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November 2019 Monthly Forecast

November 2019 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for November is “PROACTIVE CHANGE”

Following on the heels of October’s theme of “Rewriting the Story”, “Proactive Change” supports the action step important for any intention, desire, or dream. Although there is still plenty of emotional work to do this month, the focus is on how we can show up from a place of inner choice that is ours alone and free of outside influences, pressures and imprinting. If you don’t feel quite done with “rewriting your story” it is because you are still in process with it and this is the next chapter.

It is indeed a time to stop complaining about how difficult and challenging the last few weeks have been, and get a bit ruthless about what you intend to change. This is not a passive time. Even the climate that promotes self-observation and emotional reset is an active one as it demands a choice and a direction at the end. Being proactive means choosing change, choosing to say yes or no, choosing to receive, choosing your attitude for the day, choosing acceptance of what is not yours to change, and choosing to be creative and expressive from something inside of you, your unique and personal signature, instead of an outside influence or pressure.

One of the enemies of proactive change is procrastination. When you procrastinate you do so out of resistance to being proactive. The more you procrastinate the more vulnerable you are to the passive state that allows for a less than desirable outcome. So, if you are procrastinating a task, a communication or a decision, don’t wait. Do it now or release it for good.

Ambivalence is what often feeds procrastination. Not knowing what you want or what to choose is the product of giving your power away over and over again to outside influences that feed you information and program you to make certain choices and to strive for a certain way of life. If you find yourself ambivalent and not able to choose or make a decision, it is best to simply leave it alone until there is clarity, or to go ahead and make a choice without fear or regret. You can always change your choice. Staying in the place of ambivalence will keep you stuck with the energy not moving. Don’t wait for someone else to give you permission to change. Give yourself permission.

Your comfort level is often based on a false picture of what will make you happy or what it is that you absolutely need in order to have a purposeful life on this planet. The deep emotional exploration fueled by this time of self-observation should uncover certain truths about where you have been blinded by outside influences and have not listened to your inner voice and intuition. Being proactive is to begin to reject and set boundaries against that which is not of your personal inner truth. Others may react negatively but that is their own fear of change.

This will continue to be a challenging time. Whining and complaining will not help. You can express your frustration, even anger. But those energies should quickly be turned towards action, not against a person, situation or event, but towards a personal goal. If you don’t have clarity about an intention or goal, take some action that will move the energy in a positive direction. We always have something that could use cleaning, reorganizing and upgrading.

Change always requires a time of chaos during the transition from an old situation to a new one. Think of a remodel or a physical move or a change of work or even a relationship. Chaos is necessary and should be welcomed as a sign that change is in process. If you resist chaos, you are resisting change. And if you resist change, you put yourself in a passive position where you have no power.

There is a fine line between allowing the flow of right timing, helpful support, and unpredictable positive opportunities, and being too rigid in your attachment to your picture of how change should happen. Sometimes the proactive way is to be attentive to what is showing up and then being able to choose yes or no to the opportunity. In order to have clarity, you need to know what you want. In order to really know what you want, you need to examine your own truth about what you need.

It is possible this month to reset your priorities, putting yourself first as you examine what truly gives you comfort.  Anything that does not feel right should be subject to change. You have to consider yourself first even if it causes disruption and inconvenience to others. If you continue to base your life on what other people need, you will never create the changes you need for yourself. Putting yourself first takes courage and being a bit ruthless. However, if you can be proactive in this way, you will be surprised at how others will accommodate the change.

All you women out there: Check out our November special. The Women’s Shamanic Coaching 12 session course is discounted and launching on November 14 with a webinar setting the tone and the container to work with the energies and themes of these times. An excellent support for those rewriting their story and wanting to anchor proactive change. (link here)

How the month shows up:


This is a time for you. You get to focus on yourself and your needs using discipline to keep from getting distracted by other people’s drama and situations you have no control over. While being compassionate towards others, you will need to differentiate between what is yours and what is not. Remember you cannot take on someone else’s suffering, healing, choices, pain, confusion or growth. You cannot “digest” what is not yours.

