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December 2021 Monthly Forecast

December 2021 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for December is “Stamina”.

This is a month of hard work, big growth, spiritual discipline, managing chaos, and making bids for power. It is not a month to hide out and “wait until it is over”. It is a month to harness the proactive energy and power and to change the attitude of  “we just have to get through this” to “we need to learn, work with it and empower ourselves in the process”.

Whatever the challenges are, we can face them, problem solve creatively, and move forward with more courage, power and strength than we ever thought we would or could have. Of course, we are talking about energetic, spiritual, mental and emotional stamina as well as physical stamina. We will need all of it as we lean into the opportunities and lessons the future has in store for us.

Stamina is built on not giving up and not giving in. There is a disciplined and persevering quality to the month that works in your favor as long as you are persevering in the right direction. If you are pursuing an addiction, bad habit or an old attachment, then no. But if you are clear about an intention or a will to change a pattern that does not serve you, then perseverance becomes an asset and an ally that will help you stay focused.

Perseverance can easily turn to aggression, so stay in your own lane and don’t expect everyone to be on the same page with you regarding your latest thoughts, beliefs and intentions. Give others their process without judgment or reaction. If you get angry, just allow that emotion to be there without pinning on someone or something. There is a lot of pent up emotion that has been pressurized that needs an outlet at this time. Use it wisely to become proactive and willful about something you desire. Channel it into confidence, optimism, creative expression, and a positive future.

Perseverance can also easily move into stubbornness so make sure that you are not in resistance to change but moving instead towards something you want. If you are around someone who is exhibiting obvious stubbornness, don’t argue or try to convince, but simply go your own way and let them be where they are.

Building stamina also requires having good boundaries especially against other people’s expectations, projections and judgments. And, when you have good boundaries, you will need to protect them to preserve your space. This will help you to manage chaos and to more easily recognize what is yours as opposed to what belongs to someone else. (there is good bit on boundaries in the monthly support audio)

Discipline is a big part of this month’s curriculum. Once you choose a practice, new attitude, positive change, or path, it will take discipline to stay on track and not get distracted by unimportant energy leaks. If you decided to train for a marathon and set a daily plan for yourself to prepare, you would not be able to afford any distractions that would keep you from that goal. It is the same with making a plan for this month. The plan could be anything from a schedule of fixing something to an intention to change an attitude or even to reach out to a relationship that needs attention.

Embrace that this is a busy month of intensity, action, sudden changes, reversals, opportunities, a bit of chaos and confusion, and many, many things on your plate. It is not a month to sit around and wait for it to be over. This is it. Lean into it with curiosity and adventure, and with the intention of harnessing the growth and power that becomes available when you do.

How the month shows up:

A fabulous month for growth, expansion and reaching new levels of personal insight, maturity, clarity and movement. There is a price to pay for this however, and the price is your level of comfort. Nothing in this new landscape is familiar, and if it is, you are not reaching far enough. If something seems too good to be true, it is not, it is just right. Watch for synchronicity as you move into more trust in your intuition, support and inner truth. As it becomes easier to accept radical change in your own situation or that of others, you can begin to lean into the adventure, curiosity, and possibilities this new landscape has to offer.

This can be either an inner experience of shifting attitudes, beliefs and reactions, or it can manifest as an outer change of place, work or relationship. The key is to reflect on yourself, your intentions, and what is true for you. Eliminate any pressure you may feel from others to perform or act according to their standards, desires and expectations. Set good boundaries around what you know to be true for you and build your stamina by channeling energy into those desires through practices and disciplines.

Don’t be a couch potato. Avoidance will get you nowhere. Get up, get going, get active, even if it means going out for a walk every morning.  And, we are in favor of adopting the mantra, “DO IT NOW”. Procrastination will bog you down to the point of being uninspired, lethargic and depressed. Don’t be one of those. Get help and support from others if you feel you need the extra push to wake up and pay attention. If you don’t harness this strong energy, it could harness you, and perhaps not in a good way.

Relationships are either supportive or disruptive this month. This is where you practice your boundaries, saying no to what does not feel right and saying yes to what feels like a positive adventure. There are some do’s and don’ts this month.
Do reach out to those who you haven’t connected with in a while that you suddenly think about.

