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Three Levels of Awareness Interact with Each Other


Book Review: “Destiny in the palm of your hand : creating your future through Vedic palmistry"

As the life-traveler in this world, I have become extremely interested in the topic of palmistry, particularly in the meaning of difference consciousness in our life. Therefore, I was pleased to have the opportunity to review the recently published book “Destiny in the palm of your hand : creating your future through Vedic palmistry”, which is part of the series written by Ghanshyam Singh Birla. The volume represents a timely contribution to this topic and presents a much needed focus on the difference consciousness of the human life.

The book is logically organized into four chapters. Chapter 1, the author introduces the concept of Vedic palmistry. He introduces the concept of three levels of consciousness. He highlights the causal, astral and physical levels of consciousness. Chapter 2, the author introduces the functions of the major lines, minor lines and the mounts. Chapter 3, the author introduces the difference between the active and inactive hands. He also introduces how the difference between the active and inactive hands means for our lives. He states the timings on the major lines and destiny line. Chapter 4, the author introduces the concept of ideal hands. He also states that the concept of creating our ideal hands is a technique of visualization.

The strength of the book is mainly lying on the explanation of three levels of awareness. The author explains in detail what is the term of “conscious”, “subconscious” and “superconscious”. He stated that the mount represents “sattwa”, the soul or superconscious, which is the foundation of the being. The minor lines represent “tamas”, the ego or conscious mind. The subconscious, or “rajas”, is represented by the major lines and enable us to understand the language of the superconscious (soul). The author has mentioned the interrelationships between each of these aspects. It stresses that we should not see it as the isolated phenomena.

The weakness of this book mainly comes from its lack of explanation of various signs in the hands. Actually, different signs in hand represent different meaning of our life. However, the author has not mentioned about the signs of the hands. It tends more to discuss the meaning of the line, fingers and the mounts. The author seems to have neglected the meaning of different signs of the hand. Unlike Chinese palmistry, the author has not mentioned the meaning of the color of the hands, fingers and mounts. It seems that it is the main weakness of the book.

Overall, the book “Destiny in the palm of your hand” makes a valuable contribution to the existing palmistry field around the world. It also has clear implications for further research. This book has found out that “From a comparative analysis of two palms, identifiable differences indicate that for better or worse, personal transformation is taking place in our life.” We should find out that there is usually large discrepancy between the lines and signs of the inactive and active hands. If we can further make a study in this area and find out the meaning behind that phenomenon, we can find the meaning of the individual life. Further research in this area would be a vital follow-up to the current study.

As the authors state in their concluding paragraph, “Each of us is unique, as shown by the distinct patterns in the lines and signs of our hands.” (P. 92). This book has pointed out the specialties of each people. It also pointed out the magic side of our universe. This book offer many insights for the development of the scientific palmistry.

Written by Janet Li
Based in Hong Kong, I am a professional palmist. I have two years’ experience in reading the hands. I am familiar with the western and eastern palmistry. If you want to have the hand-reading service, please contact me at .

Destiny in the palm of your hand : creating your future through Vedic palmistry Author : Ghanshyam Singh Birla


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