Compassion and holding space for another’s process is a way to be of service. Attempting to do it for them is not. You also cannot set intentions for someone else. Much of the emotional work this month will have to do with disentangling yourself from other people’s process, judgment, expectation and projection. You might even find great freedom once you release what does not belong to you.

This month you have an opportunity to rewrite your definition of comfort. What you believed would give you comfort may no longer support you especially if it is from an outside source. For example, if you are addicted to a certain outside influence such as a medication or alcohol, certain foods being available to you, the advice of a friend or mentor, the support of a practitioner, or the promise of an institution to deliver financial or physical security, you may need to examine your attachment to that comfort. We are not saying you need to eliminate the healthy ones but to change your attachment to them. What if they all suddenly disappeared? What would your comfort be?

Comfort has to come from within. Knowing who you are, knowing your truth, knowing your power, knowing that your creativity is yours alone and capable of creating anything. The first part of the month supports a deep recapitulation and the second part, an anchoring into your inner comfort with the support of the earth.


Relationships are challenged as they maneuver for new footing amidst personal expression of needs and change. Relationships this month require compassion, acceptance and understanding. It is crucial not to take anything personally and to be aware of projections, judgments and expectations. Become neutral as quickly as possible, forgive when appropriate and release relationships that are complete and belong to the past. This is a good time to reflect on past karmas and where you are still holding on to emotional content that should be resolved. Instead of holding someone in debt, release them and you will free yourself to move on.

Your relationship with yourself is a highlight this month as you will have the support of inner reflection to realize your own truth and to fall in love with yourself as the most important person in your life. Take advantage and be proactive with your inner desires and creativity. Appreciate your unique qualities and step up your self-care. You may want to nurture your relationship with your physical body as well as your emotional well-being and your mental curiosity.

The more you are in harmony with yourself, the more it will affect all of your relationships. The physical world around you will always organize itself around what you are projecting. So, if it is disharmonious, your life will reflect that imbalance.


We already mentioned the need to nurture and take care of yourself. Some challenges this month ay include issues around the throat, thyroid, neck pain, digestion and stomach. These all have to do with either communication, personal energy levels and action, non-digestion of other people’s energy, and personal expression of truth.

The best practices for your health this month are to get enough exercise daily as well as to include some good chakra clearing and meditation and to use your voice exploring personal communication and expression, truth, intention and desire. If you have a daily practice of speaking to yourself in the mirror, voicing all the things you are afraid to say out loud to others, you will gain confidence in your own ability to express. This also goes for singing and opening your voice to creating sounds of comfort and communication with yourself and the environment around you. (there is a good practice on the monthly support Mp3)


Be patient in this area at least during the first part of the month. Mercury is now retrograde slowing things down with the positive aspect of being able to focus on the details and bring tasks out of procrastination, and the challenging aspect being possible breakdowns in communication, electronics and machinery. Use the time wisely to scrutinize your business, finances, projects and partnerships, refining them and resetting them as needed.

Remember to put your needs first and reevaluate the motivation behind why you are involved. If it is because of wanting to please or not disappoint another, you may need to rethink your involvement. You should love what you do and be thoroughly excited and inspired by any work or project you are committed to. If not, you may need to reevaluate.

Proactive change in this area could include revising your budget and how you spend money if you are trying to save for something you desire, removing yourself from a project you are not inspired by, and becoming proactively aware of any energy leaks you may have around what others expect of you, vs what you want.


With regards to your personal environment, this is a good opportunity for change. This proactive change can be a small as changing the position of a piece of furniture or placement of art or an object. Or it can be as radical as changing your location, home, place of work or what a space is used for. It is a good month to sort out your personal belongings and really look at what you have, what is still useful and inspiring and what really needs to be gifted away. Many of us have way more possessions than we will ever use and they all take energy to maintain, whether we keep them close or they are in some kind of storage situation. It is time to become accountable in a proactive way to your stuff.
(A helpful course is “Shamanic Clearing of Stuff, Self and Space”)

On the weather and climate environmental front, expect anything and everything that promotes change, brings discomfort, and forces choices to be made. The earth is a major element this month and the more you can ground yourself the better. It is also a very good time to work with ancestors and ancestral patterns as they affect what you out picture in the environment. Wind, water, storms, earthquakes, fire, all move energy. If we are proactive in moving our own energy, we can be more in balance with change and evolution.


