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Postural Integration (PI) is an alternative process-oriented, body-therapy method which supports individuals in dealing with the challenges in their lives in a more creative manner. The uniqueness of this bodywork method lies in the simultaneous integration of deep tissue and breath work, body movement and awareness, as well as emotional expression, during the course of an unfolding journey through upwards of ten sessions. It also aims to restore unity of tissue, feeling and awareness by a direct manual, deep softening and reorganization of the myofascia which envelopes and coordinates the entire muscular system while simultaneously working with breath, emotional release and expression, gestalt and bodydrama.

The method opens up new perspectives in a person’s life and enables them to increase their sense of well-being, their capacity to feel, their ability to consciously express themselves in all their relationships. It helps a person to change in every part of themselves, supporting them to become more aware in their body, thereby empowering them to change their "bodymind" – that is - their body, emotions and attitudes, thus furthering their personal development.

Practitioners of Postural Integration are trained to work in a respectful and interactive manner with their clients. They bring into the relationship with their client their professional knowledge and experience and the ability to appropriately share their personal feelings and attitudes.

Postural Integration (PI) was originally developed in the 1960s by Jack Painter, Ph.D., (°1933) (The International Centre for Release and Integration (ICRI), California) a former Professor at the University of Miami after many years of self-exploration in the fields of humanistic psychology, deep massage, acupressure and the Five Elements system, Gestalt therapy, but especially with Reichian therapy in combination with the work and theories of Ida Rolf.

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Postural Integration (IP) Bodywork ...

Postural Integration (PI) Bodywork process is an holistic healing of physical, emotional and the subconscious bodymind . The main basic connection process is neuro (brain) muscular, with deep tissue massage.

The Healer offers you a powerful opportunity to address, explore, experience, release and change those physical, emotional behaviours that you find problematic and that no longer serve you well. The process is excellent for stress anxiety and depression.

Here is a typical example of how a PI session may unfold…

The client and PI Therapist initially exchange whatever information is necessary to establish a connection, understanding and rapport. This may be anything at all that is relevant i.e. health, life experiences, family concerns, relationships, work etc. The client can take as much time as is comfortable at this stage and the practitioner may ask a few clarifying questions.

When the client is ready, and depending on what has emerged in the initial dialogue, the Therapist may suggest and guide the client in an exploration of their breath, body and posture. This often enhances, deepens and energizes the client’s physical and emotional self-awareness.

This may then be a good time to introduce some hands-on deep tissue massage work in order to address any held body experience e.g. tension, discomfort, numbness etc. The therapy involves use of fingers hands and elbows to loosen different groups of muscles. Along with the client’s heightened self-awareness and the increased energy level sustained by fuller breathing the client is often able to deepen yet again their bodymind awareness and experience. As the client’s awareness in all areas increases their capacity to ‘hang-in’/stay with their own personal process also increases and breakthrough experiences usually occur. These may be physical, liberating, emotional, subconscious, insights or personally spiritual. More often than not it is some combination of these.

PI clients often feel energized or even satisfyingly ‘spent’ after this type of release. Each session ends with some quiet time for the client to rest and find a deeper understanding, a fresh perspective, a new realization and a firmer sense of grounding. This time may include some further gentle, light hands-on work and/or relaxing guided breath work.

What you personally need to establish a sense of closure or completeness for that session is addressed and determined before ending.

A PI session usually takes on a natural life of its own and typically lasts approximately 1½ hours.

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