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How Exercise Can Improve Your Mind-Set In Life

How Exercise Can Improve Your Mind-set In Life

There is a lot of talk about exercise being one of the best things you can do for yourself. Books, gurus, media, celebrities, friends, family, we can be pretty sure that wherever you go you will hear about the benefits of exercise. And honestly, there is a good reason for that. Exercise is amazing, it improves every aspect of your life. You become healthier, you get more energy.

Exercising regularly means maintaining your health, improving your immune system, strengthening your bones, lower cardiovascular issues and problems, as well as generally getting a better sense of self, a better sense of what it means to work hard. And it is this, intangible aspect, this “sense” that we will be talking about today.

Namely, exercise doesn’t just give you amazing results and benefits when it come to your health. These things transfer onto other parts of your life, they make you feel better, and they change your mind-set up. Regularly exercising, getting on a good routine will change your life in many ways, ways which you can check out below.

It will boost your confidence

Let’s not beat around the bush here – looks matter. This may be fair, or it may not be fair, it dost matter. What does matter is that people will treat you differently whether you are in shape or not. You may not like it, but it’s the truth. If you exercise regularly, lose some fat, get some muscle, people will think of you differently.

Now, this is not to say you should be a slave to their perceptions, their wants and needs. We are merely pointing out that you will be perceived differently. And besides – don’t you feel better when you’re in a nice suit or dress? Or maybe when your hair is on point, when you’re makeup is perfect, when you’re happy with what you’re wearing? Then why not feel the same way about your body?

Furthermore, know that exercising regularly won’t just give you extra muscles, or help you burn fat. You will also have clearer, cleaner skin, and just a general glow around you.

You will deal with adversity

There is another way that exercise can improve your mind-set, the way you approach life. Namely, we are talking about adversity.

Being able to face adversity, to conquer it, is the most important attribute in your life. It’s vital for success, you need it in whatever discipline you want to accomplish yourself in. Whether we are talking about music, art, business, or academics, doing things that you don’t want to do for long-term gain is a core part of success. And by working out, you are facing adversity every day.

The more often you come into contact with adversity, the higher the chances you will be able to deal with it, to beat it more often, with greater ease and understanding. Every workout should see how close you are to your limits, how close you are to conquering your fears and weaknesses. Whether it’s lifting heavier weights, or pushing yourself to run another mile, another five miles, another hour, it doesn’t matter. Being in contact with adversity and with this kind of work itself will make further work easier.

Remember that willpower is a muscle, and the more you exercise it, the stronger it will be.

Helps you sleep

Another excellent benefits of exercise when it comes to your mind-set is sleep. Namely, studies have shown that sleep is an excellent cure for people who have trouble falling asleep at night. Namely, exercising regularly means you will get tired, you will get exhausted and will, in turn, be able to fall asleep at night calmly, quickly, easily.

And the thing is, sleep is very important for basically every facet in your life. Whether we are talking about having motivation and energy, or just your general good (or bad) mood, you can expect it will all get better if you get a solid amount of sleep.

Now, you will sleep better because you got physical tired. However, you will also sleep better because exercise is amazing at lower you stress, giving you focus, and helping you get out all that extra excess negative energy.

Allows you to meet new people

Another great mind-set-based benefit of exercise is that it helps you become more social, or at least, it gives you an avenue through which you can become more social later. Namely, when you get into exercise, when you start doing a specific physical activity on a regular basis, you get the opportunity to meet new people through your hobby.

Now, this might be as simple as meeting new people at the gym, becoming closer with a spotter, or maybe teaming up with a friend and going out for a run. And of course, this doesn’t include team sports, like basketball or football, where you will really get the chance to meet new people, to build your teamwork skills, and collaborate with people towards a certain goal.

Of course, that little bit of extra competition and competitive spirit might also help you. Maybe you prefer getting a full suspension mountain bike, go out to some dirt road or mountain path, and start up a race with a friend. Maybe a simple one on one game of hoops can help you become closer with a friend.

Teaching you how to focus

Another strong aspect of exercise is that it teaches you how to focus. It shows you the importance of learning what focus is, how to focus, and how to maintain it. Namely, learning how to focus is a matter of practice, a matter of directing your energy and your willpower to one single point. This is a core mind-set fact, a facet necessary for whatever you want to do in life. Exercise can help you in this area.

Namely, when you are going through a grueling workout, and it doesn’t matter if we are talking about the gym and lifting weights, running a half-marathon on a daily basis, or doing a two hour session of hot yoga, you need to learn how to focus if you want to push through these workouts and routines. Learning how to tap into your energy reserves, while at the same time blocking out the rest of the world, is vital. Being completely focused on your breathing, your technique, your muscles and the movement you are doing is exactly what you need when it comes to working out properly, and regularly. You can transfer this sense of focus on the rest of your life, helping you move towards a singular goal.

Lowering stress

Changing your mind-set in life is not easy. It requires sacrifice, hard work, dedication to a cause and a point in life. It is all about learning how to master your energy, and then directing it to a certain type of change. And this is what makes changing your mind-set so difficult. Getting rid of as much “clutter” as you can, removing this level of stress, it can all help you develop yourself in the manner you want. And one of these problematic issues is stress.

Stress makes everything harder. You don’t think as clearly as you would, your sleep habits suffer, you get tired, you get exhausted, and you aren’t able to achieve the results you want to achieve. Exercise is great at mitigating this, at removing stress from your life. First off, just being healthier, having a stronger and in-shape body will help you push through stress, and will help you deflect any incoming stressors. However, there is also no better way to blow off steam than going through a very serious, very strenuous workout.

Creates positive micro-habits

A success-oriented mind-set is all about little habits we do throughout the day, habits that when added up over the years bring us amazing results. Exercise puts micro-habits to use, it forces you to do things like drink more water, sleep on time, have a regular wake up schedule. It also forces you to make good choices when it comes to food and diet.


In sum, exercise will help your life in many ways, not just making you healthier. Regularly exercising, working on your health, getting a work out in as often as possible will lead to amazing results.  You can expect far greater confidence to occur, not only in terms of your looks (which do matter), but in terms of your motivation, your strength of character.

Furthermore, you get a fantastic source of antistress, both on a general basis, and on a day to day level. You also get to create some positive micro habits, some little additions in your life that simply follow exercise by itself. Finding an interesting physical activity you can partake in regularly means you also get the chance to meet new people. Finally, you can expect your sleep quality to greatly improve, which then leads to only more stress reduction and better health. 


helen bradfordHelen Bradford is a journalism student who always seeks new ideas to write about. She enjoys blogging about beauty, health and style trends for women. When she’s not writing, she spends her spare time being active through fitness and traveling.   

This article was submitted exclusively to by Helen Bradford

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