November 1-7: We start the month off with a time of adjustment as the focus shifts from lots of outward activity to going inward for a good spell of reevaluation, emotional healing and discovery of personal truth. It is not wise to push anything that is not ready to happen. At the same time, it is important to be present and pay attention to the details so you meet deadlines and something crucial does not fall through the cracks.

There may be days where you don’t feel very productive but remember there is as much productivity going on internally as there is externally. Trust the process and use the slower pace to catch up especially with any task you have procrastinated. Either do it or let it go for good.

November 8-16: The mind may be foggy but the emotions are not. This is a time to trust your intuition more than your mental process. It takes discipline to keep yourself in your own lane and out of other people’s drama. Don’t let judgments and projections get to you and take responsibility for your own emotional debris. The Full Moon is a great time to clear and let go of old karmic residue and any emotional “debts” you may still be holding on to.

This is also a good time to focus on finding your own power in the midst of chaos. Your proactive choices may be just to put one foot in front of the other and take those baby steps up the mountain but that is enough as long as you are moving forward.

November 12: Full Moon is Tuesday, November 12 at 6:35AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This is powerful full moon with a call to discover deep desires from the inside. Think of following the beat of your own drum and not being one of the sheep in the herd. What is unique to you? What is your expression? Open your voice and speak out, even if it just to yourself in the mirror.
If you have experience a recent sudden change, observe your attitude and level of resistance or judgment. Turn any situation that feels oppressive to you into one of personal choice and power and find gratitude for something about the experience. This will shift it. A full moon is always a good time to honor and acknowledge the glass half full instead of half empty. Do something creative today that is just for you.

November 17-23: This is a time of exploration of how you are using your creativity. If you are spending all of your energy trying to protect yourself from feeling vulnerable, you are not using it well. The proactive way is to ask how you can use your creativity instead of getting mired in the chaos of change. There are good opportunities here for deepening your trust in your intuition and personal truth. If you are attached to intellectual understanding, mental definitions and the need to know, you may get frustrated as much of these times will not be making much mental sense. If you suffer from the “need to know”, it will only bring you confusion. Let it go, and, go instead with your inner sense of emotional rightness.

November 24-30: This is a time to express, put yourself out there and find your voice. It is also a time to appreciate the good things in life and embrace them as part of your right living on the planet at this time. Focus proactive change on stretching your container to have and be more. If you are challenged or feeling oppressed by a recent event, turn that experience into one of power by choosing not to be affected. Listen to your own voice, put some discipline into change that is gathering support, keep the energy moving through exercise and movement, and focus on being creative, independent, and unique.

November 26: New Moon is Tuesday, November 26 at 8:05AM Mountain Standard Time (MST) More about this moon will be sent as a Power Path Update to our email list (link to sign up above at top)

Have a wonderful month!

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Lena is an internationally known teacher and shamanic practitioner. She apprenticed for 10 years with a Huichol Shaman from Mexico and has studied cross cultural shamanic healing from numerous traditions including the Amazon basin, Native American, Northern European and Siberian. Lena has taught and worked with individuals, groups, businesses and communities for the past 25 years, helping to bring shamanic nature based wisdom back into people's lives. One of her specialities is the woven song tradition of the Shipibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon, the singing of Icaros or healing songs. The individual healing work with these energy patterns through song and other shamanic techniques has had a powerful impact on her clients. Lena is the co-author of the "Secrets of Shamanism, How to Tap the Spirit Power Within" and a contributor to "The Power Path". Along with husband and partner Jose, she is the co-founder and one of the primary instructors of Power Path Seminars and the School of Shamanism.
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