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Neptune and Chiron in 2021

Neptune and Chiron in 2021

- Long Wave Collective Healing and Mentoring -

Neptune and Chiron are major transformational spiritual forces representing the collective unconscious and the mentoring function which calls us to our Higher Self. These two planets have to do with a VERY vast picture of collective consciousness and the energies needed to “heal into our Higher Self.” Today we’ll discuss what’s up and what’s coming.

Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries – The Big Picture

Because Neptune has been in Pisces for about 9 years, we’ve been navigating through the threshold of an entirely new era which will not resemble the old Age in any way within just a few decades. We’re already solidly in the Dreamscape, with a lot of delusion and confusion as many old things end while we learn to maneuver the foggy field.

The transition from Neptune dreaming the Age of Aquarius into collective consciousness into the current transit in Pisces began during the last half of 2011, when many broke out of their "chrysalis" and transformed their lives and relationships. If you want to know what's coming for many years to come, take a look back at the intuitions and sense of belonging to a vaster interrelated whole you were shown in Spring and Summer of 2011. It may help to give a sense of our collective lesson in dissolving our separateness as we finish this transition through "the Winter of the 21st Century" on our way to Spring, beginning in 2025!

When it entered the second decan of Aquarius in 2007, Chiron began to approach its conjunction with Neptune. They stayed close in the third decan in 2008, and finally made their conjunction at 27 Aquarius in mid-2009, after which they both retrograded back, making another conjunction on the same degree in February 2010.

[As an aside, these conjunction energies will be revisited when Mercury goes stationary retrograde at 27 Aquarius in late January 2021, and offered the freedom to expand in new forms when Jupiter transits this degree three times between April and December 2021. The distant past will be awakened this year!]

Chiron then briefly entered Pisces during the Spring and Summer of 2010, and both retrograded back into late Aquarius, with Neptune going direct at 26 Aquarius and Chiron at 27 Aquarius in November 2010. That set the themes for our collective healing until their next conjunction in 2094 at 5 Virgo. Chiron re-entered Pisces in early 2011 and stayed in that sign through early 2018, when it first entered Aries.

During the years Chiron was in Pisces, we were shown how to bless a lot and let it go, including dogmas and beliefs which kept us stuck in ambivalence or suffering. We healed by having compassion for ourselves and the suffering we share with the world. Now in Aries we heal by living in the NOW, embracing our new lives by identifying with a larger Life and collective work. It also “left tracks of mentoring” which have been guides for us as we move through the Neptune in Pisces fogs.

Chiron in late Pisces 2014-2018 heralded what will be “dreamed into collective consciousness” by Neptune these next 7 years as it transits the last half of Pisces. Chiron transits help each of us heal anew through our positioning within collective consciousness. When in Pisces, we were mentored in Piscean ways. When in Aries, we are finding ways to mentor and be mentored in Aries, healing into our higher Self by moving into direct action, securing our initial position in the new Life, leading to a vision of a larger role to play in the future as an inspiration to others.

Chiron was first in early Aries between April and September 2018, and is now moving between 6 and 13 degrees of this first sign of the zodiac. This indicates our long term mentoring and/or healing into our Higher Self involves embracing all that is new, realizing we have a unique individual part to play in “the healing of humanity.” In 2018, it finished its task at “the end of the end” and began to mentor us at “the beginning of the beginning.”

With Chiron at the end of Pisces and beginning of Aries in 2018, we were in an important position in space-time where we have had to embrace compassion, forgiveness, and a vast understanding of ourselves as Spirits having human experiences. And to be human is to be flawed. Those flaws provide the spur for us to overcome them by transmuting them into strengths and skills which serve a higher purpose in our lives.

In 2018 and early 2019, we healed into our Higher Self by saying goodbye to some things and saying hello to others. As Jupiter and Uranus transited this span several times in 2010-2011, what was awakened then and since prepared us to be healed and/or mentored into our individuality. The vision or the new truth and future which led to a personal revolution then has been the source of us being mentored, or us mentoring others.

Current Themes of Transiting Chiron in Aries

At this time Chiron is direct at 6 Aries. This is the same degree it went SRX in the Summer of 2019, giving us a threshold healing energy involving “expressing primal selfhood” as we followed our “inner restlessness” into lighting up one facet of our personality but not other facets. It is about demonstrating what we feel passionately about while leaving the rest dark to the world. It went over this degree again in both the Spring and Autumn of 2020, and now makes its final pass over this degree.

Since July 2018, Chiron has now mentored us into “identifying with a larger life” as we became some type of “exemplar” for others. We took a new look at what that meant in early 2020, and what it could mean in the future. Chiron has opened our ability to imagine forms of self-transcendence and new ways of expressing our individuality.

We now begin several months of re-tracing the span of degrees we’ve already experienced twice. Chiron first transited 7-10 Aries in April, May, and June 2020, and then a second time after Chiron went retrograde from July through October 2020. It now moves across that span a third time in February, March, and April 2021 before moving into a new zone of activity spanning 11-13 Aries in May, June, and July. It then goes retrograde an re-traces its path across 11-13 Aries from July through October, and then moves back through 10 and 9 Aries where it goes stationary direct in December 2021.

So this year Chiron moves from being entirely first decan Aries energy into second decan Aries energies, giving subtones of Leo and the Sun. We will continue to be able to use these healing and mentoring energies with skill and initiative 2026, when it enters Taurus and we move into the next Chironic era. For now, keep opening to which part of “primal selfhood” you are illuminating, remembering any “inner restlessness” shows the way into a new “uncontrolled interest in any given thing.”

