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Stichomancy is one of the earliest kinds of divination (at least 3000 years old), in which the querant reads a random page of a randomly selected book in a library (libromancy) in order to identify an excerpt that pertains to the current circumstance.

Stichomancy is divination through the use of a book, and it can be done whenever you have access to one. You can use any book on hand, but the more pages, the more options there are to receive an answer from. You can also use online books, PDFs, or websites that produce texts at random.


  • A book (any book will do, but try to pick one that is appropriate for the situation.) Some books are obvious options, such as a gardening book to show you how to grow, or a horror novel to expose what has been upsetting you lately; but, as you become more familiar with different books, you may discover that a particular novel is best for specific circumstances).

If you're not sure what to use, turn to your favourite book for inspiration. It's a fantastic place to start because you're probably quite tuned in to its energy. If you want to read the bible, you'll be conducting bibliomancy, but it's the same method—just with the bible instead of any other book.

To begin, take the book in your hands and set your intention/determine what you're divining for. Allow your fingers to be guided by your intuition as you open the book. As you do this, close your eyes and let your finger fall on a certain portion of the paper. Read the passage with your eyes open.

To interpret it, consider the speaker's diction, as well as the inferences you can draw. Consider what you wanted to know, and read the piece as if it were a direct response to your question. It may be a metaphorical or physical answer, or merely a gentle prod to get you thinking about what you should do.

It's simple to do and perfect for newbies or casual diviners!


Types Of Stichomancy

The most common forms of stichomancy are:

I Ching readings are where someone consults the ancient Chinese Book of Changes

Bibliomancy readings are where one consults a Holy Book such as the King James Bible or the Koran


Rhapsodomancy is from the Greek rhapsodia meaning rhapsody.

Rhapsodomancy is a form of Bibliomancy and stichomany except that instead of using the Bible for the random reading selection, a book of poetry or song verses is used instead.

This type of divination is performed by choosing a specific passage or poem from which to determine omens.

Rhapsodomancy can be done in many different ways such as:

  • Writing several verses or sentences from a poet on multiple pieces of wood, paper, etc., then shaking them together inside an urn, and drawing one out.
  • To cast dice on a table that is covered with verses. The verse on which the die lands will include the prediction.
  • To open a book, and choose some verse, at first sight.

In the Middle Ages the uses of Virgil's Aeneid for divination was common in Europe and known as the 'sortes Virgilianae'.

Rhapsodomancy With The Radio

In modern times Rhapsodomancy has been performed by employing radio instead of books.

Diviners simply concentrate for a while and then turn the radio on.

The lyrics and/or the title of whatever song is being played at that moment are then scrutinized for concealed meanings.

Libromancy is where you randomly visit a library and select any book.

In order to achieve the widest possible experience, you should visit a library which includes thousands of the most interesting and famous books and documents in literature.

In fact, this method sometimes was named depending on the poet or book used for the divination, for instance 'sortes Homericae' for Homer, sortes Biblicae for the Bible and so on.

Popular Genres

Readings from a particular genre are the most popular, especially the Adventure, Bible, and Horror genres.

Advantages of Stichomancy

One of the advantages of Stichomancy is that it’s an easy, effective and inexpensive method of divination.

It doesn’t require the purchase of any expensive tools such as tarot or other types of cards, rune sets or similar.

Disadvantages of Stichomancy

One of the disadvantages of this form of divination is that the answers may not seem as clear cut as other forms of divination.

For some people they enjoy the challenge of figuring out the message whereas others prefer a more straightforward answer.

Summary - Stichomancy

Stichomancy can be a great option when you need an answer right away and don’t have access to any other tools.

It can also be very challenging.

Proceed at your own risk.

Good luck to you.

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