sends back calming nutrients, stability, and ancient serenity.

You are an ancient tree; your roots go deep into the ground. You were here before humans walked this place, you have seen so much. As you stand there, you think about the rings within your mighty trunk. The ones just inside your bark remind you of last spring's rain. Continue to work inward until you reach the center rings, those rings of dark wood at your core that represent the inner you, your heart, your oldest part.

Breathe from that part. Suck the air in through all the rings to that central core. Feel your life force gather and recharge in your center. Pull it back from the outermost limbs where the growth may be unbalanced. Feel the sap brimming in your core. Once you feel completely charged, let it go and it will course through you, back out energizing you, but at your center is still the central heart of your energy, calm, full, and ready for anything.

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Relaxation Exercise

A visualization exercise for deep relaxation.

Sit or lay in a place where you will not be disturbed for at least ten minutes. Remember to unplug the phone. Get comfortable. Keep your arms and legs uncrossed. If you're sitting, your back should be straight; rest your hands, palms down, in your lap. Close your eyes.

Visualize a golden ball of beautiful, warm light surrounding your feet. The ball of golden warm light always brings peace and total relaxation. Wherever the ball goes, tension departs. Let it go, and as it goes, feel your feet filled with the warm, golden glow of peace and total relaxation.

Now allow this ball of light to rise up your legs and up to your torso. Then allow it to go down your arms to your fingers, and finally up to your neck and into your head until you are completely covered with the warm, golden glow of total peace and relaxation, and all tension is gone. If you notice tension anywhere, send the ball there and the tension will vanish.

Stay in this state of deep relaxation for a few moments. When you're ready to come out of this state, take three deep breaths and feel fresh life and energy coming into your body with each breath.

Know that you can return to this state whenever you like simply by doing this exercise. If you're having trouble sleeping, try this ritual when you lay down at night instead of suffering or taking sleeping pills.

Adapted from 'Modern Magick' by Donald Michael Kraig.

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Water Meditation

A meditation using the energy of the magical element Water to bring peacefulness and relaxation.

Sit, or lay down (if you know you can remain awake), in a comfortable position, keeping your spine straight. Close your eyes.

Imagine your body getting lighter. Imagine that a gentle wave of cool water is washing over your body, beginning with the top of your head. Let the coolness wash all around your head. Feel the coolness bringing peace to your head as it washes away all tensions and worries.

Now, allow the coolness to wash down your neck and shoulders. Peace is washing over you and you feel yourself growing more and more relaxed.

Let the coolness wash down your arms to your fingertips. Let any tension flow out through your fingertips, disappearing forever.

Now let the cool water wash down your chest and back. Feel the coolness and relaxation wash over your belly and down your thighs.

Let the coolness wash down your knees and calves and then your feet and toes. Let any remaining tension flow out through your toes, disappearing forever. Now, you are completely relaxed. The purifying, cool water has washed away all worries, stress, and tension.

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Purification Visualization

A visualization magick spell for purification and releasing negativity.

This is a visualization to wash away negativity, when you feel down or feel you are having a run of bad luck.

Draw yourself a hot bath. Burn a purification incense such as lavender, chamomile, or sandalwood. Light a white candle and turn off the lights. Get into the bath, and just lay there, relaxing your body for a while. When you feel fully relaxed, visualize the negative energy as a black, sticky film covering your body. Visualize the hot water slowly evaporating the film into the air. As it leaves your body, it moves towards the candle flame, where it is burned away. When all the film has left your body, drain the tub while staying in it. After doing this, take a short shower. Imagine that the water pouring down on you is pure white light, showering you with Divine energy.

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Protection Visualization

A visualization magick spell for shielding protection of self or others.

This visualization can be used to protect people, pets, homes, cars, anything you would like to protect. After doing this a few times, you will not need the candles. You will be able to visualize the ball of white light at any time and any place. If you wish to protect a loved one and you have a photograph of them, place it between the candles (taking care that it not catch fire).

Cast a circle if you like. Light three white candles for protection.

Sit down and get comfortable. Relax. Breathe slow and deep. Let all tension flow into the earth. Feel calm and peaceful. You are completely relaxed.

Visualize a beautiful white light all around you, forming a bubble. It shimmers with a soft glow. Now make it stronger, and then make it shine brighter. Make it grow until it fills the room you are in. Fill the bubble with love and confidence. Know that it will protect you wherever you are.

To protect a loved one: Now picture your loved one. See a glowing light all around them. It is just like the bubble that is protecting you now. It glows with safety and protection. Make it stronger, bigger, and brighter. Visualize this as long as you like. When you are done, wish your loved one well, and know that they are safe.

Now feel your circle of light bring you back to the present moment and the room you are in. Take a deep breath and stretch for a moment before you get up.

Let the candles burn as long as you like. You may relight them any time you wish to strengthen the visualization and protection.

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