Do speak your truth in a neutral and kind way when setting a boundary and saying no.

Do improve your attitude and acceptance of others, their process and experience without judgment.

Do become available for positive adventures and new experiences in relationships, both old and new.

Don’t argue.

Don’t be stubborn about being right.

Don’t force your beliefs and ideas on another.

Don’t expect someone else to fix your life, make you happy, or do it for you.

Don’t say yes when you really mean no, and don’t say no before giving some practical thought to a yes.

There is a strong trend now to pursue more balance in the relationship between the masculine and the feminine and there is great opportunity for healing providing we stay out of rage, blame and discord. In your relationship adventures, keep balance in mind as a guiding principle.

The body will continue to have a challenging time as it adjusts to new vibrations, energies, disciplines and stamina. It continues to be a good practice to communicate with the body, talk to it, protect it, feed it good nutrition, keep it safe, nurtured and well loved. Building stamina for the physical body is just as important as building stamina for the emotional, mental and energy bodies.

Step up your physical activities but don’t overdo it. Discipline yourself to pay attention and stay focused. Practice good posture and move with intention. Say hello to all of your parts, thanking them for their service and support. Be more aware of what you are putting into your body, aware of how you feel, what you instinctively move towards, and what you move away from.

Eliminate the energy leaks of worry and anxiety especially around what you cannot influence or change. Stamina includes inner strength and commitment to trusting right timing and an optimism for all to unfold just as it should. The positive outcome of this month could be a spectacular sense of well-being on all levels and in all areas of life. What if?

This is a great month for pushing the envelope and dreaming something different, imagining something more, taking a calculated risk, trusting new collaborations and being inspired by what could be instead of disillusioned by what has not manifested.

It is very important, especially during these potent times of new and full moons, eclipse and solstice, to completely let go of any past attachments, regrets or blame, and to make yourself available for a new adventure. This is also where the hard work comes in. Focus, discipline and perseverance is rewarded with positive results and recognition.  This is also the area where you can turn challenges into opportunities through creative thinking and problem solving.  If something is important, don’t give up or give in to failure, instead, fully lean into the opportunity and see where it takes you.

If something is not important and there is no energy in it for you, best to give it up and not hang on. The new moon and eclipse energy could bring about unexpected change, reversals in direction, and sudden plans either being made or discarded. Instead of being disappointed, be flexible and curious about the new possibilities. And remember to move into the experience instead of away from it.

How long can you stand out in the cold and wind before you are driven inside? How long can you tread water before tiring? How long can you stay out in the hot sun before wilting?

These are metaphors for how much stamina you have. Weathering the storms is not only physical but emotional as well. Being out in the cold is isolation from the warmth and nurturing of a home environment. Treading water is what many of us have done during this pandemic. Being under the heat of the sun is being under your own scrutiny of how and what you are doing in life.

Use the environment, both metaphorical and actual to build your stamina by searching out and embracing the power it provides. As you pay attention daily to the elements, become more aware of the power they contain. Really feel the sun and its energy when it hits your body. Really feel the force of the wind. Become more aware of the stability of the earth beneath your feet. Honor the life-giving quality of water every time you take a drink.

The more active attention you give these elements of the environment the more they will respond to you and the more you will feel supported by them. Nature is a great teacher for stamina. Nature never gives up, gives in or is in denial. Nature is always in present time without judgment, and fully in its power. We have a lot to learn from the environment.

Regarding your personal environment, we are still recommending clearing, eliminating, fixing, improving, and beautifying any space you have.

December 1-7: This is a very active time of doing, dreaming, collaborating, reacting, creating, clearing, and managing chaos. If you are overwhelmed with what is on your plate, prioritize and take extra time to complete the important tasks. The hard work aspect of the month starts right out this week and the new moon and solar eclipse on the 4th mark an apex of intensity. Stay focused and pay attention during this time. We recommend setting up good practices and routines that will support and serve you throughout this very active month and help you to navigate any chaos.

December 4: New Moon in Sagittarius with a solar eclipse is Saturday, December 4 at 12:42 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). The solar eclipse is exact at 12:34 AM and is a total one visible only in its totality in Antarctica. You can celebrate and honor this new moon and eclipse the night of the 3rd as it is close to midnight Mountain Standard Time.