It last went SRX at 10 Aries last Summer, and has been in its shadow zone ever since. That was our previous threshold of developing the early Aries “healing into our Higher Self” themes of Chiron in this sign. It most recently went SD at 5 Aries in December, giving us a platform of “self-transcendence.” So we are now resuming our time of healing into a greater life awareness, retracing ground we’ve experienced for quite a while.

So a major theme of this period is we’re healing, mentoring, or being mentored via the “actions to be” in the second 5 degrees of Aries, learning “emotions about being” as it transits 6-10 Aries. In the near future, it will enter 7 Aries on February 3, enter 8 Aries on February 24, 9 Aries on March 14, and return to its SRX station at 10 Aries on April 1. After that it moves into the unknown zone of 11 Aries on April 18, 12 Aries on May 7, and will enter its retrograde station degree at 13 Aries on May 29, where it remains through the station until it moves back to 12 Aries on September 1.

Current Themes of Transiting Neptune in Pisces

Neptune shows us how to merge the sacred and the everyday in our lives. We now have received a new inspiration, and begun a long term collective renewal. Neptune is now direct at 19 Pisces, the same degree as its retrograde station in June 2019. It was also here in March 2020 and has occupied this degree since October 2, all of these periods giving us several views of a technique of “walking with our wisdom” and “hearing the voice of our inner Master.” Other themes include the “body strengthening function of the soul,” “release from race karma,” and “transmutation of everyday facts into intelligence.”

In 2019 Neptune began its stay in the second half of Pisces, said to be the Scene of Perpetuation and Span of Protection. It began the year at 15 Pisces, and got to 19 Pisces where it went SRX in June. It then retrograded back to 16 Pisces in December, went direct, and in 2020 entered 18 Pisces at the end of January, 19 Pisces at the end of February, and moved into 20 Pisces just after the March Equinox. It then entered 21 Pisces at the end of April, eventually going SRX on that degree in June. It then re-traced its way back from 21 Pisces to 19 Pisces, where it went stationary direct on that degree in late November.

We’re now getting yet another look at the span from 19 to 21 Pisces from now to the March Equinox, when Neptune enters a zone it hasn’t known since 1857-1858. This implies that collective consciousness in 2020-2021 is in a zone filled with turmoil historically. Given Pluto is also in a zone where it last was in 1774-1775, it would seem a “pre-revolution” is in the air!

Into the Unknown

At the Equinox, Neptune enters 22 Pisces, and on April 17 it enters 23 Pisces. It enters 24 Pisces at the end of May, where it goes stationary retrograde in late June just after the Solstice. It then retrogrades, sitting at 24 Pisces until July 22, then at 23 Pisces through the first week of September, 22 through mid-October, after which it sits at 21 Pisces through mid-January 2022 after going stationary direct at the beginning of December.

So this year we get to experience 19-24 Pisces, moving us into the social-emotional level at the beginning of the end of the 360 phases of cyclic experience. Having “taken a walk with our wisdom” we can now find “that which nourishes us” at the end of a symbolic “day of labor.” We will move deeper into the experience of faith, hope, and learning to “touch and be touched” as we begin to see we’ve successfully met the challenges of embracing a new way of existence and are living newer, higher standards beginning at the March Equinox.

From there we experience transcendent power of some sort in late April through May, after which we begin to see the interdependence of everything and everyone in our environment, understanding our greater field of interaction through June and most of July, as well as being a general theme through 2022. The “glimpses of transcendent power” which begin to become available in April and May return for our consideration from late July through early September, after which we again see our lives, our standards, and our values in a new light through mid-October. We complete the process then, as Neptune again occupies 21 Pisces, where we’ve been learning how to “touch and be touched” with hope and faith strengthening our primal innocence.

The Eclipse Factor

We’ll close this overview of Chiron and Neptune with a brief look at the Eclipse factor. We had numerous Solar Eclipses in Pisces which had a huge effect on Neptune and us all since 2015. They fell at 30, 19, and 9 Pisces, all of which also had Neptune in Pisces. The 19 Pisces Eclipse will remain in effect through mid-2021, and the 9 Pisces through early 2022. These have had a profound effect on the field of the collective consciousness, as well as the collective unconscious. Given Neptune is the spiritual ruler of Pisces, it’s also been involved in the eclipses at Virgo 21 and 10 by opposition, creating a “Tension of Opposites” that profoundly impacted the collective spiritual field.

The March 2015 Solar Eclipse at 30 Pisces helped us get very clear about the new “law of life” we yearned for through removing all the subconscious blocks to our best dream, and boosted our ability to send out the thought form that created the life we’ve led since then. The March 2016 Solar Eclipse at 19 Pisces helped us “take a walk with our wisdom,” beginning the release of all things that would impede our receptivity to that wisdom. Our “spiritual signal” has become stronger since then. The March 2017 Solar Eclipse at 9 Pisces continues to assist us this next year through our 4 year “quickening,” helping us release baggage we no longer need.

So Neptune is now “dreaming” into collective consciousness the same themes Chiron introduced to us between 2015 and 2017. As you can see, both Neptune and Chiron have been taking us into a far vaster collective healing and mentoring than we’ve known in many decades. Collectively, we’re now solidly in a newer spiritual realm, where our ability to “hear the inner voice of wisdom” is established, and we’re moving into the end of the end of the Winter of the 21st century.

© Copyright 2021 Robert Wilkinson - https://www.aquariuspapers.com

Reprinted on crystalwind.ca with persmission from Robert Wilkinson.


© Copyright 2021 Robert Wilkinson - https://www.aquariuspapers.com

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Robert WilkinsonRobert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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Reprinted on crystalwind.cawith persmission from Robert Wilkinson.

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