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Full Moon Releasement Ceremony


Have you been feeling stuck or like the things are happening slowly in your live? It's like you want to start new projects or you want to move forward but you can't ... nothing happens. Don't worry; this is something that seems to be happening around our planet. We tend to create resistance to changes because we are afraid of what is coming up next for us. Even though it might be something we have been asking for and we feel we want to start moving forward, there is still some part of us that is afraid of changes and the "new".

It would be a good idea to go inwards and take a look at the baggage that we might be carrying. This baggage could be fears, worries, unforgiveness, negative thoughts, old patterns, addictions, etc. that might be holding us back, keeping us from fully enjoying our lives. We need to release this baggage and then, start going with the flow.

My guides and angels have been prompting me to share with you again this ceremony that will help you release these negative emotions allowing the "new" and positive to come to your life!

This is a Releasement Ceremony that we are going to perform under the full moon energy. The full moon is the perfect time to release things in our life that no longer serve us, and are interfering in our spiritual growth. So let's begin ...

Releasement Ceremony Preparation

You will be writing down a list of all those things you need to release in a piece of paper. Before you begin with your list, write at the top of your paper a prayer or a request to Archangel Michael to guide you during this process, and to please help you identify everything you need to release through this ceremony.

You can begin your list with the name of people you feel you need to forgive for any reason. Some of my clients had come to me saying they do not know who to put in their list, or they feel they only have a couple of names to right down. But I can tell you that as soon as you start writing names down, new names will come up to your mind. Names of those who had done something to you or to a loved one in the past and you thought you had forgotten, but are still in your subconscious mind creating a negative feeling in you.

You might also start writing names from your childhood, classmates, teachers, previous relationships, family members, friends, pets, etc. Even your name could be in your own list; you might need to forgive being hard with yourself or for any other reason. You might find a moment in your life when you did not love yourself or you judged yourself in a harsh way.

Add to the list any fears, angers or worries; any feelings or issues that might have been blocking and keeping you from fully enjoying your life. Be honest and pour your heart into this paper. This is your list and nobody else will see or read it.

When you finish, thank Archangel Michael for all his help. Then cut every name and every issue making separate slips of paper.

You can do this the same day of a full moon or the day before. You will begin the process of releasing from the moment you start writing your list and setting the intention that you want to release.

Full Moon Releasement Ceremony

The night of a full moon create a sacred and safe place were you can perform the ceremony, preferably outdoors where you can receive the moonlights and submerge under its energy. Do not worry if it is cloudy and you can't see the moon, you still have the energy of the full moon and that is what you need for the releasement.

For the ceremony you will need:

  • The slips of paper in which you wrote the things you want to release.
  • A fire pit will be great but if you do not have one, you can use a fire proof calderon, a cooking pot or even the barbeque will work, to toss the burning slips of paper inside.
  • Smudge sticks or incense.
  • Some water to put out the fire afterward.

Call Archangel Michael for protection and guidance, your angels, your guides, Archangel Haniel, Ganesh (Hindu god that helps remove any obstacles that could be blocking you in your path), and any other beings of light that could help you in the process of releasement.

Burn some Sage. Smudge yourself and the sacred space where you are going to perform the ceremony.

Say an opening prayer with your intentions in releasing the negative emotions, addictions or attitudes from your life.

Visualize yourself completely covered with a beautiful white light. Breathe the energy of the moon.

When you feel ready start reading -out loud- one by one the words that you have written in each slip of paper. After you have read the first slip, set it on fire with a lighter and place it in the calderon. If you have a backyard fire pit or the barbeque toss the slip of paper into the fire, one by one after you read it.

If you do not want to say it out loud, that's OK. You can say it in your mind, but it really feels good and for me has more power to say it out loud and say -"it's gone".

Look how the pieces of paper are burning, becoming ashes while the smoke goes into the sky. The same is happening to every thing you wrote on those slips ... they are vanishing from your life and the angels, archangels and the other beings of light are taking them to the light for its transmutation and transformation in pure positive energy: love, forgiveness, compassion, healing, trust and faith.

Say thank you to Archangel Michael and Archangel Haniel, your angels, Ganesh and all the other beings of light that were with you tonight assisting you in this ceremony.

Put out the fire with water if necessary.

This is a powerful ceremony that can help you heal some old scars. I hope you enjoy it, and hope it brings you peace and comfort.

I have done this Ceremony in the past and I am planning on doing it again tomorrow. The results have been always amazing! I have had a lot of healing and after the ceremony I have received so much love and compassion from all the celestial beings that were there with me that night.

I would love to know about your experience with this Releasement Ceremony. So please feel free to leave a comment below - and tell me how it went!

Thank you for reading, and may the angels illuminate your path!
Angel Blessings,
Laura Socas

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