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Top 7 Helpful Winter Skincare Tips For Men

Top 7 Helpful Winter Skincare Tips For Men

The only skincare tip that is necessary for men during winter is staying hydrated, period. This doesn't mean you need to consume gallons of water during the Easter holidays - a healthy water intake is prescribable, in any case. You need to use your grooming products to keep your skin hydrated as well. Winter can be challenging for men's skin because of the low humidity, cold air, and moisture loss. In case you belong from a place where winter is intense, your skin will get significantly affected by the change of weather.

You could say that you maintain a very healthy skincare routine. That is not sufficient enough to battle the harsher months. This article will discuss seven tips that contribute to your skin protection during winter.

1.  Cleansing Is Crucial

During winter, your skins become a host for all kinds of pollution, dirt, and impurities, and dirt particles often tend to fill up skin pores. Thus cleansing is imperative and for that, identify the right face wash. It can be very tricky as specific variants can ultimately damage the skin. Also, men’s skin is different from women’s.

So, choose the one that is mainly available for men. It will help if you adapt to a habit of cleansing your skin both day and night. The cream-based cleansers are the best choice for face wash as they hydrate your skin without damaging it. If you have sensitive skin, then read the label to have a thorough idea about the ingredients.

For cleaning your body, always choose 3 in 1 body wash as it not only cleans the germs and dust from the body but also makes it soft by providing the right amount of moisturizer.

2.  Do Not Forget Exfoliating

There are misconceptions and reluctance regarding the exfoliation of the already dry and unhealthy skin. But not committing to it can cause skin issues like breakouts, rashes, and uneven skin tone. While it's imperative to adapt to exfoliating, only the right kind of exfoliate can yield satisfactory results.

Glycolic acid and kaolin clay are fine exfoliating ingredients as they don't tax your skin for beneficial oils while eliminating dry skin and dullness. Alternatively, you can switch to using a facial peel twice a week to achieve the same objective.

Interestingly, the Japanese use raw silk mittens to buff out dead cells' top layer, thereby bringing out the fresh new cells from underneath. Regardless of your exfoliation trick, eliminating the dead skin cells and dullness will only allow your other skincare products to perform effectively.

3.  Moisturizing Is the Key

It's easy to live with minimal moisturizing during the summer heat. But the chilly winter can damage the health of your skin. As a result, it's best advised to double up on this drill. You can begin with a serum for deep repairing of fine lines, followed by a moisturizer to nourish the epidermis. Finally, top it off with heavier skin oil to act as a moisture barrier.

Invest more in your skin at night, as the skin gets more time for resting. Additionally, lip balms are essential to prevent your lips from cracking up due to the lack of moisture. Use them liberally throughout the day as they are more susceptible to drying out.

4.  Warm Water Showering

All of us love taking steamy hot showers to warm up during chilly winters. Simultaneously, it elevates our mood and comfort, and it's not doing any service to your skin. The hot water extracts all the natural oils in the body's skin, eventually resulting in a dry skin surface.

The best advice would be to adapt to lukewarm showers that are shorter in length. They can relieve tension and relax stiff muscles. You can use powerful showerheads to let the hot water work like a mini massage on your neck and shoulders. Your comfortable bathing experience must not be detrimental to your skin.

5.  A Big Yes to Shaving

Shaving is a process that needs to be done right to retain your face skin's best properties. If your skin refuses razor bumps and burns, it's evident that your shaving technique is faulty and needs improvement. Once the skin cleansing is done, use soothing and hydrating shaving cream on your skin. Follow it by guiding your razor towards the direction of hair growth.

Keep rinsing your face with warm water but do not stroke over any part more than once. If you have successfully finished shaving your skin, apply a soothing aftershave to conclude the process.

Top 7 Helpful Winter Skincare Tips For Men

6.  Detoxifying Is Vital Too

Applying a facial mask can counter if your skin is suffering any winter overindulgence. The best ingredients for the facial mask are charcoal and french green clay - they are highly effective in extracting the dirty impurities out of your skin pores before washing them away. You can even treat yourself with masks that come with fragrant essential oils like eucalyptus (relieves the sinuses), lavender (encourages sleep), or rose geranium (elevates the mood).

7.  Always Remember Toning

A large part of the male community doesn't seem to rate toners as a skincare product, though they are highly effective, especially during cold winters. It comes with astringent ingredients, necessary for acting like a form of microdermabrasion - in simple terms, it helps you in removing dirt and grease from your skin.

Thus it's essential to identify the right product according to your skin. You must avoid the ones that contain sulfates or alcohol. The quick alternative to it would be a toner that features witch hazel as a base (gentle on the skin).'

Final Thoughts

It's understandable if all these routines look demanding. You can undoubtedly change the point of view by turning it into a ritual. Steam up your bathroom, set some tunes, and use your skincare routine to get away from the hustle and bustle of the outer world. You can even add to this experience by finding a massage tool to relax your face’s muscles and pressure points. The sooner you adapt to these habits, the better it gets for your skin- It's harsh out there. Next time you head out into the cold, make sure you are suitably prepared for what is waiting for you outside.

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