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December 2023 Monthly Forecast

December 2023 Monthly Forecast

The theme for December is: “Revalue and Reprioritize”.

We are still in sorting, shifting, de-cluttering, releasing, re-organizing mode, but now with a focus on what we value and where our priorities have been that need to be examined and shifted to accommodate recent insights, growth and evolution.

This month is going to require discipline if we are to stick to the task of uncovering our truth as opposed to what we were imprinted to believe. We have been taught by culture what to value, what to strive for, who to be with, what to do, how to act and what not to wish for. This is all up for review this month and the discipline will be to keep on track and not distracted by other people’s drama, reactions, projections and process.

“Stay in your own lane” should be written on a note and posted in numerous places to remind you to keep good boundaries around your own process. There could be judgment, rejection, delusion and many other fear-based reactions from others. These you need to watch in yourself as well. As you navigate through the month, many questions will help steer you in the right direction. Who or what do you need to forgive in order to move forward? This could be yourself for a variety of reasons; not staying with your commitments, acting out of integrity, “failing” on an intention, being overly attached or overly disappointed in something or someone, just to name a few.

The boundaries around your own process also serve as a container for you to reflect on your own inner work without distraction. If you are to revalue and reprioritize what is important in your life, you will need the space to use the sorting hat with discernment. If you can stay disciplined and grounded in this process, you will reap the rewards towards the end of the month when we are blessed with some very positive and beautiful energy that will support connection, creativity, beauty, abundance and all things positive.

The month comes with a desire for authentic connection with others and there will be a tendency for intolerance of anything that feels like an obligation instead of a chosen responsibility. It is important to use forgiveness when releasing an obligation that you no longer feel required to participate in. Obligations are usually put upon you by others, and always with your agreement. Obligations will be an area that will need scrutiny this month to determine if they are a responsibility that you are choosing or an obligation that you can release, forgive and eliminate from your life.

The connectivity aspect of the month encourages discussion, the sharing of ideas, inspiration for collaboration on new projects, and getting feedback on your process from people you trust. There is a need to feel a part of your “tribe” more than a part of your genetic family. There is also a desire to be with others in cooperation towards a common goal. You will need to be discerning about who you connect with and make sure they are aligned with your values and priorities. This will lead to the revalue of your relationships and reprioritizing who you spend time with or wish to connect with.

There is also a strong mental aspect to the month that supports the examination of your thoughts and beliefs about what you value and why. If your culture values external actions and accomplishments rather than simply who the person is, you may reflect on how to reprioritize what you value in someone. If you feel mentally confused about what is yours and what isn’t, it may be time to clear out other people’s energy, ideas and expectations out of your space.

So, at the end of the day, and through the discernment of your sorting hat, you will gain more insight into what truly matters, what is important, what has value and what does not, who you want to be with, where you wish to be, what you want to be doing with your life and what you value so you can reprioritize accordingly.

How the month shows up:


This is good month to strive for balance between connecting with others and staying in your own lane. It is also a good month for connecting with your personal truth around what you value and where your responsibilities truly lie. The month starts off with a burst of energy that supports organization, planning and optimism for the future. Take advantage of this without getting sidetracked into other people’s business, process or your own personal energy leaks that inspire procrastination.

The second half of the month may feel foggy, scattered and a bit indecisive so take advantage of any clarity that is available to you during the first part of the month. If you can get ahead of tasks that you normally do at the end of the year, you will give yourself the gift of time at the end of the month when the energy is more open and conducive to expanding creativity into abundance, deeper connection and beauty.

Take some time this month to journal as a way to clear your thoughts and discern between what you believe and how others may have influenced you. Take some time this month to honor your own value in receiving more self-care, love, and support from others. Make yourself a priority and practice saying no to obligations that are not your responsibility and set good boundaries around your own process of revalue and reprioritizing.


Who are you with? Finding “tribe” becomes important as well as a re-evaluation of your current relationships and their importance in your life. Who is important that you have neglected to connect with or support recently? What relationships have taught you lessons that were valuable that you need to acknowledge and honor them for? Where do you feel obligated to be with someone, where perhaps you shouldn’t, and where do you choose responsibility? Who has become an energy leak in your life? Who do you need to forgive and not hold hostage for something that occurred in the past?

These are all questions that will help you in discerning and the sorting process. This does not mean that you need to eliminate those relationships that are not the ones you wish to be with. It simply means that you reprioritize how you spend your time with them and you take complete responsibility for their place and interaction in your life. This will eliminate blame, judgment, feeling put upon, victimized or oppressed, resentful and angry. Forgiving yourself for less-than-optimal relationship situations is also a great part of this month’s work. It is the clearing, sorting, reconnecting and revaluing time for all relationships.

Make room for new agreements to find you and for relationships from the past that are important to reconnect.


The most important thing this month is to stay grounded and present. As with last month there is a strong focus on self-care with the purpose of raising self-esteem to create more self-value, putting self and what you need to support your health and well-being at the top of the priority list. The body is still struggling to adapt to shifts in vibration, responding to electromagnetic changes, solar flares and other environmental situations. Make sure you take whatever time you need this month to nurture and support your immune system. You can easily overdo it especially when inspired by influences that are conducive to movement and action.

Pace yourself, don’t put too many things on your plate, and, when you need to rest, rest. Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th providing a much-needed slowdown that will help in the process of reflection, assimilation and integration. Use the time to weed out habits and practices that do not support your health and to anchor new systems of support that are better aligned.

