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Yoga to Close Mercury Retrograde

Yoga to Close Mercury Retrograde

When the mischievous little planet of Mercury is in retrograde, it seems chaos takes hold of all humanity. A lot of people report feeling unstable, irritable, anxious and overall out of alignment. But, instead of blaming it all on Mercury’s mishaps, you can work with this temporary situation to reveal your own shadowy aspects and resolve the communication breakdown.

During Mercury retrograde phase, use your time to reflect, reconnect, rebalance and recalibrate and one of the best methods to find calm in the eye of the storm is yoga. Its calming benefits have been well-documented – it relieves stress and anxiety, lowers the blood pressure, slows the heart rate and increases blood flow to digestive organs. 

So, here are 5 yoga positions that can help you re-centre your mind and body when the world seems to be going crazy.

Understanding Mercury retrograde

Understanding Mercury retrograde
Photo Shot by Cerqueira on Unsplash

Mercury Retrograde happens around three times a year and although there are some things you might want to avoid during this period, but there are certainly opportunities to grow.

The idea of planets in retrograde refers to an illusion that they seem to move backwards in the sky but this is only an illusion. Mercury influences our communication which means all modes of information exchange including technology. During Mercury retrograde, the part of us that receives and transmits information will be affected. What is usually a normal flow of energy is now reversed - instead of ideas and thoughts pouring outwards easily, everything seems to be stuck within. 

The same happens with the digital communication – social media platforms freeze, e-mail servers break down and normal connections fail. It’s extremely frustrating when communication is halted and information is either misconstrued or lost. 

The following yoga poses and methods can help navigate Mercury retrograde without giving in to overall havoc and losing your mind over lost e-mails and misunderstandings.

Alternate nostril breathing

The easiest and simplest way to start your yoga practice is with a technique called alternate nostril breathing. It is known to help in balancing the nervous system and enabling a better mental clarity. By sitting comfortably and breathing alternatively through your left and then right nostril, you can reduce your anxiety and stress, improve your focus and concentration and even balance out the solar energy around you. 

Mountain pose

Mountain pose is one of the basic yoga poses that helps you feel more stable and grounded and in better connection to the Earth. The pose might initially seem to simple and obvious, but as it often is in both yoga and life, less is more. 

As you inhale deeply in the position, make sure you draw your shoulders back and tuck your tailbone. As you exhale, your eyes should be closed and you should feel the calming effects of the stillness around you and the strength of being the present moment.

Half-moon pose

As you might feel deeply unstable and out of balance during Mercury retrograde, adding a few balancing poses into your regular yoga practice can help your shift the focus from a physical sense of stability to your subconscious to achieve a psychological balance.

Half-moon pose might require more effort, focus and strength but once you’ve mastered it, it will help you get rid of many anxieties. If initially you struggle with balance, try doing the pose against the wall.

It’s also important you have no distractions so you could focus better. A comfortable yoga mat and clothes can contribute to the feeling of comfort and freedom of movement, so look for high-quality women’s and men’s underwear made from breathable, organic fabric specifically designed to keep you aired and with a seamless construction and a non-restricting waistband to allow you unhindered movement and utter comfort.

Tree pose

Tree pose
Photo by Yayan Sopian on Unsplash

Another balancing and grounding yoga pose is the tree pose that is ideal for those times when your mind feels more restless than usual. Position your raised foot on your thigh or calf and put your hands together into prayer to heart centre. Connect your thumbs to heart centre, breathe deeply and release unnecessary tension and unrest. 

Legs up the wall pose

When doing this simple pose in Mercury retrograde, you can significantly improve your restless nights as well. Legs up the wall pose is a way to restore order and silence the debilitating noise in your brain. Practice the pose before you go to bed so that you can sleep better throughout the night. 

When practicing these poses, you’ll be working on the stability and tranquillity of your outer body but it will also positively affect your inner self by quieting the tumultuous thoughts and feeling and helping your silence the ever-chattering Mercury when it becomes too loud and tricky.

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