This moon is full of intensity and can be challenging for those that do not have a solid sense of place, path or spiritual practice. If sudden change occurs, take a moment to reflect on the opportunity this may provide instead of reacting negatively on impulse. Keep your attitude positive and stay out of arguments and judgments as you either hear about, or experience personally some less than ideal situations. Allow others to be just where they are even if you don’t agree with their beliefs or actions. Although we are all ready for more community time, use this new moon more for personal reflection, building your boundaries and setting good intentions. What you dream now, will follow you throughout the next number of months and gather energy for manifesting if it is the right path.

December 8-15: A time period for unpacking and leaning into whatever new adventure has landed in your lap. You will have an opportunity to practice your boundaries as there will be way more coming your way than you can possibly manage. Come from your intuition and personal truth when saying yes or no, and be kind when you eliminate something that may be important to another.
This is also a good time to reflect on what may be an energy leak. Since emotional intuition is a guiding aspect this month, if you are not feeling good about something, pay attention and ask why. The clarity about a situation may not be ideal, but have the courage to tell the truth and go for the changes you need to make.

December 16-23: This is a time when relationship issues could surface as you explore your personal needs, space and desires. Some change requires baby steps and lots of communication. Perseverance can either be friend or foe here and patience may become your best friend.

Although we are still in the hard work zone, it is important to take time for fun, play, relaxation and exploration. Try and do something very new and different during this time. Test your resilience and willingness to be flexible. It will strengthen your stamina.

Make sure to honor the full moon on the 18th and the solstice on the 21st. This time frame marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. So, if you have completions on your plate, it is best to handle them now.

December 18: Full Moon in Gemini is Saturday, December 18th at 9:35 PM Mountain Standard Time. (MST). More on this Full Moon will be sent as an update to our Power Path email list.

December 21: Solstice (winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere) is Tuesday, December 21 at 8:59 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This marks the beginning of a new cycle, a new time and a new year. It is always potent and appropriate to honor the solstice by doing some kind of ritual or ceremony to symbolically close one chapter and begin a new one either through a burning of the old and setting intentions for something you wish to manifest in the months to come, or some other kind of symbolic letting go of the old and making way for something new.

This may not feel like a settled time, and you may think you have way too much on your plate to even contemplate doing something, however a disciplined focus on the solstice and how you can be supported by its power is well worth your consideration.

December 24-30: A potentially emotional time frame where the energy is best channeled into something creative that is in alignment with you. You may have to choose between a traditional experience that you may be expected to participate in and something that you truly want for yourself that would feed you on many levels. If this is a choice make sure you are not making it out of a reaction against, but rather out of a true personal desire. You may be putting forth your boundaries and making a bid for power in saying no to someone else’s expectation. On the other hand, if you are neutral about it and it is not an energy leak for you, go ahead and participate if it makes everyone happy.

This is a time of being tested and a good time to branch out into new experiences. Approach each one with certainty and commitment and a clear intuition that it is the right thing. The test may come from other questioning your choices and motives. Focus on the expansion and opportunity for creativity instead of anything that feels like lack. It is anew time, a new landscape and a new adventure.

Have a great month!


Join both Jose and Lena Monday, December 20th for a full moon and solstice shamanic healing and wisdom session 7PM MST (note: due to the honoring of the solstice as well as the full moon, this session will be 45 minutes long)
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Lena is an internationally known teacher and shamanic practitioner. She apprenticed for 10 years with a Huichol Shaman from Mexico and has studied cross cultural shamanic healing from numerous traditions including the Amazon basin, Native American, Northern European and Siberian. Lena has taught and worked with individuals, groups, businesses and communities for the past 25 years, helping to bring shamanic nature based wisdom back into people's lives. One of her specialities is the woven song tradition of the Shipibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon, the singing of Icaros or healing songs. The individual healing work with these energy patterns through song and other shamanic techniques has had a powerful impact on her clients. Lena is the co-author of the "Secrets of Shamanism, How to Tap the Spirit Power Within" and a contributor to "The Power Path". Along with husband and partner Jose, she is the co-founder and one of the primary instructors of Power Path Seminars and the School of Shamanism.
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