As to mental and emotional health, the work here is all about clearing the mind of old belief systems that no longer manifest the life you want, and forgiveness of the past as a way of resetting the emotional body to a neutral place.


This area will go through several incarnations of revalue and reprioritization. The question here is what motivates you in a project, business venture or even a partnership? If the motivation is based on values that are no longer important, the project or venture may not get the energetic support that it needs to be successful. If a successful business lacks motivation based on a revalue of what is important, this aspect will need to be included in the revision if the business is to thrive. Think service rather than the bottom line.

The collaborative aspect of the month inspires us to look at ways we can do things together rather than alone. And, it feels better to have support. The barn raising concept of the past where the community shows up to help, is coming around as we strive to balance our independence and staying in our own lane with the need to feel like we are contributing to a greater cause. Remember to address the responsibility vs obligation aspect of anything you agree to participate in this month. It will help to keep things clear and defined.


Don’t believe the forecasts as they will probably not be accurate. There is a lot of room for creativity this month in terms of how the weather patterns are shifting, changing, bringing more or less moisture than predicted, more or less wind than predicted, and more or less cold or heat than predicted. Stay flexible especially around holiday travel and stay alert and present when traveling to avoid mishaps and accidents. During Mercury retrograde (December 13-January 1) double check details, schedules and facts. There could be travel challenges during this time so stay fluid.

Regarding the personal environment, we are still in declutter, clear, clean and fix mode. The inspiration is to bring more beauty into the environment whether it is a fresh coat of paint, a new piece of art, or upgrading a worn-out piece of furniture. Personal clothing is another area that can always use a reset. What do you love, value and wish to keep as a priority in your closet? Anything else should be considered for repurposing or rehoming. Fixing or replacing little things (or big) that are in need is also a good statement of putting value on your environment. And if you value your environment, you value yourself enough to fix and upgrade it.


December 1-7

This is a good week to get organized with planning, sorting and productive action toward completions, preparations and anything that can be done now rather than later. It is a practical time of efficiency but you can also overdo it. So, pace yourself, prioritize, and leave room for creativity, intuition and time to reflect on where your life is going. If you are too busy doing, you may miss important signals and signs that may provide insight into what you are sorting out for yourself in the process of revalue. This is also good time frame to acknowledge where you may be holding yourself or another back because of something that has not been forgiven.

Watch for deep emotions, and have the courage to process them. If old dreams and intentions that never manifested surface on your memory lane, this may be an excellent time to release them with grace and clear any lingering disappointment. If new dreams are hovering on the periphery, take time to feed them with creativity and the inspiration that comes from allowing your imagination to flow.

December 8-15

The concept of love is up for review during this time frame. What is it? What is its measure in my life? Where does love fit in with value? It’s a good time for reflecting on your relationships and love as an energy that keeps people connected. Opening the heart to accepting more love, beauty and creativity can boost your level of inspiration. It can also bring you great clarity on the relationships that are important to you as opposed to the ones that are not.

This is also a time to use and trust your intuition rather than what you read, hear, or what others tell you. Act from the heart rather than the head. If your thought process is foggy and you experience confusion especially regarding what is important, slow down and allow for clarity to find you in its own time.

December 12

New Moon in Sagittarius, is Tuesday, December 12, at 4:32PM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This is an energized and somewhat impulsive moon inspiring action, confidence and a step up in leadership. There is a dominant aspect to it that can easily turn to aggression if not careful. Beware of this tendency and look to where you can use this energy to take charge of something in our life that you have been avoiding.

There is a serious motivation to heal the past so using forgiveness during this time is a potent practice. This new moon is the last one of this year and is accompanied by Mercury going retrograde on the 13th (in MST) providing an opportunity to use our inner wisdom and intuition as a platform for our actions.

December 16-23

Focus on completions during this time. Deciding on what is important has more to do with what you feel is important than what you think is important. There is a strong current of imagination, dreaminess and a desire to be self-indulgent. This can also end up in delusion and excessive idealism. Balance and grounding are needed to mitigate the fogginess and confusion around what you are sorting for yourself.

Focus on how you feel rather than what you think, and as you become aware of the shifting sands around you, anchor a sense of presence on something you know is important to you in your life. You know when something does not feel good and you know when it does. Your heart knows what is most important and what should be a priority. So listen more to your heart, allow yourself to dream without being indulgent, and stay grounded and organized as best you can.

December 21

Solstice (winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere) is Thursday, December 21 at 8:27PM MST. We enter into a time frame where between now and the next equinox we will be focused on revising, restructuring, repatterning and recommitting to living the way of our truth. It is always a good practice during a solstice to honor endings and beginnings keeping in mind the bigger picture of revision over the next few months. In the north, we honor the return of the light that will fuel our intentions, and in the south, we honor the fullness of light and life. Solstices can also be times of healing as they can support a shift point where you release, forgive and reset something that has kept you hostage.

December 24-31

This is a great time for a bit of eccentricity, problem solving outside the box, creative thinking, intention setting, and experiencing a higher centered sense of beauty, abundance, prosperity and connection. New insights and clarity inspire us to gratitude and motivate us to be better selves. Even though we can be sensitive emotionally, it is a good time to be with those you love and have a deep familial and tribal connection to.

There is freedom to this time that can be channeled into something new and expansive, something perhaps that was never on your radar before. Dream big, enjoy the joy of life and love the world around you.

December 26

Full Moon in Cancer is Tuesday, December 26, at 5:33PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

Have a great month!



December 1-3
December 6
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